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Romantic Moment of the Week: Klaus and Camille

Klaus and Camille Photo: CW
Klaus and Camille
Photo: CW

THE TV SHOW: The Originals

THE EPISODE: “An Unblinking Death” (aired April 22, 2014)

THE PAIRING: Klaus Michaelson (Joseph Morgan) and Camille O’Connell (Leah Pipes)

THE MOMENT:  Klaus arrives in time to save Camille from her hexed uncle and then selflessly allows Marcel back to give her comfort.

I know I risk huge swarms of wrath coming my way thanks to my ‘controversial’ choice for romantic moment this week, but I can’t say that bothers me very much. Certainly, in the past weeks, I have come to truly appreciate the character of Camille (though I think I was one of the few who loved her from the beginning) and her relationship with Klaus. Is it friendship? Is it more than friendship? Too early to tell but thanks to the past couple of episodes, I’m starting to get a romantic vibe and I admit that I love their journey, more so than all of the romantic journeys from The Vampire Diaries family thus far. Something just feels particularly authentic about it; something unconnected to shipping and everything to do with believable chemistry, good characterization, and an engaging story.

klaus and Cami promotional image

Even when she saw the evil in Klaus, she still had empathy for the monster he became.

While Klaus and Camille’s relationship started rocky (thanks to Klaus compelling Cami for the first half of the season), a trust started to build between the two. Why? Cami didn’t fear telling Klaus what she thought about, well…everything. He liked her honesty, her goodness. Even when she saw the evil in Klaus, she still had empathy for the monster he became. Cami doesn’t judge even though that doesn’t prevent her from telling the truth, telling Klaus the truth. Camile has a backbone AND empathy, an interesting combination that echoes back to the archetype of the ‘Beauty’ character in Beauty and the Beast type tales (having her studying to be a psychiatrist works wonderfully). Even Camille’s metaphorical captivity by Klaus is reminiscent of this tale type. While I also enjoyed Klaus and Caroline and several fans made comparisons to Beauty and the Beast, Caroline never actually had much empathy for Klaus, rather disdain for her own physical attraction for the villain that caused so much hurt in her small circle of friends. Klaus and Caroline never were meant to be this tale because they never could be together (at least not in this century). Klaus and Cami on the other hand? The tale has already begun.

Having Camille dress up as an angel reveals how much early on the writers were aware of the role she played (i.e. Beauty).
Having Camille dress up as an angel reveals how much early on the writers were aware of the role she played (i.e. Beauty).

Aside from their connection, Cami will also do anything for family, especially after learning the terrible truth about her twin brother who went on a murderous rampage all thanks to a witch’s curse that ended in his death. Now that her only family, her Uncle Kieran, is also cursed, what will Cami do to save him? That of course, is what the latest Originals episode was mostly about: the attempt to save and later say goodbye to the last of her family.

Reaching the end of her wits, Camille has one last shining idea: shock therapy. Maybe she can shock the curse out of Kieran and bring him back to sanity, to the good man and priest he was. With a call from Marcel (another vampire who seems to be kind of seeing Cami at the moment), Klaus arrives on the scene to dissuade Cami from causing her Uncle pain before he dies. She can’t be persuaded (she definitely has her own mind) and goes through with it.

shock therapy

The plan, however, doesn’t work. Kieran is dying, forcing Klaus to turn the tables and be the one to show kindness and empathy in return for Camille’s own past kindness to him.

klaus empathy shock therapy

With no hope, there’s nothing left to do except as Klaus says, to “let go.” When Kieran goes into cardiac arrest, Klaus massages his heart but even that won’t save him. Camille has run out of time…or so it seems, Cami pulling a total Beth (Moonlight fans know what I’m talking about), asking Klaus to give Kieran his blood, to save him by turning him into a vampire. “Do it,” she says and unlike the nobler Mick, Klaus acquiesces to her request. He does it for her.

camille asks Klaus to turn kieran cami asks klaus one cami asks klaus two cami asks klaus three

Kieran being a priest however, would never actually go through with being a vampire. That’s not what turning him was about. No, as Klaus tells Cami:

KLAUS: Turning him wasn’t the goal; it was to give you a chance to say goodbye.

turning him one wasn't the goal one wasn't the goal two

Cami then asks Klaus to stay, and Klaus knowing that he has other business with Hayley and the werewolves, chooses to remain with Cami as a form of comfort.

cami asks klaus to stay

“Of course,” he says with a consoling smile and voice, bringing the two even closer.

of course smile one of course smile two

This is an important moment because it reveals that when it came time for Klaus to choose between Haley (and the baby by extension) and Cami, he chose Cami.

