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Typing Fictional Characters – Anne of Green Gables

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It’s been awhile since I took the time to try and type some fictional characters. And since I already started typing the Anne of Green Gables/Anne of Avonlea characters, I thought I’d go ahead and type the rest of the main players (I may return in the future to type some of the secondary characters). I decided mainly to focus on the film version by Kevin Sullivan, but having also read the books it’s likely the types are still the same.

If you’d like the description of the 16 different types you can read them from the Myers Briggs Foundation.

For the official professional test, go to www.mbtionline.com.

So here goes:

Anne Shirley: INFP – The Idealist


Proof that not all INFP’s are quiet, Anne lives more inside her own dream world than out; she’s imaginative, intelligent and always looks for the best in each person she comes across (you know, unless they’ve personally insulted her). Anne is a dreamer who makes the best of every situation even when there doesn’t seem to be much hope. So while Anne puts on a happy face to the world, she often finds herself in the depths of despair where she struggles with loneliness. And while she can talk your ear off, she does need time for inner reflection so she can recharge. Anne is loyal, hot tempered and the most idealistic kindred spirit you’ll ever meet.

Marilla Cuthbert: ISTJ – The Duty Fulfiller


Marilla is the ultimate duty fulfiller. She respects tradition and is keen to keep all traditions in place with a sensible spirit to boot. While it’s hard for her to express her feelings, her emotions are a deep well filled to brimming. She is loyal and caring to everyone she loves even if she can be a strict disciplinarian. From Anne to her brother Matthew and even to her best friend Rachel Lynde, Marilla is always there for everyone. Serious and logical, she does however have a romantic side and a similar temperament to Anne as well as a surprisingly funny sarcastic tone to everything she says.

 Matthew Cuthbert: ISFJ – The Nurturer

matthew 3

Matthew is quiet, loyal and very caring. He likes to be in the background and finds having conversations with anyone (except for Marilla and Anne) to be a little difficult. However, he has the biggest heart anyone could ever find in a human being, spoiling Anne to her heart’s content. He’s perceptive of other’s needs and always does his best to provide and make people happy. Like his sister, he also respects traditions and security, but in a more feeling way.

 Gilbert Blythe: ENTP – The Visionary


Gilbert loves to debate and is very quick-witted. There’s nothing that gives him a greater thrill than winning an argument. On top of that, Gilbert is very creative, impassioned and popular. He can easily be the life of the party with his amiable personality and clever remarks. Sometimes he can be too logical in his debates, however, which can offend someone with a more feeling personality. That all said he’s a romantic at heart. When he falls in love with Anne as a teenager, it’s for forever.

 Diana Barry: ISFJ – The Nurturer


Diana is the best friend you could ever have. She’s incredibly loyal, caring and thoughtful. While not as imaginative or goal oriented as Anne, Diana does have her own set of dreams. She dreams of being a good wife and mother. She falls in love and marries a sensible man, despite Anne’s protestations that Fred isn’t Anne’s idea of Diana’s romantic ideal. Diana is happy to let Anne take the limelight and finds ways to help support her friend in every way possible, including entering her into a writing competition without her permission.

 Rachel Lynde: ESFJ – The Caregiver


Rachel Lynde’s responsibilities are incredibly important to her. She’s good at taking care of others and lets everyone know it. A wife, mother, friend and town gossip, she tells everyone exactly what is on her mind. So, on the surface one might think Rachel is a little bit more of a Thinker; but despite her practical claims, she relies much more heavily on her feelings. Unable to take criticism well, she has an explosive temper and easily gets her feelings hurt. While she can dish out the criticism, she herself doesn’t take it well in return. Rachel also respects tradition, making every event she’s in charge of the best ever. She’s controlling and hypercritical, but she also has a big heart.

Agree? Disagree? How would you type the characters of Anne of Green Gables? Let me know in the comments!

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I attempt to type fictional characters using the Myers Briggs Assessment. I base my choices on research and all around educated guessing (being the amateur I am). It’s all in good fun and I love a good discussion, so if you agree or disagree with my choices let me know!



