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Velvet: You’ll Lose Your Heart to this Beautiful Romance

Velvet is a stunning, romantic Spanish drama that will capture your heart! The story centers around a family-owned fashion house, Velvet.

Velvet spanish period drama

Alberto Marques, heir apparent, returns with zero interest in running the family business. His return is for one purpose, and one purpose only: to reunite with the love of his life, Ana Ribera.

Socially unacceptable, Ana is a seamstress for Velvet. Long ago, they were forbidden to see each other. Even so, after years apart, they fall back into each other.

Yet, after his father’s suicide, Alberto realizes he cannot leave his inheritance behind. Alberto feels a sense of responsibility for his father’s death.

On the brink of losing his father’s legacy, Alberto sacrifices his personal happiness to keep Velvet’s doors from closing forever.  


Velvet TV Show still
Credit: Atresmedia / Antena 3

I fell in love with Velvet in the first episode. Set in the late 1950s, the setting is gorgeous. The costumes are divine.

More importantly, I fell in love with Alberto and Ana. Miguel Angel Silvestre and Paula Echevarria are perfect in the leading roles. Their chemistry brings the romance between Alberto and Ana to vivid life. It’s achingly romantic with the perfect amount of angst and heartbreak.

Silvestre’s soulful eyes and the way he looks at Ana will make you swoon. Ana is the perfect combination of vulnerability and strength. These star-crossed lovers will have you sighing wistfully as they struggle to find each other again.

Velvet TV Show, Period Dramas, Spanish Dramas, Romance, Modern Romanticism
Miguel Angel Silvestre as Alberto Marquez in Velvet.

However, Velvet is not only searingly romantic but ruthless as well. The dynamics in the family business are one power play after another.

Not only in the front of the house but behind the scenes as well. One of my favorite characters is Dona Blanca, the head seamstress. She controls the sewing room with an iron fist. Yet, beneath the stern exterior, there are secrets she protects with every breath.

Then, there is Ana’s uncle, Emilio, another charming character. His gruff love for Ana is very protective. A jealous yet seriously talented sister, a scheming stepmother, and a brother-in-law who has no boundaries round out the cast of characters. The result is an emotional drama that will steal your heart.

Final Thoughts on Velvet

Yes, Velvet is a soap opera. It is the height of melodrama. Compared to American television shows, there is a “cheese” factor. So, for those audiences not familiar with Spanish dramas, put aside what you know. Velvet does not pretend to be anything but what it is: a romantic drama. And that is what makes it so addictive and charming.

With the front and back of the house storylines, it’s very similar to Upstairs, Downstairs. And the costumes! The fashion is unbelievable.

Not to mention authentic! Sweeping lines in classic hues, the women’s fashion is sublime. The men are dapper in their suits and slicked-back hair….especially Alberto!

Velvet TV Show, Period Dramas, Spanish Dramas, Romance, Modern Romanticism
Paula Echevarria as Ana Ribera in Velvet.

Velvet is not without its faults, but those disappear in the romance and drama of the series. I do recommend watching with subtitles rather than with dubbed voices. Hearing the series in its original language further enhances the drama and romance.

Content Note: TV-14

Where to Watch: Netflix

Tell me, have you watched the Velvet TV Show on Netflix? What did you think? Drop me a line in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Netflix /Atresmedia / Antena 3

Three and a half corsets rating
Five Vintage Hearts Rating



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25 thoughts on “Velvet: You’ll Lose Your Heart to this Beautiful Romance”

  1. Finished watching Velvet but going to start watching again it’s fantastic loved everything about it. Thought watching with subtitles would be terrible but it wasn’t and to listen to their language made it even better. It has everything going for it beautiful actresses and very handsome actors. I loved the costumes and the music was fab.

  2. My first watching experience with velvet ,,, I am 82 grandmother of 7 kids in lock down in my home with my husband of 60 years ,,, watching my first series in Spanish that I thought would be so boring ,,,it had me hooked ,, life has taken on a complete new meaning and kept the thought of what is going on in the world ,,, so thank all at velvet sheila ,,,

    • 82 also a d Velvet captured me with the love story,music, and authentic clothing and furnishings. I remember wearing stockings with seams, garter belts and gorgeous dresses. Bravo

  3. I am a Velvet fanatic! I have gotten several people interested in it, and now they can’t stop watching it.

    I think the acting is wonderful, with such depth in all the characters. And the fashions and music!

    I am encouraged after reading the comments and the frenzied messages from a friend of mine about the plot, to start it again. I think I need it. We all need some Velvet!