When Kieran awakes, it does seem to have worked, giving Camille time to say goodbye thanks to Klaus’s rare kindness. Thinking it okay, Klaus leaves because he has business with a witch. But leaving Cami alone turns out to be a horrible idea as the hex returns tenfold except this time Kieran is a vampire. Not to mention, that since he died he is no longer compelled to stay in the “protected” room because the boundary spell is now broken.

kieran turned psycho

He wants blood, Cami’s blood, aiming to kill the one he holds most dear. Klaus learns the truth in horror, thus beginning my choice for the romantic moment of the week:

truth in horror

Cami sits alone in the church mourning what she assumes to be the loss of her uncle. But not for long as Kieran suddenly appears to attack her and then drinks her blood on a knife. Bravely, she attempts to escape her now crazed uncle by jumping off a ledge.

cami jumps off ledge

But because she has no hope against the speed of a vampire, Kieran easily picks her up and throws her across the room. And just when he is about to kill Cami, Klaus appears just in time to save her.

about to kill her klaus saves her klaus saves her two Klaus saves her three

Once again, it feels like a call back to ANOTHER Moonlight scene (definitely not complaining and for those curious watch the ‘save’ in episode 4, “Fever”) as Klaus saves the girl, she looking up at him in awe.

Klaus, doing the opposite of what he did to Camille for much of the show, asks her permission to kill her uncle. He gives her a choice, Cami now in complete control of her free will. Klaus mercifully ends Kieran on Cami’s say so and Cami collapses from her ordeal.

Cami collapses

But the romantic moment doesn’t end with the epic save; it ends on Klaus’s selflessness, a trait typically unknown to this Byronic vampire. He calls Marcel, his enemy that he banished from New Orleans, to allow him to come back for Cami because she needs him.

calls Marcel

He once again, does it all for her, all while holding her in his arms.

klaus holds cami two klaus holds cami 3 klaus holds cami 4

MARCEL: Why are you doing this?

KLAUS: She woke in the dark. Not knowing where she was.

woke in the dark not knowing where she was

Klaus walks to the door, his reflection in the mirror (a common visual for our archetypal beasts in the Beauty and the Beast tale type because of their hate for their reflections).

not knowing where she was mirror

KLAUS: Or who was watching over her.

marcel at the door

Marcel stands at the door and Klaus lets him in: “It was your name she called.”

cami looks at marcel name she called

“And if you can grant her comfort….” Marcel comforts Cami as Klaus observes in silence.

grant her comfort grant her comfort 2 klaus watches

“So be it,” Klaus finishes, leaving Marcel and Cami together, while he the Beast is still alone.

so be it one

What did you think of this episode? Coming around to Klaus and Cami? Enjoying their story at least? Sound off in the comments…

Photo Credits: CW



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23 thoughts on “Romantic Moment of the Week: Klaus and Camille”

  1. Coming around to Klaus and Cami, yes. And I also agree that Camille has more genuine empathy for Klaus than Caroline does in the Klaus and Caroline situation. But I would also go further and postulate that the Cami and Klaus pairing is a kind of redux of Caroline and Klaus, only this time the Cami/Caroline character is more evolved. Cami is how Caroline would be after a century. I’m thinking the writers realized they had a good formula with Klaus and Caroline, and an intriguing triangle with Klaus and Caroline and Tyler; the monster who has patience and empathy for the kind hearted girl, even when she prefers another man over the monster. It seems like they’re duplicating that triangle here with Klaus, Cami, and Marcel. It works!

    • I admit, I personally liked Cami from the start! Anyway, I think you make great points. No doubt, the Klaus and Caroline relationship feels like a precursor to the Cami/Klaus one. I think it will be a better triangle though since Cami really does fit into the beauty character much better than Caroline ever could. With a new character the writers have more freedom to dip into the history of the Beauty and the Beast archetype and make the comparison even stronger and more apparent. It will be interesting to see where they take the relationship next.

  2. I’m sorry, but Cami just bores me to no end. I don’t see any chemistry between Klaus and Cami at all. Their scenes are always very forced and I’m still not sure why he’s so interested in her. The show has had 19 episodes to make her interesting and they’ve failed completely. 1×19 was one of the most boring episodes I’ve seen to date. I’m sorry, but Cami is just irrelevant to me.

