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‘My Life is Murder’: Why You Need to Watch the Fun New Acorn TV Show

If you like cozy crime shows, My Life is Murder is for you.

Lucy Lawless of Xena: Warrior Princess leads the cast in a new detective mystery series that’s as fun as it is impressive. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait long to watch. The debut premieres on Acorn TV tonight.

The show tells the story of Alexa Crowe (played by Lucy Lawless), a former detective who can’t stop investigating. Here’s the official description direct from Acorn:

“Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess, Parks and Recreation) stars in this contemporary Australian detective drama as retired cop Alexa Crowe. With her old boss (Bernard Curry, Once Upon a Time) regularly asking for her insight on cold cases and a young police data-analyst (Ebony Vagulans) eager to be mentored–whether Alexa wants to or not–Alexa can’t seem to stop solving crime.”

Lucy Lawless in a promotional image of My Life is Murder

Like all Acorn TV productions so far, My Life is Murder is another must-see drama. So, today, in anticipation of tonight’s U.S. premiere of the series, we’re sharing a few of the reasons why you might want to check out the new show.

‘My Life is Murder’: Why You Need to Watch

1. The Accents

Anytime a new show features actors with British or Australian accents, it’s a win. There’s just something about the dialect and the appealing accents that make the audience take greater notice of the dialogue (and don’t ever underestimate the importance of good conversation on television!). 

2. The Cases

Don’t forget the mysteries! Series one comprises of ten, hour-long installments. Each one is a new case that doesn’t go too dark but keeps things fun.

3. The Cast and Characters

promotional image with Lucy Lawless

In addition to its many attributes, Lucy Lawless is brilliant as the lead! Surrounding her is the addition of her former boss and the young tech analyst Madison.

4. The Format

Like anything that fits into a one-hour time slot, this show has a format or formula that works. It has it all; the right tone, a team we love, and excellent story building.

5. The Quality

Promotional poster

Finally, we come to the final reason, and maybe the most crucial. Anything Acorn TV stamps its name with is quality. This show is no different, and that seems good enough of a reason to me.

In conclusion, no matter what else I could say about this one, it all comes down to simple facts. For example, if you like Queens of Mystery or Agatha Raisin or any of Acorn’s programs, then you will undoubtedly enjoy My Life is Murder. It’s a fast-paced, easy to like international drama. I’m glad to add to my TV queue.

Where to Watch: See the debut August 5 on Acorn TV!

See the official trailer!

Tell me, will you be watching? Have you read about this one before? And if so, does it sound like something you’d enjoy? Comment down below with all of your thoughts – and then come back to let us know what you think if you see the premiere!

(Photos: Acorn TV )

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