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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 15 & 16 Recap – A Hero’s Finale

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 15 & 16 Recap – A Hero’s Finale

It all comes down to the final hour as Bong-Soon faces her archenemy! But don’t worry, we get plenty of adorable and lovely romance with our OTP before we say our final goodbye!


After the whole bomb escapade, Min-Hyuk and Bong-Soon hold hands and walk out of Ainsoft, safe and sound. Starving after all that craziness, they go eat at a restaurant. Min-Hyuk tries to invite Bong-Soon over to his place, but Dad texts Bong-Soon to hurry home. That night, they each lie in their bed, remembering how the other person protected them. Unable to sleep, Min-Hyuk gets up. He hears the doorbell ring. Bong-Soon comes in, saying she needed to see him again. They kiss deeply.

Oh, these cuties! 😀

The next morning, they enter work holding hands with eyes only for each other. Later that day, Gook-Du and Bong-Soon talk about what happened with the kidnapper. They deduce that the psycho’s real target wasn’t Min-Hyuk, but Bong-Soon. Unbeknownst to them, Secretary Gong (Min-Hyuk’s secretary) is watching as Gook-Du gives Bong-Soon a hug goodbye.

The secretary tells Min-Hyuk, who freaks out, demanding the secretary hug him to simulate how Gook-Du held his girlfriend. Haha, oh Min-Hyuk! Min-Hyuk calls Gook-Du and tells him to meet him later that night. Bong-Soon finds Min-Hyuk at work. He tries to act upset with her, but her kiss on his cheek and “Min-Min” nickname melts him. He’s a happy puppy again!

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Gook-Du and Min-Hyuk meet that evening at a restaurant. They argue over Bong-Soon and Min-Hyuk tells Gook-Du to stay away from his girlfriend. They start grabbing one another but Bong-Soon shows up, breaking them up before a fight starts. She tells Gook-Du she wants to catch the kidnapper with him. Yes, Bong-Soon! Do it!

Bong-Soon ends up carrying the drunk boys home again. In the morning, she tells the boys to help her find the baddie. Min-Hyuk calls the gangsters, who helped him identify his stalker, to find out if and where the kidnapper might try to smuggle himself out of the country.

Meanwhile, the kidnapper buys a sniper rifle. The gangsters let Min-Hyuk know of a boat prime for smuggling purposes departing that night. Bong-Soon and her boy team decide they need to draw the baddie out before he tries to get a hit at her. They plan to wound his pride and force him to come after her.

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Min-Hyuk visits Bong-Soon’s parents’ walnut shop and meets with her mom. She tentatively asks for his birthdate (to get a marriage compatibility fortune him and Bong-Soon), but Min-Hyuk eagerly agrees, telling her to get as many fortunes necessary until they get a favorable one! Mom’s over the moon.

Bong-Soon starts writing in the journal her grandma gave her, chronicling her heroic deeds. Finally, the kidnapper calls Bong-Soon at work. She tells him to face her at a construction site if he’s brave enough.

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Bong-Soon and her boy team wait at the construction site. Bong-Soon stands out in the open as the kidnapper shows up in the distance. He targets her with his sniper rifle and shoots her in the chest. She hits the ground. Gook-Du immediately pursues the kidnapper, chasing him out of the construction site to the port where the escape boat is.

Min-Hyuk arrives and uses his flying camera and earpiece to help Gook-Du chase after the baddie through the giant maze of crates and shipments. The boys lead the unwitting kidnapper into a trap – where Bong-Soon quickly encloses him with giant crates. Turns out Bong-Soon wore a bullet-proof vest that Min-Hyuk gave her. She pelts walnut shells at the psycho with dangerous strength, injuring him. Finally, she throws a cage on top of him.

True Love

After that crazy adventure, Bong-Soon sleeps in the car as Min-Hyuk drives her home. The next day, Min-Hyuk goes over the questions Bong-Soon will face when she interviews for Ainsoft’s Planning and Development team. She gives a great interview, and oh my word, her game characters’ names are Bong-Soon and Prince Min-Min!

Mom’s perfect timing!

Min-Hyuk promises to find Bong-Soon’s dad, who hasn’t come home after arguing with mom. He finds Dad camping and asks Dad to go home so Min-Hyuk can ask for permission to marry Bong-Soon. Dad is surprised and hesitant, but Min-Hyuk’s sincere feelings win Dad over. He gives his blessing. Awww! Later, Min-Hyuk brings intoxicated Dad home. While Mom looks after Dad, Min-Hyuk goes up to Bong-Soon’s room with her. They almost kiss twice but are interrupted awkwardly by Mom and then her twin, Bong-Ki.

