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When Calls the Heart, Season Three: A Gentle Heart Recap – Acts of Kindness

When Calls the Heart S3 E5 EDIT (Rosemary and Lee Dance) A Gentle Heart Recap

A Gentle Heart Recap

As is its platform, the fourth episode of Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart, “A Gentle Heart,” took last night’s time slot to set about challenging its viewer in a very realistic and sincere way. Using Elizabeth’s job as a teacher, they wove in some simple life principles each of us can learn from.

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First, there is a new mystery developing in Hope Valley…

Business as Usual?

Under protests from busybody Rosemary, Lee heads back to the office following his injury. After some fussing, the woman leaves Lee to his work, which may present more challenges than he’d like. Updating him on the work at the sawmill in his absence is Lee’s new employee, Wade (who also happens to be Elizabeth’s handsome neighbor). He learns there have been broken wagons and clients have dropped their orders. Unfortunately, Lee realizes extra hands will be required to put things to rights.

Bill believes all of the things happening at the sawmill (which Hope Valley “lives and dies by”) is more than a little suspicious. Looking into the “accidents,” he uncovers equipment was purposely sabotaged. But why?

Faith’s Choice

 (Jack Faith and Elizabeth) A Gentle Heart Recap

Last we saw Nurse Faith Carter, she was distressed over the contents of a letter. She’s ready to confide in Jack about what was inside that letter. Despite Faith’s good work and invaluable input in helping to set up a medical center, her fiancé is ready to have her back in Union City. In fact, he’s so determined to see her return to wedding planning he arrives in Hope Valley to escort her home. Faith feels conflicted about the pressure Peter has placed on her. She loves him, she tells Jack, but she also isn’t ready to give up her work as he expects. This forces her to examine her heart and makes a choice between two different futures.

A Week of Kindness

Inspired by the arrival of a new student, Elizabeth assigns her students a class project. They’re to take part in a week of kindness. Her new student, Hattie, is a transplant from Hamilton who has more to her than a snotty rich girl attitude. Beneath her uppity manners, she’s a young girl reeling from a recent loss. As Elizabeth tries to reach her, she is thwarted at every turn until she learns Hattie isn’t who she pretends to be.

When Calls the Heart S3 E5 (Elizabeth and Cody) A Gentle Heart Recap

As she struggles to break through her protective shell, Elizabeth enlists the help of Rosemary. Naturally, the flamboyant Rosemary has ideas. Her latest is hosting a dance for the children in the hopes it will inspire friendships. Though the journey there is rocky, this does indeed result in the desired effect the women hoped for and in time, Hattie doesn’t make friends.

When Calls the Heart S3 E5 EDIT (Jack and Elizabeth Dance) A Gentle Heart Recap

The episode closes with the dance where Hattie (previously having been unkind to him) asks Cody to dance. Naturally the charm of the night isn’t lost on the adults who also enjoy the evening of dancing. Jack and Elizabeth, Lee and Rosemary and Frank and Abigail enjoy the strains of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” while dancing.

When Calls the Heart S3 E5 EDIT (Abigail and Frank Dance) A Gentle Heart Recap

Hope Valley Happenings:

+ Bill asks widow Dottie Ramsey to dinner to celebrate her birthday and of course, as part owner of the café, he even cooks. Naturally, he claims they are merely friends while Abigail doesn’t buy this flimsy attempt at an excuse.
+Meanwhile, settlers arrive in Hope Valley. Abigail and Frank make every effort to help them with supplies and food, but their plight goes from decent to worse when their landlord, Mayor Gowen enforces a higher rent.
+ Jesse makes his intentions to Clara clear; he hopes someday she’ll be his girl.

What’d you think about last night’s episode, A Gentle Heart? Did you like it? What are you most hoping to see happen in this third season?

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