    • Hmmm. Sorry you feel that way. But I see the opposite. Their scenes do not feel forced at all. I think he is interested in Cami because she isn’t afraid to stand up to him. Not only that, there’s a goodness in her that sees beneath his monstrosities. He likes her for the same reason any “beast” likes a “beauty” type character. She makes him better. Plus, she’s someone he can open up and bare his entire soul to. But of course you’re free to be bored by her character. Certainly there are characters on shows who bore me. I am aware, however, that not everyone agrees with me. And that’s fine.

      That said, I personally don’t find Cami boring at all. Just because you think the writers have failed, don’t mean they actually have. Plus, just because there’s a loud outrage against her character online, doesn’t mean that’s how the majority of the audience actually feels. It’s hard to say at this point how people really feel. The same thing happened with Jo on Supernatural. The fans threw a fit over her character without objectively looking at her qualities as a character. Unfortunately, the writers gave into fan pandering and took her off the show. Eventually, she was brought back letting her go out in a blaze of glory. She was actually well liked by many fans but they had been drowned out by the louder ones. We’ll never know all the great stories Jo could have had as a character had Kripke not listened to the worries of a fleeting moment.

      I feel the same way with Cami. Is the audience really viewing her objectively as a character? Most comments against her I’ve seen complain about her looks (which is absurd), complain about how she’s interfering with the Klaus/Caroline relationship, etc…But when one actually looks at her as a character she’s flawed, brave, empathetic, she knows her own mind. I love that she’s a twin (I’m a twin) who will do anything for her family. She knows in her heart what’s true and follows it. She has so much strength that she is able to overcome Klaus compelling her. In all, the most important part of her character is that she is three dimensional. Personally, I find her to be a similar character to many of the “Beauty” type characters who have come before. So why does the audience particularly hate this Beauty? It doesn’t seem objective to me. But I guess people will like what they like. That’s fair. Somehow I think though that more and more Cami fans are going to appear out of the woodwork in the near future.

      • I never liked Beauty and the Beast maybe that’s why the Klaus/Caroline and Klaus/Cami pairing annoys me. I find it insulting and quite sad. This damaged character who hates himself more than anything is attracted to these woman, based on his own low self esteem and need to feel accepted by people who he deems as good. He worships and values them so much because he doesn’t value himself. He needs their love and acceptance to make himself feel better, and I find that very sad and not romantic at all.

        Maybe the show will throw us for a loop and have Klaus’s redemption be him finally realizing on his own that he deserves to be loved and that yes he is not the monster his father made him believe he was. He is grey and makes bad choices, but he has a good heart. That he isn’t a monster.

        This actually reminds me of Hayley in a way. She’s a damaged character who more than anything wants to be loved because she does not love herself and always grew up thinking she was worth nothing and would never be anything. So she became darker more twisted, selfish, and all the while and looking for someone to love her and accept her. Hence her quest to find her family. Much like Klaus with his quest to find hybrids.

        The Hayley/Elijah relationship (although badly developed) is true to her character. Hayley is a girl with low self esteem and abandonment issues, she craves love more than anything, but unlike Klaus who runs from love, Hayley runs to it.

        “When you are uncomfortable with and unaccepting of yourself, it is difficult to believe that others can really love you. Feeling flawed, you either distance yourself from others or do whatever you can to create a connection. If you choose the latter, you often hide your real self and present what you think others want. Sometimes your ability to see the other person clearly also suffers; you overlook flaws and inflate positive traits. And, you do it all for the reward of feeling loved. Needless to say, this does not bode well for making an honest connection and building a healthy, intimate relationship.”
        This is a quote I read on Tumblr and it got me thinking.