While the kidnapper is sentenced to the life imprisonment, Min-Hyuk receives a Braze Citizen Award, since no one knows that Bong-Soon was the real person who caught the pyscho. Min-Hyuk looks hilariously uncomfortable getting his picture taken with the police, and Bong-Soon assures Min-Hyuk he’ll have to keep being her cover to keep her identity secret. He doesn’t look happy at the thought.

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That night, Gook-Du and Bong-Soon talk at a park about school memories, as he’s about to leave for the Gangnam police force. He asks if they’ll be friends forever and she assures him they will be.

Bong-Soon is accepted into the Planning and Development team! Her game idea is made into a real game! But real life is no game for Bong-Soon, who keeps using her powers to secretly help people. Which makes her late for constantly late for work. Min-Hyuk, Bong-Soon and her family continue to grow closer and have a family picnic. Bong-Soon’s heroism finally costs her when she’s fired for the Planning and Development team. She takes it well, though, and tells Min-hyuk she’s back as his intern!

Bong-Soon and Min-Hyuk go on a date. They walk down a street as flowers rain down. Bong-Soon asks what Min-Hyuk wanted to tell her on the rooftop before she threw the bomb. He says: I can’t live a moment without you; let’s be together forever. He takes out a ring and puts it on her!! They kiss.

We jump to the wedding where Min-Hyuk is on cloud nine, gushing over his pretty bride. Flash-forward: Bong-Soon gives birth. To twin daughters!!

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Min-Hyuk tries to take care of the babies but they’re so strong, he gets smacked in the face. Haha, oh no! He calls wifey for help but she’s busy saving the day. She stands on a rooftop, promising herself to make the world a safer place for her children.

Thoughts & Feelings

Yes, yes! Strong Woman Do Bong Soon delivered!

I began to worry a few episodes back about the ending – if we were going to get a very anticlimactic story with Bong-Soon becoming a secondary character to the action, but thankfully the writers kept the focus on her heroine to the very end!

Disregarding the shoddily put together kidnapper plot, I was so happy to see Bong-Soon take down the baddie herself. I gave Bong-Soon an imaginary fist-pump when she told Gook-Du she was going to find the kidnapper with him. Watching her take initiative was exactly what we needed, and I also liked how she had the boys help her locate and capture the kidnapper, as it gave them both a role in the final fight.

Thankfully the show gave us what we wanted most: cute moments with our Bong-Soon and Prince Min-Min (or Min-Hyuk, hehe)! Their romance was the driving force of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and the reason that kept its fans around. In fact, the romance was what compelled my sister to start watching the show. She’s a very rare K-drama watcher, so I knew this was really one of the good ones when she wanted to watch it after hearing about the show.

Min-Hyuk and Bong-Soon were such OTP goals! Their adorable chemistry, his loving gazes at her, her protecting him with her super strength. How could anyone not love them?? Min-Hyuk has totally entered my Hall of Favorite Heroes as he was a delightful breath of fresh air. Sure, he was the rich chaebol (family member in a mega business dynasty) we see in every drama. But he was so much more than that: a dramatic puppy who was honest with his emotions, nonjudgmental, and supportive.

He fell for Bong-Soon at the very beginning, never bothered by a girl with super-strength. In fact, he found her strange behavior attractive and amusing (like when she threatened to remove his butt if he went after Gook-Du romantically, haha) and even spent time training her to be a better superhero. He did have his moment of weakness when he realized the girl he loved was going to face real danger. But honestly, that’s a feeling that most of us can relate to – whether that person is your sibling, parent, child, lover, etc. We all want to protect our loved ones. We want them to be safe. And of course, he overcame that and accepted Bong-Soon as a superhero, despite the difficulties it would bring.

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I liked how the ending pulled in a very strong superhero aura. I got Spiderman nostalgia when Bong-Soon lost her job because she showed up late from saving people. Wasn’t that the whole plot of Spiderman 2? The cost of being a superhero is not easy, but Bong-Soon isn’t one to shy away from difficulty. I love that we’re left with knowing that Bong-Soon will be out there, protecting the innocent and saving the world. And not far in the future, the cycle will continue and the world will have two new superheroes in the world: her daughters.

You can now stream the entire series on Dramafever.

Photos: Dramafever and JTBC

How did you feel about the ending? Let me know your thoughts for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon in the comments!

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