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Day: January 25, 2017

What About Now – Romantic Movie/TV Music Video Montage (Our 10th Anniversary Video)

24SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since we first started video editing. The youtube channel we’re on now is, in fact, our third channel. Thankfully, we have been on this specific one since around 2009. RELATED Alien Like You – Romantic Music Video Montage In celebration of our 10th anniversary year of video editing, we decided to re-create the first romantic movie/tv music video montage we ever made. For those of you who have followed us from the beginning, you may remember it was called “What About Now.” In this re-creation, we decided to pay homage to...

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Ever the Hunted By Erin Summerill – An Exciting, Romantic and Sweeping Fantasy That Will Keep You Up All Night

15SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Ever the Hunted Book Review I should probably admit right away that I decided to read this book after I saw an ad for it on our website. The white cover with gold lettering and elegant green designs swirling around the title really caught my eye. In this one case, I can definitely say I was right to judge this book by its cover. Ever the Hunted, the first book in the Clash of the Kingdoms series, clearly proves that the newbie authors on the scene are coming out with some great material. If you are a young...

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