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The Best 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked by Romance

These are the most romantic vampire TV shows of all time.

Oh, for the love of vampires! I’m a sucker for the undead romance. From the immortality, brooding Byronic Heroes, star-crossed obstacles, and intense stares between lovers (or obsessions), something about the genre appeals. Perhaps, for me, ever since Buffy first met the mysterious, pale-faced Angel and handed her a necklace of a cross.

Or does it go back further when I first read L.J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries years before it ever turned into the popular TV series? How I adored the sweet soulmate love between Stefan and Elena and the brewing passion she also had for Stefan’s darker brother Damon. Something about the essence of a vampire romance captured my young heart and never quite let go. I’m sure many of you feel similarly. (And yes, I know many will never understand the genre.)

Years later, I still adore the epic romanticism within each of these tales of desire, love, and redemption. And thanks to a renaissance of vampire stories after the popularity of Twilight, plenty of shows are available to binge. Here are 30 of the best.

Note: As this focus is on romantic vampire TV shows, I didn’t include several series. (Plus, I didn’t rank shows I couldn’t get past episode one either.) Further, the level of romance in the series adds to the equation, as well. Finally, terrible endings may or may not hurt the overall ranking.

Beware: There are spoilers in this list! So, continue reading with caution.

The Best 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked

#30: The Dresden Files (2007)

The Dresden Files image
Photo: Syfy

Based on a fun book series, The Dresden Files was equally enjoyable and campy. Sadly, the urban fantasy series starring the handsome Paul Blackthorne (Arrow) was canceled after one short season.

The series is about a wizard private investigator who helps the Chicago police solve strange crimes. While there’s a hint of romance between Harry Dresden and a female detective, it didn’t have time to develop. Still, it’s still worth watching if you love noir, fantasy, and a secret world that includes vampires. However, vampires are not the focus of the show.

Where to Watch: You can stream for free on Tubi and Vudu. You can also buy on DVD and rent/buy digitally.

#29: The X-Files (1993-2018)

The X-Files; Mulder and Scully; MSR; Science Fiction; Swoon-worthy Romance
Photo: Fox

The X-Files isn’t exactly a vampire show. However, Scully and Mulder investigated a vampire mystery or two back in the day. If there were more vampires throughout the series, this supernatural fave would be much higher on the list! Let’s face it; you can’t find better chemistry than the slow burn romance between Scully and Mulder.

Where to Watch: Stream on Hulu, Buy on Blu-ray (worth it), or rent/buy digitally.

#28: Demons (2009)

Image From Article The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked: TV Show: Demons 2009
Photo: ITV

Demons could have been the British Buffy. It’s dramatic, and the villains are exaggerative but fantastic, while the mythology is super inventive and fresh. The story revolves around a teenage boy who realizes he’s Van Helsing’s descendant with a destiny to fight monsters. Just don’t call them werewolves or vampires.

Unfortunately, the show only lasted one season. Still, the six episodes are worth checking out if you love the genre and recognize the impressive cast. And yes, there’s some unrequited love thrown into the series too!

Where to Watch: Stream on Crackle for free.

#27: Blade: The Series (2006)

Blade the Series image; romantic vampire tv series list
Photo: Spike TV

From the Batman Begins screenwriter comes a TV adaptation of the Blade films. Now, Sticky Fingaz as Blade is just bad. Like super bad.

Nevertheless, the other cast members are fascinating. To top it all off is a dark, Byronic romance between the villainous Marcus and Krista, the human he turned into a vampire. I watched the show for them. Irritatingly, the canceled show ends on a massive cliffhanger involving Marcus and Krista.

Content Note: TV-14 if you watch on CW Seed. Other versions are more TV-MA.

Where to Watch: Stream for free on CW Seed. Buy on DVD.

#26: Young Dracula (2006-2014)

The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked: Young Dracula
Photo: BBC

Young Dracula is about a single father named Count Dracula who moves his two kids to Britain. Sadly, for Dracula, that is, his son Vlad has no desire to become a vampire.

Overall, I love the humor and the world-building in this kid show that becomes more teen and mature as the series progressed. There’s even some romance for the main character Vlad. Not to mention, a hilarious romance for the Count in seasons 3 and 4 (he falls for a human teacher) and a love story for Dracula’s daughter. Extra points for an actual ending!

