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7 Almost First Kisses That Stole Our Breath

Almost First Kisses
Mansfield Park (1999). Photo: Miramax

“The only thing better than the kiss itself, is the moment right before, when the look in his eyes leaves you breathless.”  – Unknown

We’ve all been there; breathlessly perched on the edge of our seats in suspense. Our hearts jump as the couple we’ve been passionately cheering for lean towards each other, their gazes locked on the other. As their eyes flutter closed, we take a breath and hold it. This is it! Finally! That first kiss of love! Until it’s not and we are left wondering what in the world just happened. In film and television, there is nothing more satisfying than the perfect first kiss between a couple that has defied the odds and connected with each other despite what fate threw their way. Or is there? Sometimes, almost first kisses hold as much a special place in our hearts as do the actual kisses.

Across genres, there are amazing almost first kisses that left us sighing in delight. While each of these couples went on to share their perfect first kiss, those almost first kisses were just as swoon-worthy.

7 Almost First Kisses that Stole Our Breath

(In no particular order)

#1 Oliver and Felicity, Arrow (Season 2, Episode 23)

Photo Credit: The CW

Olicity fans fell to the ground in a collective heap when Oliver Queen declared his love for Felicity Smoak in the Season 2 finale. There was no doubt he meant every word; the look in his eyes, the expression on his face, and the way his voice broke as he said those three magic words left little doubt. Now all that was needed to seal the deal was true love’s first kiss. Fans waited for them to move towards each other as Oliver and Felicity stared intently at each other, the tension mounting. Yet, they never move. Not one little bit. At least not towards each other. Instead, after one last long look, Oliver leaves a stunned Felicity behind. No one bought Oliver’s excuse that it was a trap for Slade. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long to see this couple share the sweetest, yet heartbreaking, first kiss.

By the way, there was a kiss cut from the scene. Olicity fans successfully lobbied Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim into releasing the cut scene. You can find it here.

#2 Jane and Rochester from Jane Eyre (2011)

Almost First Kisses
Photo Credit: Focus Features

He’s brooding and mysterious, seemingly cold and uncaring. She appears quiet and accommodating, but her childhood made her otherwise. It’s Jane’s quiet spirit that captures Rochester’s attention. He teases her mercilessly until one night, she saves his life. Standing in a room lit only by the cold grey of dawn and Rochester is looking down at Jane in awe and wonder. Rochester begins to reveal the depth of his regard and Jane stares at him wordlessly. With each profession of admiration, they draw closer to each other until they are just a breath away. For one long second, they don’t move until Jane suddenly remembers where she is, who he is, and puts space between them. He does not want her to leave but he does not stop her. He stares after her, along with the rest of us and our thundering hearts!

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#3 Mulder and Scully, The X-Files Fight the Future (1998)

Almost First Kisses
Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Mulder and Scully fans are united in their intense dislike of bees. Obsessively so. There’s no such thing as a good bee. After all, seconds after Mulder pours his heart out to Scully about how much he needs her, how she has saved him over and over, and milliseconds before their lips meet in that dimly lit hallway, a bee crawled out from Scully’s collar, stinging her on her neck. She jerked away in pain and while Mulder continued to hold her, there was no picking up where they left off. Thanks to that pesky bee, Scully was infected with an alien virus and kissing the love of his life became secondary to saving the love of his life.

#4 Fanny and Edmund, Mansfield Park (1999)

Photo: Miramax

They say when emotions run high, defenses are down. Nothing illustrates that more than when Fanny discovers Henry Crawford in the married Maria’s room. Edmund comforts a shocked Fanny, holding her closely in his arms. After all, Mr. Crawford was the man she actually considered marrying, until good sense convinced her otherwise. There is a tenderness in their shared disbelief at what they saw; a tenderness that gives way to a quiet intimacy, a comfort and sense of rightness between two people who clearly belong together. As she calms, Fanny looks up at Edmund and the two stare into each other’s eyes, hesitating for only a split second before almost kissing. Suddenly remembering himself, Edmund pulls away and practically runs from the room, leaving a very confused and dismayed Fanny behind. Really, though, weren’t we all confused? And dismayed?

#5 Tony and Pepper Iron Man (2008)

Almost First Kisses
Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Who can forget that tension-filled dance between Tony and Pepper in the first Iron Man? Pepper was clearly uncomfortable and Tony’s attempts to put her at ease only increased the awkwardness between them. They escape to the balcony, ostensibly for air.  Pepper immediately begins talking about how weird the dance was and how it looked to her colleagues while Tony kept saying that it was harmless and just a dance. As they argue about whether the dance was weird or not, they draw closer until both their voices trail off. It’s Pepper who leans in first and Tony follows. Just as they are about to share that first kiss that’s just been waiting to happen since Tony came home, Pepper remembers where she is and who Tony is and pulls away to ask for a drink. Let’s not be shy…we all needed a drink after that!