        Hayley herself is a very damaged individual. Very broken. She feels she is of no worth and does not accept herself for who she truly is. Which is not a evil person or undeserving of being loved. Her relationship with Elijah is very much her running to him and hiding her real self and inflating his positives. Elijah is by means “noble”, yet her she is enamored by him. Worships him in a way, as the good noble man she has tricked herself into believing he is. She overlooks his flaws and and inflates his positives.
        All because she wants to feel loved. We hear her even respond when Klaus ask her why she was so enamored by him, and she responds to him. “Because he was kind to me”
        That response when I first heard irked me in a way, and I hadn’t realized why until about a week ago.
        Hayley was this enamored by Elijah, this basically in love with Elijah because he was the first person to ever make her feel like she mattered, and I found that very sad instead of romantic.
        The fact that their relationship was so rushed makes sense to me now. She was enamored by a man who she wanted because having him love her or care for her gave her worth to herself, and then I went back and read your piece and I realized OMG she’s Klaus.
        Then I understood why I couldn’t stomach Klaus/Cami scenes or Klaus/Caroline scenes or Hayley/Elijah scenes.
        Or really even Elena/Damon scenes (although this is different in a way), its because their love stories are based off of one character hating themselves and being so self loathing that they place value on themselves based on how others think and feel about them.
        I’m sorry but I can’t root for pairing like that. There is not one pairing on the Originals that I root for. It’s all just sad to me, and not romantic at all.

  3. I like Cami in her scenes with the other characters; with Klaus it is just an imitation of Caroline and Klaus, which is really very sad that they would have to do that. I understand that you like this but I just don’t think there’s really anything there but that the writers are forcing Klaus into that situation, it doesn’t really seem natural. Then again the Klaus in The Originals is different then Klaus in Vampire Diaries; I haven’t enjoyed the shadow of the character.

    I don’t think that you should have to copy another relationship just to do so…using the Klaus/Caroline storyline to give ‘something real’ in The Originals seems more like a fake one.

    • I disagree. If Cami and Klaus is “just” an imitation of Klaus and Caroline then just about every relationship or triangle on The Originals or The Vampire Diaries is an imitation of one that came before. The majority of them dip into the beauty/beast archetype or animal bridegroom folktales and have similarities to each other. Was Klaus and Caroline not meant to also mirror Damon and Elena? Caroline as a character was meant to exactly show just that, hence her disdain for the Damon/Elena relationship. It was because of those similarities that Caroline herself recognized that made her fear where she herself would end up. Did Caroline ever love Klaus? Not that I can see. Rather she had a fleeting attraction she despised about herself.

      You say there’s nothing there between Cami and Klaus, but is that really true? Yes, it is all subjective and open to interpretation but I have yet to find an intelligible argument online or anywhere as to “why” the relationship between Klaus and Cami doesn’t work. Or why Klaus isn’t as good of a character as he was on The Vampire Diaries. Or why Cami isn’t a good character (you say you like her at least in scenes with other characters; personally she seems like the exact same character in scenes with Klaus, but to each their own). Sure, as opinions go that’s fine. But I haven’t seen any convincing arguments as to why. You’re more polite in your argument than most, so thank you! Most arguments against pick on the actress, her looks, etc…Or just talk about shipping.

      That all said, I DO NOT actually think Klaus and Cami are only a rehash of Klaus and Caroline. Are there a few similar elements? Yes, no doubt. But, Cami and Caroline have practically no similarities as characters. Where Caroline responds to Klaus with disdain, Cami responds with compassion. Where Caroline manipulates and deceives Klaus with the use of his feelings for her, Cami is upfront and honest. Where Caroline doesn’t listen to him out of fear for her own attraction, Cami wants to hear his entire life story to understand him. This isn’t an attack against Caroline, I’m just showing the difference. That is who Caroline is as a character. She reacts with anger. And that’s fine. But it’s not the same as Cami who reacts with deep compassion like a Jane Eyre. Where Cami is like an INFP idealist (Myers Briggs personality typing) who is able to pull out the secrets of a man hiding secrets, Caroline is an ESFJ who likes to plan parties with an extroverted personality and a clear like for tradition. Both good characters, but with two VERY different personalities and reactions to the world.

      Is it similar how Klaus responds to these two girls? Yes. But that’s to be expected considering how much of a Byronic Hero Klaus is. Byronic Heroes have a very specific way of responding to love. When I say the Caroline and Klaus relationship was a precursor to the Cami and Klaus one, I mean that the Cami and Klaus story will more likely be more epic in its presentation. Spike and Drusilla were the precursor to Spike and Buffy (while very different relationships, by this I mean Spike’s obsessive Byronic tendencies in relationships; he seems obsessed with Dru in the beginning, but it was only a precursor to what would be his “real” Byronic focus: Buffy. Chloe and Clark were the precursor to Lois and Clark (trust me this is hard to admit as I despise Lois and Clark on Smallville), etc…By precursor I mean a clue as to what is to come. It’s not a copy, but rather a deeper, more fleshed out story. Klaus is similar because that is who he is as a character; that is how he responds to situations of romance. Byronics usually have a one all consuming passion. While I believe Caroline was the precursor, a hint of his Byronic nature, Cami will become his one all consuming passion.

