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The Originals’ Season 2 Recap: Live and Let Die – A Star-Crossed Affair

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This week on The Originals, Esther opens war on the vampires, while Klaus goes on a mission to kill his father Mikael. And for an episode heavy on fighting, there was a lot of star-crossed love going around. You’ve got the developing human/vampire romance between Klaus and Camille (bringing the animal bridegroom folk tale into full effect), the struggling relationship between vampire Elijah and hybrid Hayley and the new power couple vampire Josh and werewolf Aiden on opposite sides of the war. Plus, there’s even a budding romance between Davina and Kol. If he’s ever turned back into vampire form, the writers will have covered almost every impossible romantic angle. Vampire and human – check. Hybrid and Vampire – Check. Vampire and Werewolf – Check. And then of course vampire and witch; these writers love impossible romances – but then so do I.


12 Elijah and wolves fight

The episode begins when werewolf leader Aiden shows up with his pack under the beck and call of Esther to warn Marcel and his vamps to leave town or else. Rather than choosing to leave, and with only a day to prepare, Elijah and Marcel work quickly to train the vampires to fight.

Meanwhile, Hayley and Elijah battle in a mini-war of vampire versus wolf of their own with clever witticisms used to mask their own confused feelings for each other. While he reminds Hayley that he’s not in the mood for her “particular brand of sass,” she reminds Elijah that if he goes after the werewolves his “bitch mother” will be the least of his problems. There’s no smooth sailing for this couple anytime soon.

Elsewhere, Esther sends Kol on a mission to find Davina and steal the white oak stake. Good thing for Kol, Davina injures her ankle and calls him to come and meet her at the cabin she’s hidden away at.

10 Davina and Kol 11 Davina and Kol

As Kol gives her a medicinal remedy to help heal her foot, they grow closer together with Davina’s mistrust working as a barrier between them. But Kol is a master of deception and works to gain her trust quickly. Later when she falls asleep, he searches for the white oak stake only to be stopped by Mikael.

6 werewolf curse

Earlier in the day, Finn meets with werewolves Oliver and Aiden to introduce the new recruits: children. Finn and Esther want them to kill on the blood moon that evening, therefore activating their curse. Aiden, once fully on board Esther’s escapade, quickly changes allegiance when he sees his younger brother in the midst of the recruits.

With the help of Hayley, Aiden approaches Elijah and pleads for help. Not wanting kids to go to war, Marcel and Elijah agree to help the children escape. While the plan mostly works with the kids safe and sound, it seems it was also a trap. The kids were in fact bait.13 Elijah staked

After Elijah and Oliver kill a group of werewolves, Finn and Esther capture Elijah saying it was their plan all along.


5 Davina and Michael

Hiding away at a cabin, Davina asks Mikael to teach her how to be strong. Their brief sessions lead to one important lesson: “The ability to endure pain is the warrior’s true weapon. Master that and nothing holds power over you.”

Meanwhile, Elijah continues to teach similar lessons (with a little more kindness) to the new vampire Gia. These two and their undeniable chemistry spell trouble for the Hayley and Elijah romance.

7 Gia and Elijah 8 Hayley sees

As Gia reaches her hand in to grab Elijah’s heart (to practice making a kill), the two are so close that when Hayley enters it’s hard not to feel the awkwardness.


klaus and cami beer

As for Cami, she opens up to Finn in a therapy session about her attraction to the wrong kind of guy which she claims to be a “tale as old as time.” This “beauty’s” problem is that she finds herself often drawn to “beasts.” She reveals in a roundabout way that the guys she’s interested in are Marcel and Klaus (though her feelings for the latter prove to be more intense and deep). So how long before Finn and Esther use Cami as a means to harm Klaus?

Later, Klaus finds Camille in the streets of New Orleans talking on the phone to Davina. He listens in on her phone conversation to figure out where Davina’s hiding. But instead of running off to go after Davina right away, he stops to let Cami know he’s there. She joins him on his mission to keep Davina safe, while Klaus allows it because he obviously likes having Cami around.

On the way to Davina’s cabin they make a stop at a bar, where Camille tries to get Klaus to open up. She confesses:

“I know why I’m here. To give you the one thing you’ve never had, someone to hear your side.”

