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Downton Abbey Season Six: Episode Five Recap – A Secret Revealed (and THAT Dinner Party)

Downton Abbey S6 E5 (Violet)

Downton Abbey Season Six: Episode Five Recap

The entire sixth season of Downton Abbey teased something was going to happen with Robert. What that was going to involve wasn’t made clear; we simply suspected there was going to be some sort of catastrophe. Last night, we learned what that was.

The Pig Farm Is Let and Andy’s Secret

Following the catastrophe that was Daisy’s blunder, Mr. Mason finally finds residence at Downton Abbey. With Daisy’s support, he moves into the home vacated by the Drew’s. Only trouble is, Robert is worried about him being able to care for the pigs. Andy eagerly offers to help during the hours he’s not needed at the Abbey. (Could he be sweet on Daisy?) But this leads to another problem when, following Mr. Mason lending the naive Andy a cache of books on pig rearing, we learn he can’t read. Or rather Thomas stumbles upon it. Offering to help him learn, the household – specifically Molesley, suspects Thomas is up to his old tricks again when Andy is seen leaving Thomas’ room.

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The Newlyweds: Carson, the Critic

Downton Abbey S6 E5 (The Carsons)

Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson begin to settle into their lives as marrieds. But not without some bumps. Mrs. Hughes cooking, you see, is not exactly up to snuff where Carson is concerned. He’s used to how Mrs. Patmore does things, and so, poor Mrs. Hughes has everything she does by comparison to the cook. These scenes add some humor and only make me love Carson more (even with the nitpicking!).

Denial and New Romance

With Tom back where he belongs, Mary again has her confidant. He suspects there is more to Mary’s relationship than the friendship she claims. In fact, he encourages her to pursue whatever it is she has with Henry. Afraid as she is, Mary doesn’t believe the idea a good one. For the time being, the pair of them is done talking about Henry Talbot.

Later at the races, Tom continues to nudge Mary towards Talbot. Following the completion of the race, the three of them even enjoy a social visit at a pub.

Downton Abbey S6 E5 (Edith Searches for an Editor)

Meanwhile, Edith’s frequent trips to London result in two positive changes. One of the purposes her trip serves as interviewing and hiring a new editor. Radically, she hires a female and the two get along famously compared to Edith’s prior employee. The second is seeing Bertie Pelham. She dines with him, developing a deeper connection between them.

Their dinner isn’t the most significant happening during Edith’s trip. Their relationship enjoys a sweet moment when, as they prepare to leave for dinner, Bertie leans in and sweetly kisses Edith.

Sly Schemes

Determined not to be bested by Cora, Violet sets about ensuring her place as head of the hospital board. Her position grows more tenuous when it appears Dr. Clarkson may be shifting towards Cousin Isobel and Cora. As a bonus, she wants to prove she’s right about the hospital modernization. This inspires her to invite the Minister of Health to a Downton dinner in the hopes he’ll sway Cora. Cora refuses to back down from her position. But the dinner at Downton goes ahead.

Dinner Debates and a Secret

Downton Abbey S6 E5 (Robert Collapses)

During the meal, heated debate arises. This I suspect was quite improper for a good English dinner. Cora and Violet let their weeks long disagreements fester into a heated debate. Poor Robert is sitting at the table, looking worse and worse. His pale face speaks to that, but this doesn’t stop him from attempting to calm the shouting. Just as he gets up to excuse himself, blood spurts from his mouth. Cora rushes to his side, and an ambulance is called.

Downton Abbey S6 E5 (Mary Learns Edith's Secret)

As the family dashes about, dressing in cloaks leave for the hospital, Mary overhears the secret Edith kept protected. Marigold is her daughter!


Downton Abbey S6 E5 (Mr. Mason and Mrs. Patmore)

+ Baxter agrees to testify. Molesley goes with her for support, but once at the court, she learns she doesn’t have to add her testimony for the prosecution to make their case.
+ Speaking her mind (much like her mistress), Danka speaks out of turn to Dr. Clarkson about his shifting loyalty. This, of course, gets reported back to Violet who won’t hear of an insolent servant in her employ. She sacks Danka unceremoniously much to the great joy of Spratt. Unfortunately for him, Danka has blackmail material on him (the secret of his nephew) and she isn’t afraid to use it. He manages to convince his mistress to give Danka a second chance, which secures her position again.
+ A sweet scene between Anna and Bates is seen. As they walk to work from their little cottage, they discuss their joy and excitement over the next season in their lives. Seeing this happiness for them is lovely. I’ve long wished they could experience some joy, and hopefully, this new life will give them that.
+ Mr. Mason and Mrs. Patmore spend some time together

What were your thoughts of the fifth episode of Downton Abbey’s final season? I’d love to read what you’re thinking of this season so far! Share those opinions, theories and wishes down below.

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5 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Season Six: Episode Five Recap – A Secret Revealed (and THAT Dinner Party)”

  1. I am absolutely loving this season of Downton Abbey! Thanks for the reviews, since I always miss something. I’ll have to go back and watch it again.

    • As did I, Melanie. It’s been an amazing journey, and one I will sincerely miss. It’s been a fun part of my TV addiction life these past six years, and I’m going to miss it. Glad you’re enjoying it! Hope you continue to – and thank you for commenting. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, this episode was something else! First off, hooray for Edith! I hope this fellow is good to her and she has a nice life after all. Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes were so cute! I had never really considered the fact that Mrs. Hughes probably didn’t know much about cooking since she was a maid most of her life. I wonder if something might be brewing with Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason? That would be so neat if there were! They would make a good couple.

    And oh. my word. Lord Grantham!!!!! I *never* saw that coming! And I couldn’t even watch, it was so shocking and realistic! But I am so glad that they got him to the hospital on time and he is on the mend. I just hope he stays on the mend!

    • So. Much. Awesomeness! I agree. Dear Edith needs happiness and I do like Bertie; he and Henry aren’t totally memorable because they’re both sort of like an “afterthought” (at times), but I grew to love them both.
      The continuing married life trials of Mr. and Mrs. Carson cracks me up! Those two…! So hilarious.
      As for Lord Grantham!? WOW. That’s all I could say. I read an article about that scene; they had to shoot it in one take for various reasons and some of the cast said something to the effect of it freaking them out because of the realism of it. Good acting job, Hugh! 🙂
      As always, thanks so much for commenting, Miranda. Great to read your thoughts. 🙂


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