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The Best Vampire Diaries’ Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

The Vampire Diaries had many fan-favorite couples, but whose relationship was the best?

This month marks the 10th anniversary of The Vampire Diaries. Yes, ten years have passed since we first met the beloved supernatural characters of Mystic Falls. While the series had its ups and downs throughout its impressive eight-season run, it was always must-watch television. In celebration, I thought it would be fun to revisit the most important part of the paranormal romance show: The Vampire Diaries’ couples.

Part of the enjoyment of watching week to week was “shipping” different characters together. However, it was the love triangle between Damon, Elena, and Stefan, hooking fans from the start. Still, other romantic pairings became integral to the show as well – some couples more successful than others.

So, let’s discuss…

The Best Vampire Diaries’ Couples, Ranked

25. Tyler and Vicki

Tyler and Vicki; The Best Vampire Diaries' Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

It’s hard to completely root for them because Tyler was the epitome of the bad boyfriend. And in the #metoo era, they’re hard to swallow as a couple, especially with the inappropriate scene in the pilot.

24. Matt and Elena

Matt, Elena and Stefan promotional image

Ah, young love. Matt and Elena have an innocent-like teenage relationship. But as Elena points out, she just didn’t feel passionate about him. So, it’s no surprise she breaks up with Matt and then falls in love with the new mysterious high school student, Stefan.

23. Jeremy and Vicki

Jeremy and Vicki promotional image

Jeremy treated Vicki with much more respect than Tyler did, but these two just didn’t fit together. Still, Jeremy’s puppy-like love for Vicki was sweet.

22. Alaric and Caroline

Alaric and Caroline from TVD

While this duo led to the fun new spinoff, Legacies, Alaric and Caroline were never a believable couple.

21. Bonnie and Jeremy

The Best Vampire Diaries’ Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

This pairing lasted for much longer than it should have. While Bonnie and Jeremy were cute together at first, there was never any real tension, chemistry, or authenticity.

20. Tyler and Liv

Liv from The Vampire Diaries

Tyler and Liv had a definite onscreen spark. However, as a couple, they’re not the most memorable.

19. Rose and Damon

Rose and Damon; Vampire Diaries Couples

Maybe it’s my love for everything Dickens, but I’m a sucker for unrequited love stories. And something is interesting and profound about Rose. So, while these two only briefly hook up, Rose quickly becomes one of the only people Damon’s ever cared about on the show.

18. Nora and Mary Louise

Nora and Mary Louise

As Heretics, Nora and Mary Louise struggled with narcissism and psychotic behavior, traits leading to trouble in their relationship! Still, their bond was unbreakable.

17. Alaric and Meredith

Alaric and Meredith

In the books, Meredith and Alaric are a devoted couple. In the series, these two are only together briefly. But it was a nice nod to L.J. Smith’s original books, and the two actors had chemistry.

16. Stefan and Valerie

Valerie is Stefan’s first love; the two separated by misfortune. And while they didn’t work out, here’s to hoping she makes a guest appearance on Legacies.

15. Damon and Katherine

Damon and Katherine; The Best Vampire Diaries Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

Although Katherine and Damon didn’t bring out the best in each other, as a pair of naughty vampiric schemers, the two scored high on the entertainment scale.

14. Caroline and Matt

Caroline and Matt; The Best Vampire Diaries' Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

They made a strong TV couple at first. But once Caroline became a vampire, Matt was never able to accept her for who she was. That would be the death of any relationship.

13. Alaric and Jenna

Alaric and Jenna; The Best Vampire Diaries' Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

This likable pair could have been great if not for Jenna’s unfortunate and untimely death.

12. Caroline and Tyler

Caroline and Tyler; The Best Vampire Diaries' Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

Their star-crossed romance was full of potential until jealousy, anger, and bad choices ended their relationship.

11. Jeremy and Anna

Jeremy and Anna; The Best Vampire Diaries' Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

These two were an adorable couple impossible not to like. It’s too bad Anna died and became a ghost, only to then pass on to the other side.

10. Stefan and Caroline

Stefan and Caroline; The Best Vampire Diaries Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

It took me time to warm up to this pairing, but they eventually grew on me. Besides, best friends do make ideal romantic couples.

9. Rebekah and Matt

Rebekah and Matt

Matt was a fantastic choice for the fiery, explosive Rebekah. She wanted to be a normal teenage girl and Matt liked her spontaneity.

8. Stefan and Lexi

Stefan and Lexi

While they were never more than best friends, you could argue Lexi was in love with him. Oh, what could have been.

7. Caroline and Klaus

Caroline and Klaus (Klaroline); The Best Vampire Diaries' Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

I’m a huge fan of dark Byronic Heroes, so I loved them at first. However, they both moved on to more epic loves. Klaus with Camille and Caroline with Stefan.

6. Alaric and Jo

Alaric and Jo; The Best Vampire Diaries' Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

Sadly, their story ended in tragedy. But the two were the perfect Vampire Diaries‘ couple while they lasted.