Still, some of the romances don’t turn out the way you want them too. It’s a mixed bag.

Where to Watch: Stream on Tubi, Vidi, and Amazon Prime.

#25: Dark Shadows: The Revival (1991)

The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked (Dark Shadows 1991)
Dark Shadows – a romantic vampire TV show. Photo: ABC/MGM Television

So, you probably heard about a famous show called Dark Shadows. But did you know about the excellent 1991 remake? Sure, it only lasted twelve episodes, but this gothic romance set in Maine is a delicious treat.

Not only is the gloomy atmospheric setting fabulous, but so is most of the cast, from a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt to two legendary film actresses. Their screen presence shines here. Academy Award-nominated Jean Simmons (she stars in Hamlet opposite Laurence Olivier) plays Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. Meanwhile, Barbara Steele, iconic for her roles in Italian Gothic horror films in the 1960s, enters as Dr. Hoffman. Her Gothic pedigree brings authenticity to the remake.

The gothic romance between Victoria and Barnabas Collins is also intriguing and certainly Byronic in the most Romantic of ways. My main setback is that I don’t wholly love Ben Cross as Barnabas. Plus, the show only lasted twelve episodes.

While mostly forgotten, Dark Shadows was a big hit for the time until the Gulf War affected the ratings. Fans even gathered outside the network to protest its cancellation. Vampire fans know how to organize!

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime or buy on DVD.

#24: The Gates (2010)

The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked (The Gates)
Photo: ABC

In The Gates, a police officer moves his family into a mysterious gated community as the new chief of police. He doesn’t recognize that most of his neighbors are supernaturals, including several vampires.

While the show was entertaining, the real standout was Rhona Mitra as vampire Claire Radcliff and her vampire husband, Luke Mably (The Prince and Me). Claire’s temptation for human blood and desire to be good at the same time make for compelling characterization and television. Enter Paul Blackthorne as her vampire tempter, and you have quite a recipe for success.

Or, at least the show should have been successful as a summer guilty pleasure. But it was canceled too soon. Those network execs have it out for the romantic vampire tv shows.

Where to Watch: Rent digitally on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Vudu.

#23: The Passage (2019)

The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked (The Passage)
Photo: Fox

I thought The Passage was going to be another zombie-like show with unintelligent, uninteresting vampires who are nothing more than symptoms of a virus. Boy, was I wrong!

Instead, the series is about a young orphan girl named Amy; the government wants to experiment on her because of a vampire virus gone wrong. They think she’s the key to saving humanity. But when an agent (Brad) disagrees with their methods, he goes rogue and will do anything to protect her before it’s too late. Their relationship is adorable to watch.

The mythology itself is also unbelievably fascinating. For example, vampires can get in people’s heads. Talk to them. Be in their dreams.

To top it all off, a couple of the stories are romantic. The vampires are intelligent and hive-like in their methods with a compelling Byronic leader in love and obsessed with Dr. Jonas Lear’s (Henry Ian Cusick) wife.

And if you’re looking for even more love, there’s Brad and his ex-wife Dr. Lila Kyle. She helps Brad and protects Amy. Still, it’s a significant disappointment the show ends on a humungous time jump cliffhanger before the story resolves. Thankfully, you can always check out the books if you need an ending. (I don’t know how the two differ though.)

Where to Watch: Rent/Buy digitally on various streaming platforms.

#22: Blood (2015)

Blood Korean Drama
Blood. A romantic vampire TV show – Korean Drama style. Photo: KBS

As I was on the hunt for new paranormal shows, I started discovering Korean Dramas. I knew there had to be Korean vampire series out there (I’m still trying to get my hands on Vampire Prosecutor.) Lo and behold, I discovered Blood.

Blood is a medical drama but with a vampire twist, of course. Oh, and that ever so beautiful theme of immortality versus mortality. And good versus evil. Not to mention, an epic love story. You have to get past the first episode that was deceptively cheesy. Trust me. This series is definitely for Moonlight and Forever Knight fans who like the idea of a vampire cure.

Where to Watch: You can stream for free on Viki.