      Cami and Klaus work because they represent the writers’ actual understanding of how to write Byronic Heroes. Most people do not understand the actual archetypal figure. But no doubt the writers of The Originals DO.

      Klaus isn’t a shadow of his character on The Vampire Diaries, rather he’s a literary improvement.

      Again, I would argue that Klaus and Cami are not a “copy” of another relationship as Klaus and Cami react completely different to each other than Klaus and Caroline ever did. Rather the similarities are similarities that exist in any relationship between a Byronic character and the character he’s interested in. And certainly any possible triangle between Klaus, Cami and Marcel is honestly no different than EVERY other triangle that’s appeared on this show or any other one before it. Klaus and Cami suddenly aren’t the “exception.” If they’re a copy, then they’re all copies. Rather, everything is influenced from something that came before. Personally, Klaus and Cami work better IMO than Klaus and Caroline (which I actually like) because Cami fits better into the “angel” type character who makes the beast more human. At least from a literary perspective. And that clear understanding of how to use literary archetypes properly is very real.

      • You’re welcome; I don’t find being rude something that should be done, I don’t see the point to be honest.

        In terms of characters, Klaus…I just rewatched Season 2 and 3 of Vampire Diaries and his character is so drastically different. I’m not saying characters shouldn’t grow and mature because it’s awesome when they can, Nathan in One Tree Hill, Chuck in Gossip Girl; however I don’t really think Klaus has that. I mean more like Klaus has been paranoid for a 1000 years and suddenly every single person is able to get the drop on him. I don’t want things to be easy but he just kind of seems pathetic in that sense (and I am doing an overall summary because there are times when I see the old Klaus).

        Caroline needs to mature more and realize that not everything is black and white and also that she should not do what she does based on the judgment of her friends. She needs to break free of that and until she does I don’t think she can fully be with Klaus. The majority of Klaus/Caroline fans see that and don’t want Caroline and Klaus to just be together. I don’t think Caroline ever wanted to really consider her entire feelings with Klaus because of the Mystic Falls gang. They, including her, are a bunch of hypocritically judgemental people (and a completely different topic so I’ll leave that there). The problem is Caroline is still living in that black and white world where Klaus came and did all that stuff, he’s the villain, once she’s free of that perception and has grown things would be different.

        Camille, I think she rubs me the wrong way because of the psychologist angle they keep using. I have a degree in Psychology. I love Psychology, there are things that fascinate me that other people generally think are odd. However the way they use the psychology in The Originals as a way for Camille to know everything and be able to understand everyone is very cliche (not so say that doesn’t happen, in college I had roommates always coming to me because of things like that). But it kind of also seems that they’re saying that only a psychologist who studies those kinds of behaviors and such could understand Klaus and I just don’t like it.

        Caroline and Cami have similiarites, but they’re not the same character. And there have been Klaus and Cami scenes that have had quotes from Klaus/Caroline scenes…and that I do not agree with. When there are parts that help define a couple using that to validate another couple with one of those characters is…wrong.

        So what you’re saying (and I’m not trying to sound horrible…but that’s the only way I could think to say the beginning of that sentance) is that the reason Klaus choose Cami is because she reminds him of Caroline? And just to put this out there, I don’t think the Klaus/Cami relationship is an expection or the Klaus/Cami/Marcel triangle is the exception either. I’ve found this in other things and I generally don’t like them. Now there are always the exceptions I’m not one of those people who because I like this couple therefore I like this one. A lot of Klaus/Caroline fans seem to like Hook/Emma in Once Upon a Time, I do not. I’m a person who just judges the couple/characters on what it is at the time and what I like, I suppose I don’t really have a type.

        It feels more that the Klaus/Cami was set up as a replacement for Klaus/Caroline. And in truth I was excited for The Originals, even prepared for Klaus to have some sort of a romantic interest or Elijah and Rebekah…but I have been in general disappointed in the show. It’s not to say that there are things I like but to me the writing seems all over the place and the simple fact that it appears The Vampire Diaries does not exist in The Originals (but once more that is another discussion).