5. Stefan and Katherine

Stefan and Katherine; The Best Vampire Diaries' Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

Bad-girl Katherine made it tough for the Salvatore brothers. But it was Stefan who was her true love. While Katherine was too selfish to make a romance work, this couple was still fabulous.

4. Bonnie and Damon

Bonnie and Damon; The Best Vampire Diaries' Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

On re-watch of the series, it’s hard to deny the underlying and unspoken romantic love brewing beneath the surface.

3. Stefan and Elena

Stefan and Elena (Stelena); The Best Vampire Diaries' Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

Without the amazing Stefan and Elena relationship, this series would have never worked.

2. Bonnie and Enzo

Bonnie and Enzo; The Best Vampire Diaries' Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

Every vampire with the last name St. John is automatic romantic vampire gold! The chemistry, the emotion, the romance, this is the love story Bonnie deserved.

1. Damon and Elena

Damon and Elena (Delena); The Best Vampire Diaries' Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best

Seductive and passionate, the soul connection between Damon and Elena is indisputable. They’re an example of how to do a Byronic vampire romance story right.

Now, it’s your turn. What are your favorite Vampire Diaries’ couples? Sound off in the comments below!

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The Best Vampire Diaries' Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best: PIN


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22 thoughts on “The Best Vampire Diaries’ Couples, Ranked From Worst to Best”

  1. I’ve personally always been a fan of Stefan and human Elena circa seasons 2 and 3, particularly because I love how honorable Stefan is and how he listens to and respects Elena’s wishes, wants, and needs, which is something Damon doesn’t really do in my opinion, so Stefan and Elena are always number one for me. And though I love Damon as a character, I never quite got over how he manipulated and abused Caroline in season one, so it was hard for me to root for him (especially because Caroline is one of my absolute faves). But one of my best friends loves Damon and Elena, and I can totally see why people love them so much — especially after Elena became a vampire, because Damon constantly had her back as her entire world was changing. A great show, great characters, and great couples. I can’t believe it’s been ten years already.

    • Yeah, Stefan and Elena were great when she was human. I loved them too! I’m one of the few who enjoys both Stefan and Elena and Damon and Elena. Personally, I tend to forgive Byronic Heroes for doing horrible things. In some ways, The Vampire Diaries is really about villains from their perspective. But yeah, I can’t believe it’s been ten years already. It’s crazy. 🙂

  2. I started watching the show last year in August, and I’m finally starting the last season! At first I honestly got confused and had no clue who Enzo was around season 5 or whenever he starts appearing often honestly idk anymore (I stopped watching for a while and jumped back in mid-season somewhere). Now I am on season 8 and I love Bonnie and Enzo more than any couple on the show maybe except for Damon and Elena (they might be equal). I also loved Caroline and Tyler or Caroline and Klaus. I honestly didn’t mind most of the couples, but I still don’t love Caroline and Stefan (even though it kinda makes sense) and I never liked her with Alaric. I think I love this show lol I’ve never cried over a show except this one when certain main characters died! I’m invested

  3. i think caroline and klaus were perfect. caroline somehow managed to suppress her emotions for klaus because it wouldn’t have seemed right at that moment. they both kinda knew about it.. the fun part between them was the chasing.. their personalities were so fun they could’ve ended up exploring so much if they were together. the almighty klaus with the most pretty and genuine caroline. they would’ve been absolute endgame.

    • Caroline and Klaus were a great pairing, for sure! The writers did end up going in a different direction, but if the writers had kept Klaus on The Vampire Diaries, I think they would have been endgame and it would have been very interesting to see.

        • Klaus is a villainous character, but interesting in a villainous Heathcliff way. I don’t think any of the characters in the show are particularly moral – besides a couple of characters. We’re just seeing the story from the villains’ perspectives. Honestly, I’m happy they went the Klaus/Cami route when he switched shows. But he is a villain, no doubt about it! But so is Caroline, although not as bad.

  4. I agree with pretty much everything… (i’m sorry but we all see the ‘except’ coming) EXCEPT Bonnie + Damon and Stefan + Lexi. Best friends are just best friends. I guess with Stefan and Lexi it COULD have gone there (though i’m happy it didn’t), but Bonnie and Damon would NEVER.

  5. I agree with everything on this list, except for one thing… Elena and Stefan were END GAME! THEY SHOULDVE ENDED TOGETHER! Damon is just trash I’m rewatching the series and I never realized how toxic and just…he ain’t it. Also the best couple in my opinion is Bonnie and Enzo. That’s the person she deserves, that should’ve been her end game. That relationship is the one that ACTUALLY made cry and devastated (cause of the end..if you know what I’m talking about). Bonnie carried this show and didn’t get a happy ending.

  6. I liked the Stefan-Caroline dynamic. I’m glad Stefan and Elena didn’t end up together. Stefan and Caroline, Damon and Elena; that was more…practical.

  7. i think that the most epic couple was stelena. the way stefan looked at her is just fabulous. they were so cute and he did everything to protect her. i love them so much and think that they are way better then delena.


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