#21: Midnight, Texas (2017-2018)

The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked (Midnight Texas)
Photo: NBC

Midnight, Texas is one of those campy, fun guilty pleasure shows that was way better than critics suggested. It’s set in the same world as the Sookie Stackhouse books and follows a psychic who seeks refuge in a small town full of diverse and quirky supernaturals.

Midnight, Texas, is an excellent choice if you like dark humor in your paranormal shows. Plus, there’s romance too. The highlight, for me anyway, was the relationship between the human Olivia (an assassin), and her vampire husband, Lem. I also appreciated the Sookie world without the HBO, over the top TV-MA twist (though the show still is steamy for TV-14). Like many of the romantic vampire tv shows on this list, Midnight, Texas, was canceled too soon. But, at least, it lasted two seasons!

Where to Watch: You can rent/buy digitally on various platforms or buy on DVD.

#20: True Blood (2008-2014)

The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked (True Blood)
Photo: HBO

Look, True Blood is way more graphic than I like my TV (or tend to recommend on this old-fashioned themed site). Additionally, the violence against women in this series is seriously gross and disturbing. However, I read the books and had a crush on Eric, the immortal Viking vampire.

So, I watched most of the first four seasons for the genuinely entertaining romance between Eric and Sookie. It’s just so fun. It’s also the best aspect of the show (including the thoughtful Godric subplot). But then the series went off the deep end and didn’t follow the books at all.

Oh, and the ending sucked. Literally. Like there is no pun here.

Spoilers: Sookie ends up with no one. The writers had her end up with an extra. That’s how much they cared for the love quadrangle. Not Bill or Sam. Not Alcide. And definitely not fan favorite Eric. But someone with no lines or even a name. Seriously. The ending was misogynistic and an insult to female characters. Not to mention, to all the paranormal romance fans out there. Even the book ending is better.

My advice: Do what I did in later seasons and watch the Eric/Sookie scenes on youtube.

Content Note: TV-MA for explicit content.

Where to Watch: Stream on HBO Now, Amazon HBO, and rent/buy digitally on various platforms or DVD.

#19: Ultraviolet (1998)

Photo: Channel 4/ World Productions

Ultraviolet was a six-episode British miniseries that is often overlooked. The story is about a secret government group hunting down vampires (though no one calls them vampires). To top it all off is the cast. Idris Elba, Stephen Moyer, Jack Davenport, and Pride and Prejudice’s Susannah Harker (the 1995 Jane Bennet) star in this underrated vampire series.

Did I mention the romantic tension between Idris Elba and Susannah Harker??

Where to Watch: Buy on DVD. (I did, and it was worth it.)

#18: Kindred: The Embraced (1996)

Kindred the embraced - vampire tv shows
Photo: Fox Entertainment

The world-building in Kindred is amazingly good in this short-lived urban fantasy series. It’s just compelling. The intricacies and complexities are so fascinating that it’s in definite need of a remake. The series just never had time to go anywhere because of the cancellation. The main actor died soon after, so a revival was also out of the question.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fascinating world of vampires with star-crossed romances, I highly suggest you watch this one. It’s fantastic. I especially liked the love story between Julian Luna, the vampire prince of the city, and a human journalist. A future reboot would have so much potential.

Where to Watch: You may find this on Youtube, but your best bet is to buy a copy on DVD (even used if you can get your hands on one).

#17: Sanctuary (2008-2011)

Sanctuary - Tesla and Helen
Photo: Syfy

Sanctuary is a science fiction/fantasy series with an actual ending! Even better is the premise. The series stars the likable Amanda Tapping, who plays Dr. Helen Magnus, an immortal, intelligent scientist creating sanctuaries for abnormals, beings with extraordinary abilities.

And for vampire fans, Sanctuary gives us the witty, hilarious take on Nikola Tesla, who just so happens to be in love with Helen and a vampire at the same time. Sometimes, he’s a villain. Sometimes, he’s a hero. But he’s always 100 percent brilliant and entertaining. I’m also super satisfied with the ending.

Where to Watch: You can buy/rent digitally on various platforms or buy the full series on DVD.

#16: Dark Shadows (1966-1971)

Dark Shadows image
Photo: ABC

Ahh! Where would the vampire genre be without Dark Shadows? This gothic romance was genre-defining and a significant smash on television for a reason. Even though the vampire Barnabas Collins doesn’t enter until later on (this is a soap after all), he makes a memorable splash. Barnabas also becomes the focus in all later adaptations (including the mediocre one with Johnny Depp).

