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She Loves Me – An Old-Fashioned Romantic Musical Jimmy Stewart Style

She Loves Me
Zachary Levi and Laura Benanti in She Loves Me
Photo by Joan Marcus/Roundabout

She Loves Me Broadway Review

She Loves Me is one of those rare gems that just oozes charm and pure old-fashioned romance in the best possible way. Becoming the first Broadway Musical to stream live worldwide, She Loves Me is making history with the promise of more live streaming theater to come. For those who missed out, Broadway HD has made this adorable musical available for rent until July 7th. Having now seen this in person AND live stream, I can assure you that the rental is well worth the price, an opportunity non-NYC musical fans just don’t want to miss. If you do live in NYC or are planning a visit in the next week or so, you still have time to buy a ticket. She Loves Me runs until July 10th.

Not only does She Loves Me have an amazing all-star cast, but the story is quite captivating as well. For those familiar with The Shop Around the Corner or You’ve Got Mail, then you should already be familiar with the basic premise of the show. Both movies and this musical are based on a play called Parfumerie, a play about two co-workers who are falling in love through letters while seemingly despising each other at work. Basically, if you take The Shop Around the Corner, You’ve Got Mail and just a touch of BBC’s The Paradise (most of the setting does take place at a fancy perfume shop) and combine them all together, you have this incredibly entertaining musical!

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She Loves Me
Laura Benanti as Amalia and Zachary Levi as Georg in She Loves Me
Photo by Joan Marcus?Roundabout

She Loves Me follows Georg (Zachary Levi), a clerk at a perfume shop in 1930s Budapest. He’s been writing these wonderful letters to an unknown woman and falling in love while discussing literature like War & Peace. One day, a woman named Amalia Balash enters the establishment hoping to obtain a job at The Parfumerie. At first, the boss has no interest in her. That is, until she sells an ugly cigarette musical case and impresses him. Thereby getting herself the job!

As the months go by, suddenly Georg finds himself out of favor with his boss for some mysterious reason (it all makes sense by the end). Meanwhile, Georg and Amalia continue to squabble – unable to get along. They bicker constantly while unknowingly are falling for one another through romantic letters. And if you know the story from You’ve Got Mail and The Shop Around the Corner, you know what happens next. When it comes time to meet face to face at a café, with a rose in Amalia’s copy of Anna Karenina and a rose in Georg’s lapel, Georg realizes that the woman he has been falling for all along is also the woman he can’t stand. Will he tell her the truth? Will they overcome their hatred for one another? Only time will tell.

She Loves Me
Jane Krakowski and Gavin Creel in She Loves Me
Photo by Joan Marcus/Roundabout

Aside from the main love story is the hilarious subplot of playboy Kodaly and the woman he uses, Ilona, to take out whenever he pleases. Jane Krakowski as the sensual Ilona looking for real love in a world that doesn’t take her seriously is a real joy to watch, especially when she puts on a show-stopping dance number in the middle of the show with the cad, Kodaly. There are other fantastic performances as well – including a fantastic sequence at the restaurant with a hilarious performance from Peter Bartlett as the Head Waiter.


Overall, if you love classic films and old-fashioned romantic comedies then you will love She Loves Me. Zachary Levi (Chuck and Tangled) is a modern day combo of Jimmy Stewart, Tom Hanks, and Cary Grant, proving himself to be that rare kind of leading man both men and women can root for. His likable charisma will likely win you over as will the talented Laura Benanti as Amalia. An excellent cast, fun dance and musical numbers (several songs will be stuck in your head for days), a lovely set design with eye-catching period costumes to match, will all have you loving Roundabout Theater’s fantastic and memorable revival of an old musical. With only a few days left to watch She Loves Me, make sure to make it a priority! Sure, nothing can compare to sitting in the audience, but this live stream is definitely the second best thing. You can watch it HERE.

EDIT: She Loves Me has returned to Broadway HD!

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Content Warning: While an old-fashioned musical, She Loves Me does contain some sexual innuendo and darker themes.


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  1. Just watched the recording this weekend and absolutely loved it! So glad I was able to see this fun show remotely!


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