        I think it would be fairer for Klaus to have someone who understands him but doesn’t need a degree in order to do so. The Beauty and the Beast thing…I absolutely love the story of Beauty and the Beast but I don’t always love the Beauty and the Beast storylines that it gets attributed to.

        Another thing I’m not too fond of is the fact that Klaus/Cami’s relationship is similar to the Damon/Caroline relationship. Klaus/Damon have both used and abused Cami/Caroline and I have a hard time rooting for that at all. One thing I really liked in Klaus/Caroline’s relationship was the fact that he didn’t compell her. And though it’s not to say he doesn’t have faults with his interaction with Caroline (like Cami).

        Anyways, I’m not sure how well I’ve explained my point and I apologize if it doesn’t make sense or if it’s all over the place.

        • You’ve definitely explained your points well and I appreciate your civility. That all said, we obviously view the show and characters from completely different perspectives (Klaus, Cami, etc…). And to answer your question, no I do not believe Klaus likes Cami because she reminds him of Caroline. I was referring to the behavior of a Byronic Hero and how they react. It’s about Klaus’s reactions and not the personality similarities between Cami and Caroline. Or that Cami reminds him of Caroline. I don’t think Klaus thinks that at all. Rather, that Klaus may be finding his Byronic one all consuming passion, which I’m arguing (in later episodes this theory could be proven wrong) is going to be Cami rather than Caroline.

          Anyway, it seems that you perhaps don’t like The Originals very much and prefer The Vampire Diaries instead. I like both shows, but feel The Originals is the superior show. But again, these are just opinions from both of us who like different things for different reasons. Personally, I also believe the Klaus and Caroline relationship (and don’t get me wrong, I love that relationship) has reached its end. Maybe the writers will change their minds in the future, but the writing seems to have moved on from them for the time being. So I don’t see Caroline changing anytime soon on TVD. I do think that the writers will continue to write The Originals for people who actually like the show as it is, which are many.

          As for Beauty and the Beast, an archetypal tale I am very well versed in, it is a fact that the writers are dipping into that archetype (and even a bit of the literary story) to in fact portray the relationship between Cami and Klaus. No doubt the writers are familiar with animal bridegroom folktales. Now whether or not one will like them is another story. But it is a Beauty and the Beast type tale.

          Is having a psychology degree necessary for a character to understand another? That’s just backstory for Cami, but not in fact the actual reason Cami understands Klaus. Rather, it is her empathetic nature that would be there with or without a degree. It is who she is, not what she has studied. Even if she had no psychology background, she would still draw out his secrets because of her nature and ability to listen. Again, liking that portrayal is subjective. I like it. You do not. Fair enough.

          Anyway, I do understand all of your points (and I’m sure we could keep on discussing the live long day) even if I come from a completely different place and look at it from a different angle. Perhaps continuing in this discussion will only continue to show why I see it one way and you see it another. Everyone is free to interpret and enjoy a show as they will. In other words, to each their own. I don’t agree with many of your points, but thanks again for the civil discussion. I can appreciate a well thought out discussion.

          • I do appreciate how you’ve presented your points as well and that you’re not shoving my opinions or viewpoints to the wayside as being wrong.

            I do agree with you on the fact that our continued discussion will most likely be more the same of us both explaining our views; which is not a horrible thing especially in getting to understand the other side.

            Thank you for the explanation about the Klaus liking Cami but not because of the Caroline thing, I was a bit confused and wasn’t sure so I appreciate the explanation.

            And just to point out I actually don’t think either show is a superior show…they both have been extremely disappointing as well as the way certain things have been handled.

            Anyways, once more thank you for your time and civil discussion, I do enjoy having those.

          • I completely agree. I enjoy intelligible discussions with opposing viewpoints. Becoming rude, angry, unintelligible and then ultimately irrational doesn’t appeal to me. Everyone has different views for different reasons, and as long as they have reasons or evidence to back up what they’re saying, I think it’s valid. I don’t find name calling and bullyish behavior to be worthy of discussion for instance, which I’ve seen a lot in fandom unfortunately. Anyway, you make very good points and I understand your opinions! And I agree there are elements found in both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals that could be improved upon. 🙂 Thanks for your time as well!

          • I just want to say thank you both for this dialogue- it was very enlightening for the rest of us.

  4. Cami bores me. No offense I see you like them and all, but she just really bores me and I get bored during her scenes. I just don’t really care about her or her relationship with Klaus.