Dark Shadows is influential to many of the shows on this list. Where would we be without the romantic vampire with a soul who longs for lost love? Sure, I still haven’t watched every episode yet (there’s a lot in the 26 seasons). But what I have seen is spooky, gloomy, and full of dark romanticism that would make Lord Byron proud.

Where to Watch: You can stream on Amazon Prime and Hulu. You can also rent/buy digitally on Google Play and DVD if you want the collection.

#15: Legacies (2018-)

The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked (Legacies)
Photo: The CW

As a Vampire Diaries/Originals spin-off, I didn’t see much potential in the premise behind Legacies. A supernatural school about Alaric’s daughters and Klaus and Hayley’s daughter Hope? It seemed like a shadow of the prior shows I loved. I was completely wrong.

The setting surprisingly works with a fun cast of characters even if most of them aren’t as dynamic as say, Damon or Elijah. Plus, I love to see Alaric continue to be Alaric. But the real standout is the connection to folklore and mythology. Legacies isn’t just a show about witches, werewolves, or vampires. It’s also about forgotten mythological monsters, and I love it.

Oh, and there’s a lot of teen love to go around too. I am especially interested in the new season two “vampyre” as he calls himself who has the dark romantic essence of an old vampire. I’m still waiting for a new love interest for Alaric. Maybe the new sheriff of Mystic Falls?

Where To Watch: Stream on Netflix and watch season two on the CW App for free. You can also buy digitally on various streaming platforms.

#14: Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (2016-2019)

Jace and Clary
Photo: Freeform

Shadowhunters, an adaptation of the popular book series, needed time to hit its stride. Aspects of season one were a little shaky, and some of the casting questionable. Thankfully, by season two, the series found its voice and way.

The series follows Clary, who discovers she’s a Shadowhunter (part angel) who hunts demons unseen by the human world. Along the way, she falls for the Shadowhunter Jace, and their epic love story full of obstacles begins.

But their love story isn’t the only bright light. The beloved Alec and Magnus Bane’s relationship is a strong focus of the series with quite the grand ending. Then there’s Clary’s best friend Simon, who gets turned into a vampire. He has more than one romance by the end.

Shadowhunters is a show to watch if you like urban fantasies and a whole lot of romantic moments. And while the series ends after only three seasons, there is a definitive, planned ending. If only slightly rushed.

Where to Watch: You can watch on Freeform for free or stream on Hulu. You can also rent/buy digitally on various platforms. Finding this on DVD and Blu-ray, however, is no easy task. Season 2 is available on Blu-Ray.

#13: Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015)

Scholar Who Walks the Night
Photo: MBC

Scholar Who Walks the Night is another Korean vampire Drama, but this one is also a historical fantasy. Set in the Joseon era (though all fictional), the series stars Lee Joon-gi of Scarlett Heart Ryeo fame (another fabulous historical fantasy).

In the series, a kind bookseller dresses as a boy to make money for her family. One day she meets a scholar who turns out to be a vampire and is thrust into a new world of politics and love. There’s also an evil and Byronic vampire named Gwi who embodies the essence of a vampire. He oozes that dark, moody essence.

With more than one love story, Scholar who Walks the Night is an epic historical romance that will leave you swooning. That said, the final scene is a little confusing, and the beginning episodes a little choppy in the editing. Still, as a whole, I highly recommend this one for romantics. The romantic scenes are gorgeous.

Where to Watch: You can stream on Tubi and Viki. You can also buy the full series on DVD.

#12: Blood Ties (2007)

blood ties
Photo: Lifetime

If you’re looking for an urban fantasy noir series with some snark, look no further than the underrated Blood Ties. It’s witty, the characters are excellent, and there’s never a dull moment.

Blood Ties tells the story of an ex-cop turned private investigator who uncovers a supernatural crime. She then meets Henry Fitzroy, an almost 500-year old vampire who used to be a royal. Together, Vicki and Henry solve strange crimes. It helps that he can see at night when she’s slowly going blind.

