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Classic Romantic Moment of the Week: Top 15 Mick and Beth Scenes

THE SHOW: Moonlight

THE PAIRING: Mick (Alex O’Loughlin) and Beth (Sophia Myles)

THE AIR DATES: September 28, 2007 – May 16, 2008

THE CLASSIC MOMENTS: Fifteen different moments picked from throughout the series.

It has been just over six years since the TV Series Moonlight first aired, introducing a legion of fans to the world of Mick, Beth, Josef, and Coraline. Back then it seemed like it would never get canceled and every Friday night became a must not miss night of television (which rarely happens for us), the series even winning the People’s Choice Award for best new drama. Unfortunately, Moonlight also started during the season of the writer’s strike (many good new shows also got hit from this) and soon followed the news of cancellation after only four more new episodes after the writer’s strike was resolved (though the true reason for the cancellation has always remained unclear).

With only 16 episodes in total and an unfinished ending, Moonlight however still maintains a strong cult following. A part of that continued following is because of the wonderful and old-fashioned romance between Mick and Beth, their love story in which the touch of a hand was just as meaningful as in a BBC Period Drama.

With a recent interview posted yesterday here on this site from Moonlight writer Kira Snyder (READ HERE) who co-wrote what turned out to be the series finale, we decided to look back at 15 of the most romantic Mick and Beth scenes for our romantic moment of the week, or in this special case…moments. If you haven’t read the interview already, it’s not to be missed for she offers up what ‘could’ have been the ending to the star-crossed romance between the vampire Mick and mortal human Beth. Also, if you were a fan of Moonlight you should check out her YA urban fantasy book series.

So, scroll down to tune in to this Mick and Beth nostalgic look back at what we consider to be one of the most romantic love stories to ever hit the small screen.

Top 15 Mick and Beth Scenes

#15 “Sleeping Beauty” and a taxi

Mick and Beth part ways in NYC (episode 1.10) but touch hands through the taxi. A lovely old-fashioned moment. But, poor Mick is left to walk alone as Beth leaves.

#14 “Dr. Feelgood”

Mick tells Beth he trusts her at the very end of episode 3 and gently touches her hand. A lovely moment that builds their growing love for each other.

#13 “The Mortal Cure”

At Josh’s funeral, Mick and Beth stare at each other. He’s now a mortal (temporarily) but knows there’s an impossible divide between them. She’s a human, a mortal. And he’s a vampire, an immortal. Ah, star-crossed love at its best.

#12 “Click”

Mick and Beth talk dating and walk off together into the moonlight!

#11 “12:04 AM”

After Beth learns the truth (that Mick saved her when she was a little girl), she plays against the stereotype of the angry woman mad at the man for keeping secrets and instead calls him her guardian angel. She believes it is possible for them to be together and kisses him on the cheek.

#10 “Sonata” and Dancing

Mick and Beth share an old-fashioned dance in-between fighting crime.

#9 “Out of the Past”

The ultimate Beauty and the Beast moment at the end of episode two, when Beth discovers that Mick is a vampire.

#8 “Fever” and Blood in his Veins

After drinking Beth’s blood to survive, he realizes even more how connected he is to Beth. Is it because he drank her blood? Or have they always been connected? A lovely soulmate moment as they connect to each other with a wall between them. A nice metaphor of their relationship.

#7 “Fated to Pretend” and the cost of mortality

Mick makes a difficult choice in this philosophical episode. He has to choose to once again become a vampire when the only way to save Beth is with supernatural powers.

#6 “No Such Thing As Vampires”

After Mick saves Beth in the “pilot,” the two exchange a meaningful hug. It’s the first time he’s touched anyone in years.

#5 “Fated to Pretend” and a Rooftop Kiss

Mick and Beth share a passionate kiss on a rooftop. Beth wants him to get over his fears and choose to be with her despite the mortal/immortal divide between them. She’s only human and doesn’t have time to wait forever.

#4 “Arrested Development”

Beth gives Mick a surprise kiss at the end of episode 5 which leaves him standing there with the sweetest smile of the entire series.

#3 “B.C.”

In perhaps one of the most romantic, sensual scenes to ever be on television, Mick and Beth take a “wholesome” shower together. She wanted to sleep with him due to the effects of the vampire drug. But Mick is too much of a gentleman for that. Despite the temptation, Mick instead tries to wash away the effects of the drug as she pleads with him to turn her.

#2 “Fever”

Mick’s worst fears come true. To survive, he’ll need to drink Beth’s blood – the one thing worse than dying in his tortured immortal mind. It’s a gorgeous scene as Beth willingly lets him drink from her despite his protestations.

#1 “Sonata”

In the final scene of Moonlight, Mick and Beth exchange “I Love You’s” and share a kiss. A sweet moment to end the gone too soon series that will forever be immortal in our hearts.


Our top 15 favorite romantic moments between Mick and Beth, shown in no particular order, also edited like a music video.

Song: Baby by Warpaint

Now, it’s your turn! What is your favorite Mick and Beth scene? Did we leave off your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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