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Romantic Moment of the Week: Hayley and Elijah’s First Kiss

kiss scene 18THE SHOW: The Originals

THE PAIRING: Elijah Mikaelson (Daniel Gillies) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin)

THE EPISODE: “A Closer Walk With Thee” – (aired April 29, 2014)

THE MOMENT: After Elijah almost loses Hayley he confesses that he’s never been that frightened in a thousand years. They then share their first kiss.

After an entire season of build up, Elijah and Hayley on The Originals finally shared a kiss in a tender, earned moment filled with chemistry and some of the strongest synergy I’ve seen on screen in a while. I know I’ve already written about Elijah and Hayley in a romantic moment before (see Romantic Moment of the Week: Elijah and Hayley), but I felt I’d be remiss if I ignored the follow through of this star-crossed romance in what was a beautiful, quiet scene filled with passion and longing.

Before I get to the actual scene, it’s important to discuss what lead up to that moment. When Hayley is attacked by a witch who wants her baby dead, she collapses to the ground lying almost instantly on the verge of death.

Elijah carries Hayley to his home, where another witch Genevieve works to save Hayley and the baby with a spell. Hayley seems to be in a trance without a heartbeat and not much chance of survival.

Elijah carries Hayley hayley dying

This proves to be too much for Elijah who clearly loves Hayley.  In a rage, Elijah throws a chair against the wall smashing it into pieces.

elijah breaks chair

Klaus, also upset, is more scared for his unborn baby than the mother.

“I won’t lose that baby,” Klaus announces. Elijah responds saying, “I won’t lose either of them.”

won't lose either of them

In that moment you can see in Klaus’s eyes his understanding of how much his brother loves Hayley and he’s almost sympathetic.

Thankfully, Genevieve’s spell works and Hayley wakes up, leaving Elijah relieved and grateful; though also worried since Hayley reveals that while she was in her trance, their father Michael tried to kill her.

hayley wakes up hayley saw michael

It is this scene which then brings us later to our romantic moment. Hayley has returned back to stay with Klaus and Elijah because she feels that’s the safest place for her and her baby. She begins the scene by staring out the window of her room.

kiss scene 1

Elijah enters and lovingly watches her stare out the window. She turns to look at him briefly, but turns back around. Hayley makes light of almost dying and jokingly says “If I died and someone threw a party I would be so pissed.”

kiss scene 2 kiss scene 3

Elijah walks up close behind Hayley as they both stare outside.

kiss scene 5

“You almost did.” Elijah quietly points out, tears threatening to appear. In between thoughtful pauses, he continues, “In a thousand years I can’t recall a time I felt so frightened.”

kiss scene 6 kiss scene 8 frightened kiss scene 9

At first, Hayley says nothing. It is a soft declaration of his feelings, but more powerful than saying “I love you,” or “I want to be with you.” In a thousand years she has quickly become the most important thing to him in his entire existence.

Elijah begins to leave, walking out of the room, but Hayley stops him.

kiss scene 11


He turns to look at her. She has a determined look on her face. He knows what she’s going to do. You, as an audience member know what she’s going to do. And then she does it.

kiss scene 12 kiss scene 13 kiss scene 14

She runs over to Elijah and kisses him. This isn’t a lustful kiss, but rather one of built up emotion and unexpressed feelings. It’s filled with love and passion and only lasts for a few seconds.

kiss scene 15 kiss scene 16 kiss scene 17

They pull away from each other with Elijah looking at Hayley with intense feeling. He then rushes out of the room with his vampiric super speed before she even opens her eyes.

kiss scene 20 kiss scene 21

When Hayley does open her eyes she sees that he is gone. But she knows that it’s just the beginning and smiles happily to herself.

kiss scene 22 kiss scene 23 kiss scene 24

It will be interesting to see where this relationship goes next.


What did you think of Hayley and Elijah’s first kiss? Was it the perfect moment, or do you think their first kiss was too soon?


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