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The Best of What’s New on Britbox, Acorn TV, and PBS Passport in December 2022

Period dramas, romances, mysteries, Christmas specials, and more…


Call the Midwife Christmas Special 2022
Nurse Trixie Franklin (HELEN GEORGE), Collette Corrigan(FRANCESCA FULLILOVE), Nurse Nancy Corrigan (MEGAN CUSACK), Nurse Lucille Anderson(LEONIE ELLIOT). Credit: Courtesy of Ray Burmiston / Neil Street Productions

If you’re a fan of British and foreign-language period dramas, romances, comedies, dramas, mysteries, and more, you’ll want to see the all-new lineup of content on Acorn TV, BritBox, and PBS Passport in December 2022.

I’ve rounded up the best of what’s new on these streaming sites, so you’ll have just the right amount of comfort TV watching for the holidays.

From the new Call the Midwife Christmas special to the series finale of Doc Martin, King Charles III’s first Christmas address, the classic As Time Goes By Reunion Special with Judi Dench, and more.

I’ve included recently released content and everything premiering throughout December. Enjoy!


You can catch these movies and shows on the Acorn TV streaming app or the Acorn TV Amazon Prime Video Channel. They have a seven-day free trial and then charge 6.99/month.


Doc Martin, Season 10 (Plus Series Finale/Christmas Special)

Martin Clunes returns in his iconic role as the grumpy but lovable Dr. Martin Ellingham one final time. Find out what happens with Doc Martin, his wife Louisa, and the rest of the townsfolk of Portwenn.

While new episodes were released throughout October and November, the series finale (which also works as a Christmas special) airs on December 29, 2022.

If you’ve never seen the delightful and beloved British dramedy series, all seasons are available on Acorn TV.

Midsomer Murders: 25 Years of Mayhem (Acorn TV exclusive): Released December 5, 2022

Celebrate one of the best British mystery shows with this new Acorn TV exclusive documentary about the popular series.

Midsomer Murders, Season 23 (Acorn TV exclusive): Premieres December 12, 2022

British TV fans won’t want to miss the new season of Midsomer Murders with DCI Tom Barnaby (John Nettles, Bergerac) solving cases.

Farewell Doc Martin: Releases December 26, 2022

Say goodbye to the beloved dramedy Doc Martin with this behind-the-scenes documentary celebrating ten seasons and 18 years of the show!

The Madame Blanc Mysteries, Christmas Special, Season 2 Premiere: Premieres December 26, 2022

the madame blanc mysteries poster

If cozy mysteries are your jam, catch up on this charming British romantic mystery show set in an adorable French village.

Season 2 premieres with a Christmas-themed episode with the antique dealer, Jean White, solving a new mystery! After the premiere, the rest of season 2 will air in early 2023.

My Life is Murder, Season 3

All of season 3 is now available to watch! Set in New Zealand, former detective Alexa Crowe – played by the always fabulous Lucy Lawless – continues to investigate mysteries.

Expect to see Martin Henderson from Virgin River return to play her brother!

See our review of Season 1: ‘My Life is Murder’: Why You Need to Watch the Fun New Acorn TV Show


Now Available (Recently Released):
  • Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland, Season 2 – Documentary Series
  • Doc Martin, Season 10 (New episodes continue to drop weekly until the series finale on December 29)
  • Innocent, Season 1 – British Mystery/Drama
  • Made in Belfast – 2013 Irish Drama Film
  • My Life is Murder, Season 3 – Australian/New Zealand Mystery Dramedy Series
  • Transport – Finnish Crime Drama
  • Whitstable Pearl, Season 2 (New episodes of the British cozy crime drama continue to air through December; the season finale releases on December 12)
December 5:
  • Grand Tours of Scotland, Season 2 (All episodes) – Documentary Series
  • Midsomer Murders: 25 Years of Mayhem – Documentary
December 12: 
  • Midsomer Murders, Season 23 (Season premiere) – British Crime Drama/Mystery Series
  • One Lane Bridge, Season 2 (All episodes) – New Zealand Crime Drama
  • Poison Pen – 2014 Irish Comedy Film
December 19: 
  • Aftertaste, Season 2 (all episodes) – Australian dramedy
  • The Man Who Shot the Great War – Documentary
December 26: 
  • Farewell Doc Martin – Documentary
  • The Madame Blanc Mysteries, Christmas Special, Season 2 Premiere – British Romantic Mystery 
  • Where Do We Go From Here? – 2015 Comedy Film
December 29: 
  • Doc Martin, Season 10 (SERIES FINALE AND CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!) – Dramedy, Romance


Death in Paradise Christmas special 2022 image
Death in Paradise. Credit: Courtesy of BritBox

Britbox is releasing holiday specials and seasonal favorites throughout December! Also, stay tuned for Britbox’s “BritBoxing Week,” where they will host a new premiere every day between December 26-30.