Then there’s the love triangle with her ex-partner Mike. The interactions between these three and the competition between Mike and Henry are hilarious. It’s also nice to see an immortal vampire show interest in a human who isn’t a teen or even in her early twenties!! Seriously, this is one love triangle that won’t annoy you. I promise.

Sure, some of the special effects are weak and the production quality lower budget, but this Canadian series more than makes up for it with a great cast and entertaining scripts. Julian Sands even guest stars for a couple of episodes as a fascinating villain. The only bummer is that the canceled show ends on a cliffhanger. Thankfully, you can read the original novels to find out what happens.

Where to Watch: Stream on Amazon Prime or buy on DVD.

#11: Angel (1999-2004)

Angel TV Series: The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked
Photo: WB

If you haven’t heard of Angel at this point, then this should be at the top of your list. A spinoff of Buffy the Vampire SlayerAngel is darker and more adult. It’s more about redemption. In the show, Angel and his team fight the good fight in Los Angeles, keeping evil at bay and saving innocents.

Spoilers. Now, if you’re wondering why this isn’t in the top ten, I struggled because NONE of the love stories have a happy ending. None. So, yeah. Joss Whedon liked to play with our hearts, and I’m still not over Doyle, Cordelia, or Fred’s endings. Oh, and unpopular opinion, I would have liked more with Kate.

Where to Watch: Stream on Hulu, buy/rent on various platforms, or buy on DVD.

#10: Being Human US (2011-2014)

The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked (Being Human US)
Photo: Syfy

An American remake of the brilliant British show, Being Human is about three supernatural roommates. A werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost all live together, and craziness soon ensues. I know the premise sounds wonky, but the show deserves more credit than it gets. Plus, the romantic ending between Aidan and Sally is perfection. I couldn’t imagine a better finish.

Where to Watch: You can rent/buy on various streaming platforms.

#9: Dracula (2013-2014)

Dracula (2013)
Photo: NBC

This Steampunk adaptation of Dracula was to die for. Too bad, the audience didn’t feel the same. Unfortunately, the series started slow and picked up by the second half. But by that point, it was too late. Nevertheless, this version of Dracula remains a favorite and deserves a second chance by all.

Dracula’s Byronic love is beautiful to watch. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is very Heathcliff here, and I loved every minute. Plus, the memorable (mostly) British cast, authentic period dialogue, and breathtaking costumes also make this series an excellent period drama. It doesn’t feel American at all, and I mean that in the best way.

Where to Watch: Stream on NBC and buy on DVD.

#8: Forever Knight (1992-1996)

Forever Knight
Photo: CBS

Nick Knight is an 800-year-old vampire with tales of love and horror throughout his long life. Now he’s a detective seeking redemption with the help of medical examiner Natalie Lambert. There’s an undeniable attraction between Nick and Natalie. But Nick fears he will kill her like all the women who have come before.

The dynamic between these two is terrific, their chemistry tangible and handled with a sweet delicacy that feels both romantic and dangerous because Nick is a predator. Furthermore, the flashbacks of the centuries are gripping, as is Nick’s relationship with the vampire Lucien LaCroix (clearly influenced by Lestat).

Yes, the third season has some BAD episodes I shudder to recall, and the effects are dated. Still, overall, Forever Knight was groundbreaking and opened the doors for other shows like Angel and Moonlight. Plus, I LOVE the ambiguous ending. Feel free to discuss the romantic last couple of minutes down below.

Where to Watch: You can buy all three seasons on iTunes, only two on Amazon Prime, and the entire series on DVD for a low price. (I say grab Forever Knight while available. I had to buy season three on eBay when it went out of stock for a long time.)

#7: Penny Dreadful (2014-2016)

The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked
Photo: Showtime

Imagine a vampire series written by an actual Romantic poet like Wordsworth. Mix that in with the horror of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Together, there is an intense beauty to be found within the words and story of John Logan’s masterful series Penny Dreadful. He calls the three-season show a sonnet, and I can’t find a better way of describing it.

Of all the series listed here, Penny Dreadful is by far the best written. That’s undeniable. However, I also found some scenes unnecessarily explicit and violent. Nevertheless, this Gothic Romance is exquisite. Just the characterization of the main character, Vanessa, gives me chills. And that ending? It’s sheer beauty. Genius. Redemptive. It’s everything a gothic story full of dark romanticism should be.