#6 Ginny and Mike, Pitch (Season 1, Episode 9)

Almost First Kisses
Photo Credit: Fox

There’s no denying the flare between Ginny and Mike and never was it more apparent when Mike was leaving the Padres. Ginny abandoned her date in the middle of a restaurant to meet Mike for a farewell drink with the team. Only, there is no team. It’s just Ginny and Mike. What follows is a beautiful montage of laughter and teasing, all traded over lingering looks and small intimate pockets of silence. When they part for the night, Ginny gives Mike a good-bye hug and just like that, the mood shifts with sudden awareness. They slowly draw back, their lips hovering, a kiss waiting to happen. Just when they were about to set Bawson fans hearts pitter-pattering in delight, Mike’s phone rings. The trade is off and he’s staying in San Diego. Game over.

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#7 Jack and Elizabeth from When Calls the Heart (Season 1, Episode 7)

Almost First Kisses
Photo Credit: Hallmark/Crown Media

Jack’s first attempt at a date with Elizabeth was a hilarious disaster (although their ultimate dinner was adorable in its banter). Yet, Mountie Jack made up for it in spades on a re-do and set the bar high with a private, candlelit dinner for two in Abigail’s newly opened café. He capped it off with a slow, romantic dance, leading Elizabeth gently around the room. During their quiet conversation, the intimacy between them deepened, and they drew closer as they swayed to the music. Jack has something important to tell Elizabeth, but he can’t concentrate, completely distracted by the woman in his arms. After a season of missed opportunities and misunderstandings it appeared that at last, Jack and Elizabeth would share their first kiss. Alas, it wasn’t to be! Instead, Elizabeth blushingly pulled back and complimented Jack’s elegant dancing. You know you were sighing in delight despite the missed opportunity!

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There you have it, almost first kisses worth the frustration of having to wait! It’s certainly not an exclusive list, though. Do you have favorite almost first kisses not listed here? Let me know in the comments below!

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15 thoughts on “7 Almost First Kisses That Stole Our Breath”

    • Thank you for reading! I enjoyed writing it very much. I loved revisiting these moments all over again! Especially Jane and Rochester….I forgot how beautifully that moment was captured. In fact, they inspired this list when I was re-watching Jane Eyre a few months ago!

  1. It’s definitely not an exclusive list! Tell me about Barry and Iris’ almost first kiss moment. I’d love to hear about it (or them if there was more than one!).

  2. Lovely list. That’s one of my favorite moments between Jane/ Rochester. Yes, that scully /mulder one is so frustrating. : )

  3. I loved the almost kiss between Emily and the Stranger in Dear Frankie was awesome! They took such a long time not coming to that kiss, it’s one I love to watch over and over.

  4. Catherine, this article is BEAUTIFUL! Well done. SO many complex, but emotionally wonderful scenes depicted on this list. From Fanny/Edmund (I’d forgotten that glorious moment!) to Olicity, Jane/Rochester and Elizabeth/Jack, I’ve seen nearly all you share on this list. Great idea/concept. Thanks for putting this one together! I’ll be over here swooning. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Just discovered this site, needless to say, I love it! This list is A+++

    My addition would be Black Sails Season 3, anything Eleanor/Rogers. omg <3

    • Welcome to The Silver Petticoat Review! So glad you found us. You are going to find so many wonderful lists and reviews to fall in love with here! Take a peek at our Romantic Moments of the Week….swoon!!! Black Sails is on my “to watch” list. Looking forward to seeing the sparks between Eleanor and Rogers! Thank you for commenting!

  6. There are some fantastic examples in this list (I especially love Jack and Elizabeth’s; so sweet!) However, there is one couple I feel I need to mention. Although I don’t actually watch the show (a bit too explicit in content and language for my taste), Sense8 has one of the most beautiful romances on TV at the moment, and when I saw the title for this list, my mind immediately went to Kala and Wolfgang’s almost kiss as they’re discussing their “miracle” connection on a sunny roof-top in Indian and outside a cafe in the rain in Germany. You’d have to be aware of the concept behind this show to get the circumstances of the scene, but trust me, it’s a gorgeous moment of such palpable longing and tension I was literally not breathing as I watched it!

      • I’m so glad you agree; out of curiosity, which couple do you love more, Kala and Wolfgang, or Riley and Will? For myself it’s a pretty fair tie, but if I had to choose I’d say Kala and Wolfgang hands down; I’m just have a huge soft spot for the opposites attract trope!


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