The Renaissance and Elizabethan Era (1400-1603) Period Drama Reviews


Technically, The Renaissance period began in the 14th century of Italy. For organizational purposes, we begin the Renaissance era of period dramas at the turn of the century. It should also be noted that there will be a crossover between this period and Medieval Times.

For those interested, the word renaissance means rebirth. It is a rebirth of the arts and both a step away from the dark ages and a step closer to the modern world. A great example of this time period, for instance, would be any films about The Tudors.

Moreover, in the midst of this renaissance, Queen Elizabeth became the Queen of England. The Golden Age of her reign was between 1558-1603. The timeline of the Elizabethan Era helped us find a good stopping point for our archives as it is rather unclear exactly when The Renaissance would have ended. This era also marks the start of American History. Thus, some reviews may cover Early America as well, a huge time of exploration.

Outside of the European and American world, our Renaissance period drama reviews include historical dramas set in Asian countries. Keep an eye out for Chinese dramas set during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Then there are the Korean dynasties. You may come across dramas set during the middle of the very long Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). But this is just scratching the surface.

Note: As always, the content on our site has a more old-fashioned theme and focuses more on PG-13 content or below. Anything Rated R or rated TV-MA will get a content warning in the review.

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Top Photo Credits of Renaissance Era: Ever After (20th Century Fox), Wolf Hall (BBC), Reign (CW), Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen (BBC), Much Ado About Nothing (Samuel Goldwyn Company), The Princess’ Man (KBS)