You can sign up to watch the festive lineup (and more) on the Britbox streaming app or the Britbox Amazon Prime Video Channel. The streaming app costs 7.99/month or 79.99/year.

Or if you’re looking for a unique gift for a British TV lover, Britbox offers a year gift subscription for 79.99. It’s easy, thoughtful, and great for last-minute ideas!


As Time Goes By Reunion Special (Released December 6, 2022)

As Time Goes By promo image
As Time Goes By Reunion Special. Credit: Courtesy of BritBox

Official Description: 

A heartwarming reunion special revisiting this long-running sitcom As Time Goes By. Catch up with Jean Pargetter (Judi Dench, Shakespeare in Love) and Lionel Hardcastle (Geoffrey Palmer, Mrs. Brown) as they manage their families, jobs, and relationships in this beloved, classic series.

See all four episodes of this British romantic sitcom reunion special!

Death in Paradise Christmas 2022 (North American Premiere/BritBox Exclusive; Date TBA)

Official Description: 

Bask in the Caribbean sunshine this holiday season with the Death in Paradise Christmas Special guest-starring Siobhán McSweeney (Derry Girls, The Fall). A lighthearted whodunit set on the sunshine Caribbean Island where a team of police use unconventional methods to catch the killers of some of the most impossible crimes, see familiar faces and some special appearances with this special!

Christmas, mysteries, a gorgeous location, what’s not to love?

Hope Street, Season 2 (All episodes now available)

Season 1 of Hope Street, a Northern Irish Crime Serial Drama (with lots of romance and a cozy feel), left off on a huge cliffhanger! Thankfully, Season 2 is back with new stories and a new detective.

The King’s Christmas Address (Airs on December 25, 2022, in this North American Premiere)

Official Description: 

King Charles III delivers the first Christmas address of his reign. The King speaks about the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II and his hopes for the future.

This should be a Christmas speech to remember!


Now Available (Recently Released):
Beechgrove Gardens 2022
Beechgrove Garden in Winter. Credit: Courtesy of BritBox
  • As Time Goes By Reunion Special – Sitcom, Romance
  • Beechgrove Garden in Winter S1-2 (North American Premiere)
  • Crossfire (2022 Miniseries) – Thriller starring Keeley Hawes
  • Hope Street, Season 2 – Mystery Series
Dates TBA: 
Q1 Christmas special
QI Christmas Special 2022. Credit: Courtesy of BritBox
  • The Cleaner Christmas Special 2022 (BritBox Original, North American Premiere) – Comedy
  • Death in Paradise Christmas 2022 (North American Premiere, BritBox exclusive) – Crime, Dramedy
  • Gardeners’ World Winter Specials 2022 (North American Premiere, BritBox exclusive)
  • Jamie’s One-Pan Wonders Christmas Special
  • QI Christmas Special 2022 – Comedy Quiz Show (North American Premiere, BritBox exclusive)
December 13
Black Work publicity still
Black Work. Credit: Courtesy of BritBox
  • Black Work (2015) – Crime, Drama, Thriller
December 16
  • Gordon Ramsay: Christmas Cookalong, S1-2
  • Gordon’s Festive Home Cooking
December 24
  • Carols From King’s 2022 (North American Premiere)
December 25
  • The King’s Christmas Address (North American Premiere)
  • Mrs. Brown’s Boys Christmas Special 2022 (US Premiere, BritBox Exclusive)
December 28
  • The Control Room (2022 Miniseries) – Crime, Drama, Thriller (North American Premiere, BritBox exclusive)
December 29 
Deadline publicity still
Deadline. Credit: Courtesy of BritBox
  • Deadline (2022 Miniseries) – Thriller (North American Premiere, BritBox exclusive)
December 30
  • Maxine (2022) – True Crime Drama (North American Premiere)


Miss Scarlet and the Duke Season 3 photo
Kate Phillips as Eliza Scarlet. Credit: Courtesy of Element 8 Entertainment and MASTERPIECE Photographer: Slobodan Pikula

PBS Passport is one of PBS’ streaming services (you can also use PBS Masterpiece Amazon Channel – although it has slightly different content), offering period dramas, foreign-language content from Walter’s Choice (curated by Walter Iuzzolino, a TV connoisseur), mysteries, recorded theater productions, documentaries, and more!

RELATED: 45 of the Best British Christmas Movies to Watch This Holiday Season

The future December premiere dates for the Walter’s Choice dramas come from research from tellyvisions.org.

To access PBS Passport, you need to donate at least 5 dollars a month to help keep PBS going! You choose the dollar amount you want to give.