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38 thoughts on “Typing Fictional Characters – Anne of Green Gables”

  1. I agree mostly with this. But Matthew never struck me as a J. I had always thought that he was an ISFP. Js tend to be set in their ways, and to me, Matthew seemed too relaxed about things (especially when it came to the upbringing of Anne) to be a J.

    • Thanks! Fair enough. 🙂 I’m not an expert, but rather research for fun! That all said, from all the research I’ve done typing as E vs I or P vs J for instance doesn’t always work. It comes down to cognitive functions. Based on cognitive functions, Matthew strikes me more as an ISFJ than an ISFP. The dominant function of an ISFJ is introverted sensing which is all about protecting the familiar, whereas an ISFP’s dominant function is introverted feeling. Plus ISFP’s tend to have a more artistic side while ISFJ’s are more traditional. It’s why I felt ultimately he fit more closely with the ISFJ. But it’s just my opinion. I could be wrong! 🙂

      • Well, I’ve read others on the subject, and I feel yours is far more accurate than the others I’ve read. I’m no expert, either, but unlike the others I have read (which I disagreed with half of them!) I only disagreed on Matthew, but I see where you’re coming from. He could very well be a very laidback J, or he could be an unartistic P (like me!).

        • Well thank you!. 🙂 Yes, typing is hard especially since people can’t really be put into a box; or at least I don’t think so. I like to look at Myers Briggs as a tool or something that gives an “idea,” but I certainly don’t think it’s an exact science. And it’s definitely all up for interpretation, especially with fictional characters. And I also think there can definitely be many different types of people within one personality type!

    • I used to think ISFP too, but I can’t see any SP being content living life in the same place, doing the same thing day in and day out for a lifetime. Matthew’s not only content with this; he prefers it.

  2. Wow, when people on the Internet are let loose to type people, it’s always a ridiculous mess. This is actually good! The only one I’m unsure of is Gilbert. I’ve always seen him more as an ESTP.

    • Thank you! Yes, I debated ENTP vs ESTP. Ultimately through research though I felt he fit better into the ENTP particularly because I think he’s very intuitive. Plus I tend to think of the ESTP as the “Jack Bauer” type! Again, this is all conjecture of course and I could be wrong. 🙂

      • And, from what I remember from the books, Gilbert was somewhat of an intellectual, talking about things that mattered, than of trivial things, which is more of an N trait than an S trait. I figured he was an NTP, just couldn’t figure out I or E. But reading this, Amber, the E fits.

  3. I’ve thought about and discussed this one at length. I agree with most of these, including Matthew. However, there is an argument for ESTP for Gilbert, and I think that Anne is an ENFP, not an INFP.

    But, still, really good job. It was cool to see this.

      • No, because she is outgoing, social, assertive… and, above all, primarily driven by imagination. This is more indicative of ENFP than INFP. It’s less that she has a ‘rich inner world’, than that she filters the outer world through her imagination. This is Ne, which I would argue she is more than she is Fi.
        Anyway, it doesn’t matter. There is not much difference between most ENFPs and most INFPs anyway. ENFPs are usually just somewhat more social/expressive INFPs and INFPs are usually just somewhat more reserved/serious ENFPs.

      • Extraverts can have inner worlds, too. Then again, are you talking about movies or books? In the books, after Joyce dies, Anne notes how she is afraid of being alone. This is not a sign of an introvert. Anne is definitely an ENFP.

    • I agree with Amber and Marisa, that Anne is an Introvert. While she was very talkative as a child (as was I, and I’m a huge introvert), she had a rich inner world, as Marisa pointed out. She lived a lot in her head, and if she wasn’t doing chores or with Diana or Gilbert, she was by herself. While she had a lot of friends, there were only a few she kept close to her; the Kindred Spirits, she called them. Now, Ruby Gillis, she would be an E!

      • I Agree.
        As an INFP myself, I can definitely identify with Anne, we’re so much alike it’s almost creepy
        Your right, INFP’s do have a talkative side (hence the most E of the I personalities), However, we enjoy some solitude and keep a close circle of friends. Also, notice that as she gets older she seems quieter and more reserved?