Some may find the romance here too tragic, but there is love in tragedy. For me, there was a hope and light to the romantic ending that is just everything. I won’t say why other than you should watch it for yourselves. Enjoy the most literary show ever to be on the small screen. The lines are poetic. And Eva Green’s performance mesmerizing.

Content Note: TV-MA

Where to Watch: Stream on Netflix, Youtube, and Showtime. You can also buy it on DVD.

#6: The Originals (2013-2018)

Klaus and Cami in The Originals
Photo: CW

The Originals is a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries and follows the original vampire family in New Orleans. It’s Shakespearean and more mature than The Vampire Diaries. The sibling relationships between Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah Mikaelson is dynamic and complex.

Then there are the love stories between Klaus and Cami (very Beauty and the Beast) and Hayley and Elijah. These are some of my favorite vampire romances ever and Byronic vampire characters as well. The only reason this series isn’t higher on the list is that the writers wimped out on the romantic endings, and that annoys me immensely. Plus, the final season was weaker. Still, otherwise, great series.

Where to Watch: Stream on Netflix, Rent/Buy on various streaming Platforms, or buy on DVD.

#5: The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017)

Damon and Elena in The Vampire Diaries.
Photo: CW

As mentioned above, I read The Vampire Diaries books as a young girl, so I went in with high expectations. For the most part, I wasn’t disappointed. (The Stefan and Caroline twist will always make my younger self cringe though.) The series about a teen orphan girl named Elena who falls into a romantic triangle with two vampire brothers works. And it’s better on rewatch.

Sure, the series has ups and downs. Not every plot or character worked in the long run. However, that didn’t take away from the skillful action, excellent characters like the snarky Damon, and endless swoony romances. There were just so many couples to root for. But what pushed The Vampire Diaries higher than The Originals in the ranking is that the romantic ending was slightly more satisfactory.

Whether or not you loved them, the writers followed through with the Damon and Elena pairing. Sure, as a fan, you won’t see a happy ending for all the characters, but somehow, the end still felt uplifting by the final scene. I also have to put a spotlight on the fantastic love story between Enzo and Bonnie. Swoon!

Where to Watch: Stream on Netflix, Rent/Buy on various streaming Platforms, or buy on DVD.

#4: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)

The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Photo: WB

Now this list wouldn’t be complete without Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy stole all our hearts and never let go. I mean, it’s beloved for good reasons. The satire, the characters, the campy villains, Spike’s monologues.

But a part of the reason Buffy worked was also the romantic subplots, particularly that of Buffy and Angel. I mean, when Angel first appeared? Sigh. I was so in. The mystery behind him just drew you into the entire story. Then to find out our favorite vampire slayer had fallen for a vampire and that he had a soul? Wow. Talk about a hook.

Later on, Spike became an equal romantic interest for the slayer with hilarious and unforgettable moments. Other love stories stood out, as well: Giles and Jenny, Spike and Drusilla (you know you loved them), and Willow and Oz for starters. Still, as this came from Joss Whedon, did any of the love stories turn out all that great? Uh…not really.

Over the years, Buffy had mishaps (season 6 went too far in a couple of scenes), but it lasted for a reason. And the last episode was also pretty good.

Where to Watch: Stream on Hulu, Rent/Buy on various streaming Platforms, or buy on DVD.

#3: Being Human UK (2008-2013)

Being Human promotional image
Photo: BBC

The original Being Human takes place in England and stars Aidan Turner as the vampire Mitchell. Never before in the history of television or film have I seen an actor embody a Byronic Hero so fully. (Okay, maybe Timothy Dalton in Jane Eyre.) I mean, Turner should play Heathcliff in a Wuthering Heights adaptation. I’m just saying. He’s just that good here. So on edge like a sweet lion that could bite at any moment.

But aside from Aidan Turner’s brilliant performance is the writing. It’s just so intelligent. The relationship between the supernatural roommates works in the best metaphorical way. And it’s funny. You’ll die laughing in parts if you like dark, British humor.

Then there’s the Byronic romance between Mitchell and Annie. They are like from a Bronte novel, two souls who can’t separate without the other feeling pain. It’s epic and beautiful (but you do have to wait for season three).

