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The Top 35 Vampire TV Shows To Sink Your Teeth Into (Part 2)

Eric, Sookie, and Bill in True Blood. Photo: HBO
Eric, Sookie, and Bill in True Blood.
Photo: HBO

From Dracula (R.I.P. ) to Penny Dreadful, the 2013-2014 TV season has been a big year for vampires and I’ve been loving every second of it. Not too long ago (near the beginning of the Fall TV season), I made a list of the top 20 vampire TV shows to sink your teeth into. However, other shows have since come to my attention (I may have left one or two off the list just from a momentary mind blank) and new vampire series’ (such as the ones I previously mentioned) have started since my last article (read that first for the old list and my introduction to the background of vampires: Top 20 Vampire TV Shows ). With all the new shows on air and all the prior shows I left off, I decided it was definitely time for a more comprehensive list or part two if you will. I mean, there never can be enough vampires, right? Well, at least in my book…

So, once again I give you the ‘now’ top 35 vampire TV shows to sink your teeth into or at least a show that features vampires (and yes, the order has changed slightly):

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By on May 28th, 2014

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2 thoughts on “The Top 35 Vampire TV Shows To Sink Your Teeth Into (Part 2)”

  1. Ha! Dracula the series, I watched every episode of that series when it was on but I probably couldn’t tell you what any of them were about at this point. I did feel that the actor playing Alexander Lucard (aka Dracula) was good and it was enjoyable TV.

    I was a devoted Port Charles watcher back in the day. Casting on that was really good with Michael Easton as the major vampire. But it’s a soap and it was a desperate soap at that time so it’s writing and acting leaves something to be desired.

    And, of course, as I said with the other post Forever Night, Blade: The Series, Kindred: the Embraced are definite favorites. And I agree with you I would really love for someone to reboot Kindred.

    Being Human US was a show I wasn’t able to stick with for the long haul. Especially after they killed off Aiden’s sire (forget his name). But I loved the casting of Kyle Schmid as Henry so that got me back for a few episodes.

    Some of the other ones don’t look familiar, looks like I have some web searching to do to see if I can find some of these. Great article as always!

  2. I would have put Dark Shadows at no 1- it had a special magic and Barnabas Collins is the most fascinating and beautiful vampire there is!


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