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Romantic Moment of the Week: Mina and Dracula

Dracula (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and Mina Murray (Jessica De Gouw) share a waltz on NBC's Dracula. THE SHOW: Dracula

THE PAIRING: Dracula/Alexander Grayson (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and Mina Murray (Jessica De Gouw)

THE EPISODE: “The Devil’s Waltz” – (aired November 29, 2013)

THE MOMENT: Dracula and Mina dance the waltz in a sizzling moment that leaves no question about their feelings for each other for all of London Society to see.

For some reason NBC’s Dracula hasn’t caught on and more than likely will get canceled at the end of this short season (only ten episodes I believe will air) because of low ratings. Maybe it comes down to the overabundance of vampires in the recent past or perhaps it’s not the action paced series some were expecting. In fact, what the series really is, is a steampunk vampire show with the pace of a British period drama on the BBC and an extra side of gore. (Read my review of Dracula). Perhaps if it was advertised as such, the series would do better.

One of the greatest parts of the show, however, is the developing romantic relationship between Dracula and Mina. Their relationship is completely different from the book, closer to Coppola and yet still completely different from that. Mina is (what we assume anyway) to be the reincarnated wife of Dracula who was killed hundreds of years earlier when he was turned into a vampire by the evil group called “The Order.” Now in London, Dracula has disguised himself as an American who goes by the name Alexander Grayson. There he sees Mina, the spitting image of his long lost wife. Quickly an attraction grows between them. He believes she is his wife but doesn’t remember who she or he is. So he schemes different ways for them to be close and spend time together (including hiring her fiancée Jonathan Harker).

They have had many romantic moments throughout the five episodes that have aired so far, but for this week’s romantic moment of the week I decided to go with the dance sequence from the latest episode. It was stunning, perfectly choreographed and the synergy between the two actors was going to explode off the screen.

The scene is set with an engagement party for Jonathan Harker and Mina thrown by none other than Grayson (aka Dracula). To express his gratitude to Grayson, Harker makes a speech and naively thanks him with this announcement: It’s right for me to offer you what I consider most precious. The privilege of the first dance.

It’s right for me to offer you what I consider most precious. The privilege of the first dance.

In his haste to come up with a good thank you, he makes a grave error by offering Mina to him for a dance, not realizing that there is already an attraction between his fiancée and Grayson. Mina isn’t happy with the arrangement, worried that the attraction will be apparent to others. Not only that, she’s clearly afraid of what dancing with him will stir within herself. What emotions will rise that she’s clearly been trying to bury?

dance 1 final

Dracula is just as worried but for different reasons. Will he be able to hide his feelings for her as they dance? At this point, he wants his feelings to remain secret. He has many enemies who would use her to pit against him and could easily cause her harm. Besides that, he has no intention of acting on his feelings at this point even though he wants her close. But this may be a temptation he won’t be able to resist. Not surprising, being the raging Byronic Hero that he is.

But they have no choice. They will have to dance together in front of the entire party with all of London society watching. Plus, there’s Jonathan, Lucy (who has unrequited feelings for Mina) and Lady Jane (who has feelings for “Grayson”). Yep…a bug UH-OH! If they refuse to dance together it would look worse.

dance 2 final

The two slowly step onto the dance floor, every eye on them. They come together, at first uncomfortable; trying to appear uninterested in each other but focused on the dance. But the tension quickly enters and as the music swells, they get closer and closer.

dance 3 final dance 4 final

Soon they look into each other’s eyes and get lost in the music and with each other. They’re swept away in the moment, forgetting everyone who’s watching and only seeing each other.

dance 5 final dance 6 final dance 11 final dance 12 final

It’s a moment of exploration and even realization. It’s like two soul mates once again finding each other and becoming one. Dracula’s eyes light up with passion and he smiles unable to pretend away his feelings. Mina, surprised by her feelings returns the gaze with wonder.

dance 13 final dance 15 final

Unfortunately for Jonathan, Lucy and Jane, the attraction and the feelings between Grayson and Mina are beyond evident. Jonathan reacts with shock, Lucy with heartbreak and Jane with hurt and betrayal.

dance 9 final dance 10 final dance 8 final

As the dance resumes and they continue to become more hypnotized with the moment and each other, Jonathan interrupts.

dance 16 final dance 14 final

But not before Dracula has a dark daydream of rage. He imagines slitting the throat of Harker. But it’s all just reverie. Jonathan is alive and well and asks to cut in. Unable to contain his wrath and disappointment for the unwelcome interruption, he storms off. Mina is just as thrown by the moment and leaves Jonathan on the dance floor alone as she shakingly says she needs fresh air.

With such an intense moment, one wonders what the after effects of this dance will be in future episodes. I for one can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s episode. It was hauntingly romantic and definitely my favorite one of the week.

Did you watch Dracula? What did you think of the dance? What other romantic movie or TV moments caught your eye this week? Sound off below….

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  1. does anybody know how to find the waltz music?
    It killed me!
    I’m desperately looking to find it.
    if you know, let me know please.
    [email protected]
    and I will be depressed, if the series finishes after only 10 episodes.
    it’s so soon 🙁
    here in middle east, we don’t have vampires in our tales. that’s the reason we are hungry for them.
    more Dracula…please…

  2. maryam: I found

    Matthew Augustine – Into the Moonlight on youtube. It changes into techno during a lot of the song but appears to be the one. If you find it with no techno added please let me know @ [email protected]


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