Miss Scarlet and the Duke, Season 3

Miss Scarlet and the Duke Season 3 publicity still
Stuart Martin as William “The Duke” Wellington and Kate Phillips as Eliza Scarlet. Credit: Courtesy of Element 8 Entertainment and MASTERPIECE Photographer: Sergej Radovic

Official Season 3 Description:

A disappearing magician, police corruption, a potential life-changing financial windfall, and an explosive season finale — Eliza has her share of fresh and surprising challenges as she struggles to build her detective agency. Aside from her vexing cases, Scarlet has to contend with growing competition from a rival agency. And as always, Inspector William Wellington remains Scarlet’s most intractable mystery. When a beautiful woman from childhood catches William’s eye, will this signal the end of Miss Scarlet and The Duke’s working relationship?

In a surprise Thanksgiving twist, PBS gifted fans with ALL of Miss Scarlet and the Duke Season 3 on PBS Passport only weeks after Season 2 was released.

So, make sure to find out what happens between Inspector Wellington and Miss Scarlet next.

See our review of Season 1.

Call the Midwife Holiday Specials (2018-2021)

Before the new Christmas special premiering on Christmas Day, you can catch up on past Call the Midwife Holiday specials from Season 8 until Season 11. You can’t get more heartwarming than this brilliant series!

Call The Midwife 2022 Holiday Special – Available December 25 at 8/7c.

Call the Midwife 2022 Holiday special
CALL THE MIDWIFE HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2022 first look photo. Credit: Courtesy of Neal Street Productions and BBC Studios

Official Description:

With Christmas approaching, the midwives move to their maternity clinic and are delighted when their first patient is a familiar face. Life in Poplar returns to normal after the tragic train crash, and everyone unites for a festive talent show.

The yearly Christmas special of Call the Midwife is always excellent, with uplifting stories and just the right amount of the holiday spirit.


La otra mirada image
LA OTRA MIRADA first look photo. Credit: Courtesy of © 2018 RTVE/BOOMERANG TV FICCIÓN
Now Available (Recently Released):
  • All the Sins, Season 2 – Finnish Crime Show
  • Bauhaus – German period drama miniseries
  • Call the Midwife – Past Holiday Specials (2018-2021)
  • Josh Groban’s Great Big Radio City Show (Only available until 12/24)
  • La Otra Mirada, Season 1 – Period Drama
  • Miss Scarlet and the Duke, Season 3
  • The Vanishing – German drama, mystery, miniseries
  • The Wall, Season 1 – French Canadian Mystery Series
  • What the Future Holds – Spanish Period Drama

(You can also watch recently released shows like Magpie Murders and Endeavour on PBS Passport. Check out our list of the Masterpiece Mystery 2022 Schedule for a complete list of new mysteries to watch.)

December 8
  • Box 21 – Swedish Crime Drama
  • Face to Face, Season 1 – Danish Crime Drama
  • The Judgment – French Drama
  • Presumed Guilty (Presunto culpable) – Spanish Mystery Drama
  • Rocco Schiavone: Ice Cold Murders – Italian Crime Drama
December 9
  • La Otra Mirada, Season 2 – Period Drama
December 13
Tabernacle Choir with Megan Hilty
Megan Hilty performs in “O Holy Night: Christmas with The Tabernacle Choir.” Credit: Courtesy of © 2022 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • O Holy Night: Christmas with The Tabernacle Choir – 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET
December 15
  • The Last Wave 
  • The Master Butcher – German period drama
  • The Nordic Murders – German Crime Drama, Mystery
  • Seizure
  • Silent Hunt, Season 1
December 19
mary berry and friends around tree
Mary Berry and friends. Credit: Courtesy of Jack Bailey for Rumpus Media
  • Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas – Reality TV
December 21
  • The Letter: A Message For Our Earth – 8:00-9:30 p.m. ET
December 22
  • 1864
  • The Devil’s Throat
  • Under Suspicion, Seasons 1-2
  • Witch Hunt – Norwegian Crime Drama
  • True North, Season 1
December 25
  • Call the Midwife 2022 Holiday Special – 9:00-10:30 p.m. ET.
December 29
  • The Adulterer, Seasons 1-3
  • Agathe Koltès – French Dramedy, Crime
  • Dresden Detectives, Season 1
  • Le Monstre – French Canadian Drama
December 31
  • United In Song 2022: Ringing in The New Year Together – 8:00-9:30 p.m. ET

What new content on Britbox, Acorn TV, and PBS Passport are you looking forward to watching this month? Let us know in the comments!

The Best of What's New on Britbox, Acorn TV, and PBS Passport in December 2022; pinterest image


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