The Georgian and Regency Eras (1750-1820) Period Drama Reviews

While technically the Georgian Period began in 1714 and ended in 1830 at the start of the Victorian Era, we organized the timeline so as not to overlap with The Baroque Period.

We also decided to end the Georgian timeline with the infamous sub-period known as the Regency Era, a time when Jane Austen first published her novels. The Regency Era began in 1811 and ended in 1820. Basically, this is the page for you if you are looking for Jane Austen adaptations!

The Georgian and Regency Eras also takes place during several large wars and revolutions. Any period drama reviews about The American Revolution or The French Revolution will be found here. Aside from revolutions, the Napoleonic Wars were set during the Georgian Period. So, you may see dramas about the French invasion of Russia as well.

Outside of the European and American world, our period drama reviews once again include historical dramas set in Asian countries. Keep an eye out for Chinese period dramas set during the middle of the Qing (Ch’ing) Dynasty (1644-1912). Then there are the Korean dynasties. You may come across dramas set during the middle of the very long Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

Note: As always, the content on our site has a more old-fashioned theme and focuses more on PG-13 content or below. Anything Rated R or rated TV-MA will get a content warning in the review.

Be sure to check out the other historical eras from our main page of the Period Drama Review Archives. From Ancient, Baroque, WWI, to Victorian, there are several period dramas just waiting for you to check out!

 The Georgian and Regency Eras (1750-1820) Period Drama Reviews

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