Now, that all said, the cast changes. Characters die, and you won’t love the second cast as much. They’re good but not the same as Mitchell, Annie, and George. Still, their ending, as much as it hurts, felt hopeful thanks to Annie. I won’t say more than that. Mitchell’s ending was also Shakespearean, which I also appreciate. Overall, you don’t want to miss this intelligently written drama with a lot of heart.

Content Note: While most episodes are TV-14, others are TV-MA.

Where to Watch: Stream on Amazon Prime, Rent/Buy on various streaming Platforms, or buy on DVD.

#2: A Discovery of Witches (2018-)

A Discovery of Witches image
Photo: Sky

A Discovery of Witches is one of the latest vampire TV dramas to make a huge and very welcome splash. This adaptation is for those who love history and the smell of old manuscripts. Oh, and for the millions of fans who adore the beautiful book series by Deborah Harkness.

It’s a contemporary AND historical fantasy series about the witch Diana Bishop. She falls in love with a vampire played by the gorgeous Matthew Goode (he was just meant to play a vampire named Matthew.)

Unfortunately, their love is forbidden. And everyone is after them because only Diana can find this powerful ancient book full of answers about the various supernatural communities.

Not only is the show well written, but the romance is superb; the chemistry, the old-fashioned build of sensuality rather than meaningless love scenes. Everything comes together, and I can’t wait for season two when Matthew and Diana end up in Shakespearean England.

Content Note: TV-MA but feels mostly TV-14 the majority of the time.

Where to Watch: Stream on Sundance Now, AMC, rent/buy digitally on various platforms or buy on Blu-ray.

#1: Moonlight (2007-2008)

Mick and Beth in Moonlight
The most romantic vampire TV show. Photo: CBS

Despite predictable horrible reviews from critics (who rarely appreciate romantic vampire series), Moonlight went on to win the People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama and for a good reason. The main reason was Alex O’Loughlin as the private investigator vampire Mick St. John.

He was Mick. You believed he was a vampire longing for redemption and mortality. It didn’t hurt that he did a lot of his stunt work, so just the way he moved on the screen worked seamlessly to create the character. Furthermore, you felt the actor’s love for the role which came across in Mick’s love for the human Beth played by the equally great Sophia Myles.

The love story of Mick and Beth is also gorgeous and emotionally compelling. More than any other vampire series, the core focus of Moonlight was that of an old-fashioned chivalrous romance. At the heart of the show was their soul connection. It wasn’t about lust but rather about real love and friendship — that Jane Austen touch of a hand. And at the end of almost every episode was a memorable romantic moment that hooked the audience and had us looking forward to the next chapter. Let’s face it; the romantic cliffhangers were awesome!

Sure, some of the crimes of the week were weak (and the pilot had some kinks to work out), but the love story and the characters were terrific. It was all about chemistry. The swoon factor. The brooding stares. That first unexpected kiss. That hot yet still wholesome shower. No one writes these scenes anymore.

Unfortunately, CBS canceled the series after only one season due to that pesky writer’s strike. Still, at least we got a satisfactory romantic ending between the immortal vampire Mick and the human Beth he loved. For me, Moonlight is genuinely the most romantic vampire series of all time.

May other shows take lessons from the chivalrous Mick! Oh, and can Sophia Myles guest on Hawaii Five-O as a reporter? Or even as a love interest for Steve? That would be amazing.

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Do you agree with my ranking of romantic vampire TV shows? What shows are your favorites? Sound off below…

Featured image credit: True Blood (HBO), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Fox/WB), and Moonlight (CBS).

The Best 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked by Romance: Pinterest image


By on October 31st, 2019

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5 thoughts on “The Best 30 Romantic Vampire TV Shows, Ranked by Romance”

  1. I was so happy to see that “Moonlight” and “A Discovery of Witches” were at the top of the list; they both are best paranormal romance TV shows I’ve ever seen. I was a little disappointed though to know I’ve probably seen all the best ones though and there isn’t anything new to look forward to.

    • We can always hope for new vampire romances to look forward to! And we still have future seasons of “A Discovery of Witches!”

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  3. Woahhh, incredible work and thank you a lot for creating this, I’m definitely watching some of these. It felt weird typing the keywords in google to find this site/blog(?) but I’m so grateful I did. Thank you again!


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