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The Last Post (2017) Season One – Amazon’s ’60s BBC Period Drama

The Last Post Season One Review One of the newer streaming series to release under the “Amazon Originals” banner, the 60s era drama The Last Post entices period drama aficionados with its superb cast. Produced by BBC, the series isn’t the usual “pretty picture” production that put stars in our eyes. That said, the series is interesting and emotional, all in the best of ways. The Story The story begins in 1965 and takes us to Aden, a place protected by the Crown while under Royal Military Police patrol. A shake-up among the ranks is taking place with the promotion...

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Silver Petticoat’s Spring 2018 Box Office Preview

Spring has sprung! Or so the calendar tells us. With it, arrives spring showers that are sure to coax those tulips up and out of the ground, and of course, new offerings at the box office. RELATED | PREVIEWING THE NEW PERIOD DRAMA ADAPTATION, ‘GUERNSEY’ STARRING LILY JAMES (PLUS THE OFFICIAL TRAILER!) Though there aren’t many “standouts” in this grouping (Mary Shelley makes an impression), there are a few I’m looking forward to. What this batch lacks in smaller indie film power, it makes up for in the start of “blockbuster season.” Yes, it is true, Memorial Day is the...

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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Five Years Later

It seems hard to believe, but six years ago, on April 9, 2012, a little Youtube Vlog series debuted. Then, on today’s date March 28, 2013, said Youtube web series ended. Today, we remember that Emmy-winning Youtube series, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries five years later. RELATED | 12 UNDISCOVERED & UNDERRATED ROMANTIC COMEDIES THAT DESERVE A SECOND LOOK, PART 1 At the time, the social media scene was alight with anticipation for each new installment. And while numerous bookworm friends were gushing over this web series (spun off of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice), I abstained. Months went by and still,...

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Romantic Moment of the Week: When Calls the Heart – Jack and Elizabeth Say ‘I Do’

Beware, show spoilers ahead! THE SHOW: When Calls the Heart (2014 – Present) THE PAIRING: Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing) and Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow) THE MOMENT: Jack and Elizabeth exchange wedding vows THE EPISODE: ‘My Heart is Yours’ – Season Five, Episode 5 Four years ago, Hallmark debuted a little TV series called When Calls the Heart. Based on the best-selling series by Janette Oke, the series diverges greatly from its source. Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped fans from falling for its old-fashioned charms. RELATED | PREVIEWING HALLMARK CHANNEL’S SPRING FEVER 2018 – FOUR ALL-NEW ORIGINALS PREMIERES! Over these past four...

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12 Undiscovered & Underrated Romantic Comedies That Deserve a Second Look, Part 1

When a big-name actor stars in the latest romantic-comedy, this is often when we find our romance fixes. But what about those Indie films? Or romantic films that simply don’t have the star power to dazzle? These are the films that we don’t see plastered everywhere. These are the films that take a little extra effort to dig up because of this. These are the undiscovered romantic comedies that, no matter the hype big-budget titles generate, we sometimes wish for. RELATED | Romantic Moment of the Week: The Other End of the Line Instead of revisiting these popular movies...

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Princess of Thieves (2001) – Disney’s Bittersweet ‘Robin Hood’ Legend Sequel

Princess of Thieves Film Review Years ago, Sunday nights included Disney TV movies. I remember each time one would air, as the familiar antics of Tinker Bell would appear, the family settled in for a family movie night. One of those premieres was Princess of Thieves, a loose sequel that introduces us to a new generation of Robin Hood. RELATED | A KNIGHT’S TALE – A CONTEMPORARY MEDIEVAL ROMCOM In this legend, the story begins with the tale of the birth of Robin Hood’s young daughter, Gwyn. Through the years, the girl is kept safe by her father (Stuart Wilson)...

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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! New Disney Film Mary Poppins Returns With Photos and New Trailer

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! New Disney Film Mary Poppins Returns with Photos and New Trailer When you think of your childhood, attached to some of those memories are the Disney stories that enchanted us. With that childlike wonder and awe, we sat in front of the TV watching classics like Beauty and the Beast or 101 Dalmatians. (I even have photographic proof I did.) Even classics that weren’t in my era were part of my movie-going experience. Films like Mary Poppins starring the classy Julie Andrews. RELATED | NEW DISNEY ADAPTATION, THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS STARRING KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: WHAT WE KNOW...

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Previewing the New Period Drama Adaptation, ‘Guernsey’ starring Lily James (Plus the Official Trailer!)

Anytime new period dramas pop up in my online perusals, I become a little excited. Some may even say overexcited. But then I admit, a period drama aficionado I am through and through, a badge I wear proudly. RELATED | SILVER PETTICOAT’S WINTER 2018 BOX OFFICE PREVIEW The period drama currently inspiring this reaction is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society or as it is sometimes simplified and known as Guernsey. A film that’s been a long time coming, there are articles citing this one as having been in production since 2010. Not only that, but various names over the years...

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Previewing Hallmark Channel’s Spring Fever 2018 – Four All-New Originals Premieres!

Previewing Hallmark Channel’s Four All-New Originals Premieres – Part of the Hallmark Spring Fever! It’s that time again to preview the upcoming romances premiering on Hallmark Channel. This year, their “Spring Fever” campaign bursts with new romances, including not one but two royal fairy tale stories. Needless to say, this is one plotline I never grow tired of, most especially when one is based on a favorite novel. RELATED | PREVIEWING HALLMARK CHANNEL’S COUNTDOWN TO VALENTINE’S DAY 2018 While four of these films officially fall under the Hallmark Spring Fever banner, there is a fifth title premiering this Saturday, March 10th!...

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Crooked House (2017) – Dark, Brooding and Flawed Agatha Christie Adaptation

Crooked House Review Boasting a quality cast and incredible sets, this small market adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Crooked House is worth a look-see. It’s flawed in ways that take a bit of adjusting to, but the flaws somehow fit in with the themes and nature of the film. Plus, it’s also a top-notch period piece that deserves the time of any avid whodunit fan. The story’s opening focuses on a young Charles Haywood (Max Irons) as he arrives at his office. Though a fledgling private investigation office that sees little to no business, he’s determined to make a go...

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Previewing Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Valentine’s Day 2018

Keeping up their traditions, Hallmark Channel is ready to keep us enchanted with a trio of all-new romances. Despite the sporting world and its Olympic invasion, the three originals on their Countdown to Valentine’s Day line up are primed to make us swoon. RELATED | SILVER PETTICOAT’S WINTER 2018 BOX OFFICE PREVIEW Presumably because of the Olympics, the block of programming numbers less than 2017’s. Nonetheless, this in no way dampens the anticipation for these. In fact, fans are sure to be all the more excited by the many familiar faces you’ll spy, favorites that are among the network’s most...

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10 Memorable and Romantic Scenes on the Ice in Film and Television

Looming just around the corner are the 2018 Winter Olympics. In celebration of that and our love of all things romance, today we’re heading to the rink and taking a look at some romantic scenes on the ice! RELATED | SNOWFALL – 10 ROMANTIC MOMENTS IN THE SNOW IN FILM AND TELEVISION Below we take a look at ten such moments from across the years and genres in cinema – both the big and small screen. As can be said with each list I share, this one isn’t inclusive. There are plenty I missed. (Including a slew of films from...

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