The Edwardian Period Drama Reviews (1901-1914)

The Edwardian Period began in 1901 with Queen Victoria’s death. King Edward VII took the throne until his death in 1910. The remainder years lead up to the first World War. And aside from the typical idyllic garden parties seen in period dramas, the Edwardian Period has a few historic moments in history that definitely stands out as well. Think Women’s Suffrage and Titanic. Basically, if you love season one of Downton Abbey, Titanic, or Road to Avonlea, then the Edwardian Period just may be for you!

Outside of the European and American world, our period drama reviews once again include historical dramas set in Asian countries. Keep an eye out for Chinese period dramas set between 1904 to 1914. During this time, you will see the fall of China’s old order. Meanwhile, in Korea, period dramas during the Edwardian Period will feature the start of the Japanese Colonial Rule (1910 to 1945).

Note: As always, the content on our site has a more old-fashioned theme and focuses more on PG-13 content or below. Anything Rated R or rated TV-MA will get a content warning in the review.

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The Edwardian Period (1901-1914) Period Drama Reviews