His bit of silence only works to confirm her suspicions. The two then have a conversation about his “side” as she pleads with Klaus to find a purpose other than revenge. She reminds him that there is good in the world and holds onto his hand as she asks him to ask her to dance.

dance 7

The two then dance in a very romantic way and almost share a kiss. But he leaves her behind before anything happens. It seems this Beauty is trying to save the Beast, or at least help him learn how to save himself.


14 Klaus fight

Once Kol releases Mikael from the control of Davina with a spell, therefore ensuring his own survival, Klaus and Mikael battle each other in a fight much more epic than the one seen on The Vampire Diaries. Without a plan or even hybrids to work as a shield, Klaus has to face his father one on one in a fair fight. Proving he’s a better fighter, Klaus bests his father by stabbing him with the “mystical knife” of torment. But with Cami’s voice in his head about having purpose, he decides not to dagger his father and instead leaves him to his torment.

15 Klaus and Cami hug 16 Klaus and Cami hug 2

Klaus, showing unusual compassion, also makes a promise to Cami to not harm Davina. They embrace in a hug.


17 Josh and Aiden

In the beginning of the episode, Josh admits to Marcel that there’s a guy he really likes, but he’s afraid to take it anywhere because he’s a vampire. And as it turns out, in a twist revealed near the end, the guy he’s been talking to is actually werewolf Aiden. They meet together at a bar both just wanting to be themselves. Something tells me the promise of a star-crossed romance between these two will only get more interesting as the war between vampires and wolves continues to escalate.


20 Elijah and Esther end

Proving he’s the ultimate “warrior,” Mikael moves past the pain and removes the mystical knife of torment, freeing himself from Klaus’s grasp.

Meanwhile, Elijah wakes up in chains with his mother staring back. “What do you want,” Elijah asks. She reveals that she wants them to be a family again, but first he must be purified. Smells like trouble.


tale as old as time

“I’m attracted to the wrong kind of guy. I know. Tale as old as time.”

(Cami admits to Finn in a therapy session, further clueing the audience in on the developing Beauty and the Beast relationship between her and Klaus.)


“Given your progress, I’d say indefinitely.”

Esther (as Lenore) adding a bit of snark to her conversation with Kol (as well as hurting his ego) when he asks how long Davina can possibly resist his face.

devout feminist

“As a devout feminist, I refuse to say that you hit like a girl.”

(Elijah announces during a training session with Gia.)


This week, The Originals had romantic moments in abundance, so it was difficult to narrow to just one. Kol and Davina get closer, Josh begins a star-crossed romance with werewolf Aiden and then for my standout romantic moment, Klaus and Camille share a dance. Loving Beauty and the Beast type stories, I was immediately drawn into the moment between these two. Earlier in the episode, Cami alludes to her feelings for Klaus and calls her problem a “tale as old as time.” Heavy on the Beauty and the Beast archetype, it will be interesting to see how this relationship develops.

What makes the Klaus/Cami relationship work is the fact that is steeped in familiar fairy tales and folklore. Also, could there be a better profession than therapist given to the “Beauty” role?

As far as the moment, Cami and Klaus sit down over a beer as she listens to “his side” of the story. Cami tries to open his eyes about the beauty of the world. She knows what he’s fighting against (his mother and father) but what is he fighting for? This question surprises Klaus, drawing him closer emotionally to Camille.

“There’s more to life than the pain that they made you feel. A cold beer, a slow song, a good friend. There are good things, Klaus.”

Klaus and Cami hold hands 2

Cami takes his hand as the music plays. To him, of course, she is the “good thing.”

“And you need to see that too,” she reminds Klaus.

They pull in together for a dance – the mood of the scene enhanced by the music’s lyrics: “Every time the sun comes up I’m in trouble.”

dance 4 dance 7 dance 9

As they continue to dance Cami tells Klaus: “There’s no real peace in revenge.” They then grow closer and lean in for what seems like an almost kiss.

dance 11 dance 12

And just as you think she’s convincing him to let go of revenge, he spins her on the dance floor only to superspeed away leaving her alone. But one suspects these two are only going to grow closer in future episodes.


What exactly does Esther plan to do to purify Elijah? Let’s hope he doesn’t turn into pod Elijah, because let’s face it: Elijah with a different personality would be horrible.

Also, I personally can’t wait to see the reunion between Mikael and Esther. This has to happen, right? They have so much history it would be fascinating to see them interact on screen.

What did you think of “Live and Let Die?” What theories do you have brewing?

Stay tuned for when I recap the next episode “Red Door.”

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