    Also I just wanted to say that Klaus made a choice to stay and cry with Cami rather than going to help the pregnant mother of his child? What? He lost major points for pulling that move. It was like when he chose to save Caroline without even bothering to help Rebekah.

    I’m really sick and tired of his infatuation with irrelevant goody goody blondes he puts on a pedestal. It needs to stop.

    • Where one person gets bored, another is entertained. And it seems the writers aren’t bored so I don’t see Cami going away anytime soon. That all said, I think Klaus later made it pretty clear that he knew Hayley wasn’t in any danger because Marcel doesn’t hurt children (and therefore couldn’t have been responsible for the attack on the wolves). So he had no real issue or worries about Hayley seeing Marcel in that moment. He chose to stay with Cami out of true affection and wanting to comfort her in her time of need.

      Also, KIaus’s actions are akin to the behavior of a Byronic Hero. He chose Caroline over Rebekah because Caroline IS more important to him. Just like Cami IS more important to him than many others. I think his child has become equally important. He chooses who his obsessive focus is on and as a Byronic that obsession will always get priority. Just read Wuthering Heights. Is that a positive, moral choice? No. But he’s a murderous, psychotic vampire with feelings. I don’t really expect morality or good decision making from Klaus. It’s not who he is as a character. Everything he did is true to who he is as a character and that’s what is important to me. Can he grow? Yes. Actually, I think that’s what the Beauty and the Beast dynamic between Klaus and Camille is doing. Making him better. But other than that, well, I think we can continue to expect him to be “bad.”

      From where I stand, not only does it not need to stop, but I just don’t think it’s ever going to. If not Caroline, then it will be Cami. If not Cami then it will be some other girl who helps make him feel more human. He’s Byronic and Byronics will always find something to focus on and worship to the detriment of everything and everyone else. Why? It’s who they are. The writers know who Klaus is and this behavior will never completely change even if he grows. It’s why Damon will always be Damon.

      • I’m not ok with that. Klaus needs to grow to start loving himself. The fact that he doesn’t is in fact a detriment to his character and to his redemption which is the focus of the show. And the endgame. His obsessive infatuation with girls like Cami and Caroline will end and he will begin to see that he doesn’t need their love and acceptance to make himself feel better. That’s part of his growth. In order for Klaus to be saved he needs to start loving himself (which he clearly doesn’t) and worshipping women who make him feel human and he see’s as pure and angelic all to make himself feel worthy of their love is really where he’s still needs to see that that’s not good. I remember genevieve even calling him out on it. How no one could a hold a candle to his precious innocent Cami or something to that extent. He places those characters on a pedestal and that is not healthy for a real relationship to occur. I understand that’s its true to his character, however, its really annoying. Just had to say. I think it will stop actually. A character like Klaus needs redemption and obsessing over woman who he’s basically obsessed with because of his low self esteem is not a path to his redemption. My two cents.

  5. Just catching up to the Originals, but to put in my two cents on the Cami/Klaus bit… to me it does feel like an imitation of Klaus and Caroline. And yes, the point is made that Cami shows empathy for Klaus where Caroline did not. There’s also a MAJOR difference in how the two met. Caroline met Klaus after hearing countless rumors of him being the biggest baddie in the land and him on a single quest to kill her best friend. She was at deaths door twice due to a hybrid bite because of Klaus. To say she would have a harder time showing him empathy is an understatement. Cami is obviously much older. She had Klaus come into her life in a very different way. He’s never actually harmed her and she has the added bonus of the psychology background. I agree that her attitude toward Klaus would resemble Caroline’s after 100 years or so. Cami to me, is a temporary interest for Klaus. The imitation until the true love matures and joins him.

    I have no doubt that Klaus has feelings for Cami. However, if you compare Klaus with Caroline and Klaus with Cami, he seems more human, more of a better person, (ultimate sign of being with the one you truly love) when he’s with Caroline.

    • I don’t know how far you’ve gotten in the series, but I just don’t think that objectively holds true through season 3. Cami is definitely not a temporary interest for Klaus, and Klaus is arguably much better with Cami than not. But, again, I don’t know where you are in the series. And it is also definitely not an imitation of Klaus and Caroline. Now, will there be some similarities? Certainly. Though that comes down to how Byronic Heroes behave when they like someone. But his relationship with Cami is completely different than with Caroline.


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