        Anyway, personally, I’m 100% sure she’s an INFP.

    • Thank you! I appreciate it, especially since it’s all in good fun. 🙂 However, I will stick to my guns. I really do think Anne is classic INFP. Just because someone is an “I” doesn’t mean they can’t talk a lot or even be outgoing. I realy think it comes down to the functions. Anne is more inside her own head than out. Plus going with the cognitive functions, I really don’t think Anne’s dominant function is extraverted intuition which is what an ENFP is. Plus, looking at her temperament she’s got the classic INFP vomit mouth that spews out when personally criticized!

      • Speaking from functions, it is a balance of perception (in this case, perception of the world through the lens of imaginative intuition), and judgment (moral consternation, detached from input and abstracted). So, is Anne more an imaginer, or a moral ruminator? An Ne or an Fi? “Living in her head” is a tricky thing, because does it mean she is stuck in her head morally ruminating.. or stuck in her imagination, filtering the world through it? If the former, Fi and thus INFP… if the latter, Ne, and thus ENFP.
        Also, it’s been said that the films portray her more focused on extraverted imagination than introverted ethical rumination, than do the books.

      • Hi, I watched movie and I felt similar as Anne. In fact, my mom said that she could see Anne in me. Later, I found out more about myself and took the personality test and the result INFP. As I read more about INFP and some other personality, I felt that INFP is 100% fits me. I even send two closest friends of mine and they said it sounds so much like me. That’s when I found out through personality test for fictional character is Anne, Anne the Green Gables, I was like, “no wonder!” So I tends to be talkative when I am closest with my friends. I can be outgoing but my dominate is still Introvert.

        Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  4. It makes so much more sense to me that Anne would be INFP than ENFP. It really does. She lives in her head too much to be E, I think, and she often has moments of needing to be alone to think and recharge. Plus I think she’s more aware of her own feelings first, which typically the E function in ENFP means being more aware of others’ feelings first. It amuses me when people think INFP means quiet all the time, I know several who are anything but. And Gilbert I would totally put as ENTP, they have a way of pulling out things from us INFP’s few other types can. It describes him far better than ISFJ, which I’ve heard him typed before.

    • I completely agree! I’m most likely an INFP myself and I can talk people’s ears off. 🙂 Anne needs time to recharge. Plus, people tend to confuse being introverted with being silent! It’s just not true. And yeah, I really believe Gilbert is an ENTP as well. I’d never heard the ISFJ one for Gilbert. That’s just odd as I don’t see him as that type at all! Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.

  5. Wow! I’m so glad I found this post (posted two years ago too!)! I’m currently re-watching the entire Anne of Green Gables series again, and am in a crazy ‘Anne fan-girling’ mood. I love reading about all the MBTI types and just finished reading through all of these comment! It made me overjoyed to see you put Anne as an INFP (probably because I myself am an INFP. Hahaha!). I can see where a lot of people are coming from though when they say that Anne is Extroverted, because sometimes I, too, think that she has more ‘E’ than ‘I’. But I absolutely understand where you’re coming from and will say, too, that she is an INFP because it makes me extremely happy. 🙂

  6. I could totally see an argument for either one, and I think that the book/movies/miniseries portray her differently based on the actress who plays her. In the new Netflix show she really seems like an INFP and truly lives in her own world, but in the older movies she seems very much an ENFP and seems much more extroverted in general. I think she is meant to be an INFP in the books and ultimately I think is an INFP (because L.M.M. created her character in the book first) but Meagan Follows is an extrovert and I think pulled some of that into her character in the Canadian films. I would argue if I had seen only the 1985 film with Meagan and not read the books that she was absolutely an ENFP based on her character in those films. Honestly, I think that’s why there is so much debate.

  7. Love it! Personally I would change Anne to ENFP and potentially Matthew Cuthbert to ISFP (not as confident about that one)… My justification for Anne is that INFPs are simply not able to display the kind of confrontational ability Anne has… We would much sooner suck it up in the moment and work things out slowly in a quieter way …


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