  4. It’s the most beautiful love story. The acting is superb, the characters could be real life people. Ana and Alberto have captured the meaning of love from the time they were children to adulthood. The criticism that it’s a soap opera is meaningless. So what! Velvet is sweet and tender with other plots thrown in for good measure. Velvet Collection is not as interesting. Ana is seen only early on and Alberto not at all. The Grand Finale was made in a hurry leaving many unanswered plot lines.
    It would be wonderful for the production company to pick up on this wonderful story and do another spin off with Alberto, Ana et al. Bambu productions also produced Gran Hotel, the horribly ending Cable Girls and High Seas none of which can measure upto Velvet.

    • Wouldn’t that just be wonderful, I really wanted the story to carry on after their wedding with little Alberto, I am afraid I am still totally hooked in the velvet series, as you say Miguel & Paula are so brilliant bringing their characters to life with the chemistry they have I adore them both.

  5. I am addicted and need to go to Velvet rehab. The chemistry between Alberto and Ana is unsurpassed.
    A friend calls it “crack cocaine.” I have gotten her addicted as well. While the finale has a sketchy story line it is great to see everyone (yeah, no Cristina and Barbara) so sad, it is all done.

  6. I am addicted to Velvet also.Iwatch it atheist once a week. I started watching the series during lockdown.My favorite characters are Ana & Alberto.Such a beautiful romance they shaare.

  7. The third season of Velvet breaks my ❤. heart.The couple suffers so much sadness.I dislike Cristina, Sara

    characters. They both want Alberto and want to destroy the lovers relationship. Jealousy is a sickness.

  8. I am in the middle of watching this captivating and beautifully written series.
    I’ve found myself crying and smiling throughout the various ups and downs.
    Having sewn since I was a small girl, the thought that there was a story that portrayed seamstresses as the center of such a lovely love story has been just what I needed in this covid 19 time. It took my mind off my own troubles and I have been sharing it with a few friends. I know I’m late to the party on knowing and watching this but I sure have enjoyed it and congratulate those who made this beautiful program!

  9. Just finished watching velvet, I was hooked after 2 episodes loved all the intrigue with the different characters and their lifes. They were all just looking to be loved and happy. Thought Alberto was just gorgeous loved the clothes and the era it was set in. Also learned a bit of Spanish .lol
    Just loved it did not want it to end allthe characters were great. Need more of this kind of show

  10. I Just love velvet ..its Absolutly Brilliant …I have not enjoyed a series like that for a long time ….I am 79 years old and the remember those days well and the music too I hope they keep it on nexflix for a little longer as I will want to see it all again

  11. I love to watch “Velvet”. It is a great show. It takes me back to Spain. El Corte Ingles is a block away. They mention the town I lived in for years. I left my heart in Alcala de Henares. I am hooked and not finished with it. I haven’t slept well because of it. I laughed, cried and fell in love.

  12. I came across Velvet while looking for something to watch on Netflix. Wow is all I can say. The love story between Alberto and Ann is wonderful. I have never watched a show over and over like I have with Velvet. I wish like one of the other comments said that they would have picked up and let us see Anna and Alberto’s life as a married couple with super cute little Alberto. This show got me hooked and I can’t stop watching it. The fashions (especially how fine Alberto looked in his suits) and the music were superb. Will be watching Velvet again tonight!

  13. Absolutely loved Velvet, never wanted it to end. All the characters were brilliant but Ana and Alberto wow, if ever a couple were meant for each other it was them, the chemistry between them was amazing.

  14. I love this movie.Such a deep love story.Ana or Paula Echeverria should win more trophies for her best acting.I can feel her. Alberto is also so handsome and his eyes are so tender when looking at Ana! He is also should be awarded as best actor !I cant stop watching it breaking my schedules and touching me to the bones!
    All supporting casts were good-Don Emilio, the villain Cristina, Raul
    Such beautiful actresses and handsome actors.
    I just didnt like too much of Pedro and wife.
    Also I never imagined how evil Crisina could be-she was such a devil!!

    • Have been binge-watching Velvet and enjoying it very much. Greating acting, beautiful fashions. Maybe a bit over the top in the sappy romances. However, I don’t see Cristina as a villain. Most of the time she was a victim – first, Alberto marrying her for her family’s money. Then cheating on her with Ana and Sara. Cristina during the marriage did a lot to help Alberto, she tried her best. When she finally learned the truth, yes, she did go a little nuts, but don’t you think she had some right to be angry?

  15. I love this series but have only watched series 1 so far. Its all very over the top and very Spanish. The biggest draw to me is Alberto as my late husband was almost identical to him. Lucky me. I am English but my husband was Spanish and a business man we met in England and married here but then we retired in Granada Spain. Velvet is so true to Madrid. Alberto is wonderful and I like all of the other characters. Ana and her uncle Emelio are so Spanish. The sister in law of Alberto’s step mother used to be in a very long telenovela when I lived there. I love all the side stories too and cannot wait to see the next series.


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