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‘Falling Inn Love’ Netflix Review: This is a Sweet New Romance

Christina Milian stars in this new rom-com from Netflix.

If you were to browse the Netflix originals panel on the streaming service’s app, you’d find the new romantic comedy, Falling Inn Love.

With little fuss, the film opens and introduces us to Gabriela (Christina Milian). Driven to succeed in her career and excited to take the next step in her relationship, Gabriela thinks her life is falling into place.

Unfortunately for her, this isn’t what happens. In the aftermath of her life taking unexpected turns, she enters a “win an inn” contest online and ends up the lucky owner of an inn. The catch? It’s in New Zealand!

Gabriela gets another surprise when she discovers her quaint little inn is actually a dilapidated wreck. Of course, this new place is a small town full of curious locals wanting to know everything about her.

To further add to her streak of bad luck, the one local, Jake Taylor (Adam Demos), Gabriela doesn’t get along with is the person she needs help from.

Falling Inn Love (2019) Review

As is always the end game in these films, this is another predictable, but so adorable romantic-comedy. Though there are many things that make it cute, one of the best things is that it made me laugh out loud. A movie goes far in my book if it can make me laugh.

falling inn love

Like its peers, Falling Inn Love is imperfect. It uses common tropes and takes the final minutes of the film to inspire a reunion, but this doesn’t bother me.

The story itself is somehow a mix of Leap Year meets All of My Heart (Hallmark) with a bit of 800 Words (because of the curious small town and New Zealand). I’m not sure what it is about the film that reminds of the former (I think it’s the “meet-cute” involving a car and suitcase), but there are many ways it reminds me of All of My Heart, right down to the presence of a sassy goat!

The Cast

Casting wise, it’s been a minute since I’ve seen Milian in anything. She’s cast well in the role, a character with plenty of sass, and it’s fun to see a new actor in the part of the leading man. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Demos has an authentic and appealing accent.

Those of you who frequently watch international TV shows will also recognize Anna Jullienne from 800 Words.

Overall Thoughts

There’s a lot to like in this film. From the cozy setting to the breathtaking scenery, it’s a sweet new little rom-com, many of us will enjoy. The time frame for a love story feels a little more authentic (because it happens through the length of a renovation), and seeing how the inn comes together is a fun experience.

Then, there’s the wardrobe which for once works. Many films using the renovation plot focus too much on making the lead look cute versus realistic and practical. Gabriela always looks cute (because this is a romance), but her wardrobe is also functional and appropriate for the situation.

In the end, Falling Inn Love is a ray of sunshine perfect for fans of Hallmark. It knows what it is, and because I go in expecting it to be this, the film is nothing if not charming. It’s another delightful example of the romance movies we love but miss at the box office.

Where to Watch: You can stream Falling Inn Love on Netflix.

Content Note: There are minor instances of innuendo, and maybe mild use of profanity. The film is really quite clean and has a TV-PG rating.

Have you seen Falling Inn Love yet? Did you enjoy it? Did you like a hero with an accent? How would you rank it in comparison to your favorite streaming romances? Comment down below with all of your thoughts.

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