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The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Couples

Damon, Elena, and Stefan from "The Vampire Diaries." Photo: The CW
Damon, Elena, and Stefan from “The Vampire Diaries.”
Photo: The CW

Romantic Vampire TV Couples

It’s difficult to pinpoint when my love for vampire romances began. Was it the beautiful star-crossed romance between Angel and Buffy? I can still recall how exciting and shocking it was for me when Buffy first realized the mysterious and gorgeous Angel was actually a vampire… Or did my love for vampire romances begin with the book love story between Stefan/Elena/Damon from L.J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries? Back then, I still didn’t know who to root for. Finally, I think I just jumped on the Bonnie/Damon bandwagon so everyone could get a happy ending. Years later when the book series returned, I was more than thrilled to see that story continue to play out (it’s still continuing in L.J.’s “fan fiction” for those unaware). Whenever my intrigue into vampires began (blame my grandmother and her tales of the supernatural growing up), once I became hooked, I was hooked for life.

The almost seductive appeal of the vampire figure never ceases to hold me spellbound, as if I too am one of the vampire’s victims, its prey. When it comes to vampire romances, I have a particular weakness for the star-crossed tales bound to make an appearance: humans/vampires (immortal versus mortal), vampire clan versus clan, vampires, and werewolves (or ghosts for that matter), monsters seeking redemption when they fall for someone good, etc. Because of the otherness of a vampire, the possibilities of impossible love are wide open and for me, that is part of why these love stories are so memorable.

While many might wrongly believe vampire romances didn’t start until Buffy or even with the popular Twilight series, the romantic vampire figure goes much farther back even in television. Whether a figure of temptation or monster in search of redemptive love, the vampire figure in fiction has always had this element of attractiveness attached to him or her. Even the first full vampire fiction novel, The Vampyre (a true blue serial killer monster), was based on Lord Byron… Over time, vampires had more redemptive qualities attached to their characterization, leaving their lonely vulnerability susceptible in their desire for love, acceptance, and forgiveness for past deeds. It is the fantastical elements that make these supernatural couples so fascinating to watch. Can monsters get a happily ever after, after all? Do they even deserve it?

A couple of weeks back, Amber put up a list of the Top Vampire Romances in film. Today, I continue with the top TV vampire romances to ever hit the small screen. Here are my top 30:

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6 thoughts on “The Top 30 Romantic Vampire TV Couples”

  1. For me it began with Angel and Buffy and it ends with them. Their beautiful love story is not a fairytale it’s a legend. They are magnetic, beautiful, heroic but above all warriors equally matched in every aspect. They love each other so much, their passion and self-sacrifice is so poignant. Number 4 is unjustifiable but putting that other pairing at #3 is a downright insult. Besides the disappointment in that, thank you for including them.

    • Well it is all subjective. I personally think the Buffy/Spike relationship to be equally as fascinating as Buffy and Angel. Both are of course loved by me. I do however believe that putting them at number 4 (at the top of the list) is extremely justifiable as it is once again subjective.

  2. Fantastic writing – I was enlightened by the analysis – Does anyone know where I might grab a template WI WB-15 example to fill in ?


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