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Author: Rissi JC

Gifted Film Review (2017) – Chris Evans’ Drama about Family and Love Shines

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly We may receive a small commission if you purchase an item using an affiliate link on this post. Gifted Film Review From the first time I heard about Gifted, I was curious. Then a trailer released showing a tender drama about family, and I was a goner. If my intuitive movie judgment was working, I “knew” this would be 100% a “me film.” As months passed, unfortunately, my Cineplex never did pick this one up. Then, one day, there it sat. In glorious HD, the BluRay, perched on store shelves. The Story Mary Adler (McKenna Grace) has only...

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Marry Me at Christmas – Hollywood Meets Small Town in Hallmark Christmas Premiere

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly  Marry Me at Christmas (2017) Review Much like the “magic” that lingers in the air at Christmas, Hallmark Channel creates magic with its Christmas campaign. The popular “Countdown to Christmas” (beginning the end of October and running through Christmas) invites us to sit cozily by their hearth as it were. The first of their (30+) new originals is Marry Me at Christmas, a romance sure to warm any romantic’s heart. Small business owner Maddy Krug (Rachel Skarsten) needs a miracle. She loves her wedding dress shop, which she runs along with her business partner, Isabelle (Crystal Lowe). But...

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Fallen (2016) – Lauren Kate’s YA Adaptation Is Given Gothic Romance Treatment

19SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Fallen Movie Review Sometimes bringing popular books to the screen works seamlessly with their original format, and other times, not so much. News that Lauren Kate’s novel, Fallen (a YA novel about angels), was to be adapted broke a few years ago. Since then, it slipped under the movie-making radar. Until now. With an on-demand release to its credit, fans of Kate’s story could finally discover Fallen in glorious HD. In Fallen, something is wrong with Lucinda Price (Addison Timlin). She feels it every single time the “shadows” begin to overtake her. Defenseless against their power, these episodes have...

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Romantic Moment of the Week: Warm Bodies’ R and Julie, and a Balcony Scene

15SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly THE FILM: Warm Bodies THE PAIR: R (Nicholas Hoult) and Julie (Teresa Palmer) THE MOMENT: R risks his safety in order to see Julie again. No matter how you look at it, there are some love stories that are strange. Not all are strange in ways that make them unlikable, but rather are “strange” in a loveable, almost charming way. Warm Bodies tells the story of R and Julie and is one of these wonderfully strange stories. RELATED | Romantic Moment of the Week: The Choice – Travis and Gabby I can still remember the first time I learned about...

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Previewing Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas 2017, Part 1

23SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly One of the most popular holidays is All Hallow’s Eve aka Halloween. From the spooky décor and costumes for the little (and big!) kids to the sugar rush of favorite candy, what’s not to love? Though we haven’t yet crossed October 31st off our calendar, another holiday is just around the corner ready to make its entrance. RELATED | The Christmas Cure (2017) – Hometown Girl Returns for Family Holiday Hallmark is ready to inspire us to deck those halls a little early with the start of their beloved “Countdown to Christmas” campaign. With an all-new premiere this weekend...

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Love Struck Café (2017) – Hometown Girl Returns and Reunites in Hometown on Hallmark Romance

16SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Love Struck Café Film Review When I need to decompress and end the weekend in a state of happy feelings, there is no question as to where I turn. Hallmark Channel’s originals never cease to leave viewers with a smile, and they continue to do so with the fourth Fall Harvest title. They invite you to have a latte and pull up a chair at Love Struck Café… The Story Megan Quinn (Sarah Jane Morris) is customer service relations rep (the best there is!) who gave up on her dreams. Her dream once was being a successful architect, which...

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Romantic Moment of the Week: Olly and Maddy from Everything, Everything

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly THE FILM: Everything, Everything (2017) THE PAIR: Olly (Nick Robinson) and Maddy Whittier (Amandla Stenberg) THE MOMENT: Maddy experiences her first kiss. Minor Spoilers Ahead Though they’re no longer marketed for my age bracket, once in a blue moon a YA novel comes along that somehow seems “special.” One of those novels is Nicola Yoon’s debut, Everything, Everything. Shooting onto the NYT Bestseller list, in the short time since its publication (2015), it’s not only garnered acclaim, it’s also been adapted into a film. Once news of the film dropped, I finally caved and read the novel that...

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Harvest Love (2017) – Hallmark Romance Visits Small-Town Pear Farm

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Harvest Love Film Review One of autumn’s traditions might be visiting an orchard, picking fresh fruit from the tree and perhaps going home with apple cider or a dozen apple cider doughnuts. (Or both!) Harvest Love invites us to visit just such a place in the cozy small town of Pine View, Washington. The Story This is where our heroine, Luna (Jen Liley) escapes with her eight-year-old son, Andy. As a surgeon, their life in Seattle is a good one. Only trouble is, in her pursuit to work hard and earn a sought-after promotion, being a mom is one of the...

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Silver Petticoat’s Fall 2017 Box Office Preview

17SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Silver Petticoat’s Fall 2017 Box Office Preview Not unlike the magic of cinema, the changing of the seasons always gives us a visual feast each year. As summertime (and those popular promoted summer blockbusters) fade away, the sights, sounds and colors of autumn invade. RELATED |  Silver Petticoat’s Summer 2017 Box Office Preview After the fast pace of the summer blockbusters slows, filmmakers use the next two seasons to roll out possible award season contenders. In the next three months, expect to see much quieter releases. As I scoured the Internet for some lesser known titles in addition to...

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Falling for Vermont (2017) – A Cozy Autumn Hallmark Romance

17SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Falling for Vermont Review Each new season brings with it favorite pastimes. For Fall, these might include the spicy flavors of a pumpkin spice latte, or the cozy feeling pulling out our favorite over-sized sweater evokes. No matter what it is, autumn boasts plenty of diversions. One of these fall favorites happens to be Hallmark’s “Fall Harvest” campaign. This season, Hallmark has six all-new originals. The Story Falling for Vermont, the first of six to premiere (September 23), introduces us to Angela Young (Julie Gonzalo), the best-selling author of a popular young adult series. A novel that she’s...

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Romantic Moment of the Week: Wonder Woman – Diana Prince and Steve Trevor

18SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly SPOILERS THE FILM: Wonder Woman (2017) THE PAIRING: Diana, Princess of the Amazons (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) THE MOMENT: Diana remembers Steve Trevor, her first love. Romantic Moment of the Week: Diana and Steve Most of the superhero films at the box office have a kind of tortured love story. Whether it’s the slow burn of Clark Kent and Lois Lane or the tortured soul that is Bruce Wayne (who never seems to find a girl), there’s rarely a love story without bruises. RELATED | Romantic Moment of the Week: The Love Stories of The Crimson Field...

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Pan Am, The Complete Series (2011) – ABC’s Frothy & Romantic 1960s Period Drama

16SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Pan Am Series Review When I began watching Pan Am, I’ll admit to having a few pre-conceived notions of its premise, and the fashion in which the story would unfold. Though most of these assumptions prove correct, the series does lift off to a strong start. THE STORY The setting is 1963, New York. Prestigious airline Pan Am is about to send to the skies its latest jetliner on its maiden voyage. Piloting it is the brash Dean Lowry (Mike Vogel). Already made Captain at an unusually young age, Dean deals with prejudice about his “left seat” position, including pushback from his...

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