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7 of the Most Iconic Couples on BritBox

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, we’ve compiled a list of iconic couples on BritBox, including Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, of course. Plus, you’ll want to watch BritBox’s exclusive new trailer for the newly remastered edition of Pride and Prejudice (now available to stream as of September 25th). 

In honor of the 25th anniversary of BBC’s Pride and Prejudice (1995) and due to the new release of its newly remastered edition in 4k on BritBox, we thought it would fun to compile a list of a few iconic British TV couples with a particular focus on Elizabeth and Darcy. 

Without the 1995 adaptation with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, the Austenmania explosion of the ‘90s may have never happened. It led to numerous more Austen adaptations, a surge of Jane Austen in pop culture, and the rise of the period drama. Now, that’s an alternate history we would never want to see!

For this list, we’ve included seven epic romantic couples from terrific love stories. So, if you love classic romance or quintessential British drama and comedy, you’ll appreciate these seven iconic couples on BritBox (many of the romantic pairs are from classic novels). And if you haven’t seen these romantic dramas or romantic comedies yet, now is the perfect time to give BritBox a try and check them out.


#1. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet – Pride and Prejudice (1995)

Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle in Pride and Prejudice; iconic couples on BritBox
Colin Firth (Fitzwilliam Darcy) and Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Bennet) – Courtesy of BritBox

BritBox Synopsis: Celebrate the 25th anniversary of this award-winning adaptation of Jane Austen’s timeless Regency romance, broadcast for the first time in 4K. This classic story of love and class centers on the strong-minded Elizabeth Bennett, who matches wits with the wealthy, conceited Mr. Darcy.

Why They Are Iconic: You can’t get much more iconic than Jane Austen and her fictional sparring couple, Elizabeth and Darcy, not to mention the unforgettable scene of Colin Firth in a wet t-shirt.

Jane Austen sparked a movement with Pride and Prejudice and influenced future love stories. As far as adaptations go, the 1995 adaptation is the gold standard. Now, with the new edition restored in 4K, you can enjoy it in a whole new way!

Watch the official trailer for the remastered edition below: 

#2. Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester – Jane Eyre (2006)

Jane and Rochester; iconic couples on BritBox
Toby Stephens (Rochester) and Ruth Wilson (Jane Eyre) – Courtesy of BritBox

BritBox Synopsis: Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel springs vibrantly to life in this lavish and slightly steamy adaptation, featuring Ruth Wilson (Luther) in her TV debut as the titular “poor, obscure, plain and little” heroine.

Why They Are Iconic: If gothic romance and romanticism is more your style, Charlotte Bronte’s story of the independent Jane and the Byronic Rochester is as good and iconic as it gets. Jane Eyre is one of the greatest love stories of all time with a Beauty and the Beast influence and is sure to capture your interest. 

The 2006 adaptation starring Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens is often considered the best version to date. (Although we also highly recommend the 1983 adaptation with Timothy Dalton.) Jane and Rochester are an iconic fictional couple that went on to influence future gothic and paranormal romances. 

#3. Emma and Mr. Knightley – Emma (2009)

Emma and Knightley; iconic couples on BritBox
Romola Garai (Emma) and Jonny Lee Miller (Mr. Knightley) – Courtesy of BritBox

BritBox Synopsis: Romola Garai is Jane Austen’s fickle heroine, fatally convinced she is good at matchmaking, but unaware she is playing a dangerous game that might finally force her to grow up.

Why They Are Iconic: This is another Jane Austen adaptation and popular among Janeites. Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller (two period drama darlings) star as Emma and Mr. Knightley, two of the most beloved Jane Austen characters. As a miniseries, the excellent adaptation has plenty of time to explore Austen’s iconic novel. 

#4. Beatrice and Benedick – Much Ado About Nothing (1984)

Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing 1984
Robert Lindsay (Benedick) and Cherie Lunghi (Beatrice) – Courtesy of BritBox

BritBox Synopsis: Shakespeare’s comedic play about love, misunderstandings, and deception. Friends plot to bring the bickering Benedick and Beatrice together, while the wicked Don John plots to ruin the marriage between Hero and Claudio.

Why They Are Iconic: Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s funniest plays. It is also one of the most romantic. Beatrice and Benedick are the precursor rom-com couple, and this theatrical adaptation is fantastic!

#5. Lionel Hardcastle & Jean Pargetter – As Time Goes By (1992)

As Time Goes By with Judi Dench
Geoffrey Palmer (Lionel Hardcastle) and Judi Dench (Jean Pargetter) – Courtesy of BritBox

BritBox Synopsis: Classic romantic sitcom starring Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer. Two lovers are reunited after decades apart following a mutual misunderstanding.

Why They Are Iconic: The romantic comedy sitcom stars two iconic British actors – most notably, Dame Judi Dench. The classic British series is sweet and brilliantly written.

#6. Yuri & Lara – Doctor Zhivago (2002)

Doctor Zhivago 2002 with Hans Matheson and Keira Knightley
Hans Matheson (Yuri Zhivago) and Keira Knightley (Lara Antipova) – Courtesy of BritBox

BritBox Synopsis: Physician and poet Yury Zhivago wrestles with his intense love for two women during the Russian Revolution. Kiera Knightley & Sam Neill star in this stunning adaptation of the heartbreaking love story.

Why They Are Iconic: While this adaptation is not as famous as the 1965 Hollywood film, it faithfully tells Yury and Lara’s iconic love story and includes an all-star British cast. 

#7: William Buxton & Peggy Bell – Return to Cranford (2009)

Jodie Whittaker and Tom Hiddleston in Cranford
Jodi Whittaker (Peggy Bell) and Tom Hiddleston (William Buxton) – Courtesy of BritBox

BritBox Synopsis: Cranford returns, adding British luminaries Jonathan Pryce (Game of Thrones), Tom Hiddleston (The Night Manager), and Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey). Cranford’s recent arrivals bring new love interests and thorny social situations.

Why They Are Iconic: Loki and The Doctor in a period romance? Yeah, that is a love story you won’t want to miss! Cranford is a series based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s novellas, and the British production is period drama perfection!

What is your favorite iconic couple on BritBox? Are you going to watch the remastered edition of Pride and Prejudice in 4k? Let me know in the comments below!

Featured Image: Pride and Prejudice. Colin Firth (Fitzwilliam Darcy) and Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Bennet) – Courtesy of BritBox

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  1. while I love Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre, she has such spunk you can believe she is a survivor, both Toby and Timothy Dalton are just so gorgeous it is impossible to hear Jane say he isn’t handsome without sending her to the optometrist. Orson Welles or George c Scott do better representations

  2. My iconic couple has to be Peggy and William. They are everything sweet and real life romantic. They’re SOOO cute!! Plus Loki before Loki.. That’s the best too!


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