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10 Battle Couples – Love On The Battlefield

Legend of the Seeker Battle Couples
Legend of the Seeker
Photo: ABC

The couple that fights together, stays together. At least most of the time. But what are battle couples? A battle couple, to me, is a romance between two fighters, usually in fantasy and science fiction. You will often see these two characters fighting back to back in tight situations. These romances often start with the pair fighting one another either on opposite sides or with conflicting goals but eventually coming to an understanding. Others battle couples were already on the same side as friends but  found themselves growing closer over time. These battle couples are often high stake pairings due to the greater likelihood of death or serious injury. They often form stronger partnerships than noncombative couples. One thing they definitely are is fun. Here is a list of some of the best battle couples where love was found on the battlefield!

List: Ten Battle Couples

1# Lady Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner from the Pirates of the Caribbean Series

Will and Elizabeth Ten Battle Couples
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Their relationship evolved multiple times over the course of the series. While their love story began in Curse of the Black Pearl, Elizabeth did not become a fighter until Dead Man’s Chest and the lovers did not properly reunite and fight as a couple until At World’s End. Not only did they fight together, they were married mid-battle in a terrible storm, by Barbossa. A scene that was as romantic as it was awesome. If that isn’t the epitome of this trope then nothing is.

2# Prince Charming and Snow White from Once Upon A Time

Snow Charming Ten Battle Couples
Photo Credit: ABC

You could fill this entire list with battle couples from Once. However, the longest lasting and the strongest by far are Snow and Charming. When they first met, it was while fighting each other. Their love story truly began when fought together against the bridge trolls in Season One… Since then, they have frequently fought side by side in many battles. A fact which has made them almost inseparable.

3# Tris Prior and Four from the Divergent Series

Ten Battle Couples: Tris and Four
Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Their relationship is markedly different from the majority of YA couples, being surprisingly undramatic and quiet. Drawn to each other because of their similarities and strength they managed to find a worthy partner in each other. Though their initial relationship began as instructor and pupil, events caused them to eventually fight side by side in a rebellion that would alter the entire structure of their society.

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4# Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell from Legend Of The Seeker

Richard Kahlan Ten Battle Couples
Photo Credit: ABC

Though she was initially mistrustful of Richard’s suitability to be Seeker, he eventually won Kahlan’s respect and friendship. While traveling together and often fighting together, a bond formed between them. Despite the fact that a love match between a Confessor and the Seeker is entirely forbidden, they fall in love anyway. They must, however, avoid giving in too far to their feelings because of Kahlan’s dangerous abilities.

5# Buffy Summers and Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Angel

Buffy Angel Battle Couples
Photo Credit:The WB

While all of Buffy’s long term love interests formed this with her, Angel was the first and arguably the most important. Buffy and Angel often patrolled together, fighting many battles and facing several Big Bads during their rocky relationship. They were virtually unstoppable, but unfortunately, it was only a matter of time until Angel’s vampire nature came between them.

6# Phoebe Halliwell and Cole Turner from Charmed

Phoebe Cole Battle Couples
Photo Credit: The WB

Once Cole stopped trying to kill the Halliwells and switched sides there was a time when Cole fought for team good guy. Alas, Cole frequently switched between good and evil, making him the enemy just as often as he was an ally. However, Phoebe and Cole made a dangerous pair when they fought together side by side. It’s a pity the writers didn’t treat him better.

7# Po and Katsa from Graceling by Kirsten Cashore

Graceling battle couples
Photo Credit: Harcourt

Both graced with skills that help them fight, Po and Katsa are drawn to each other in a land that fears their different nature. Katsa is slow to trust anyone and relies only on herself. However, events conspire to force the deadly duo to travel together. As they practice their skills with the only worthy opponents they’ve ever found, love sparks and grows. But they must come up against a threat that even they together may not be strong enough to face.

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8# Agent Fox Mulder and Agent Dana Scully from The X-Files

Mulder Scully Battle Couples
Photo Credit: FOX

While not typically engaged in battle per se, the two agents have found themselves in many a sticky situation and have had to fight their way out. While it took a ridiculously long time for either to admit their feelings, it was clear from early on that this was where they were headed. It was especially obvious during the majority of Season Six. Of course, it was not really confirmed until much later. They were in love long before they could admit it to themselves.

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9# Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson and Sergeant Angua Von Uberwald from the Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett

Men at arms Battle couples
Photo Credit: Victor Gollancz

Having very different backgrounds and personalities, the two guards make rather an odd couple. Carrot was raised by dwarfs and has a well-meaning naivety with which he views the world. Angua, on the other hand, is a sharp and cynical werewolf from Uberwald. They met in Men At Arms and fell in love while working together in the Night’s Watch (the fantastical police force).

10# Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling

Ron hermione Battle Couples
Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Another couple that fought together as friends long before they realized their feelings for each other is Ron and Hermione. While they didn’t really become this until after their kiss at the battle of Hogwarts, it had been clear that they had harbored unspoken feelings for some time. They fought together as friends for years beforehand. In fact, there were a number of couples fighting together during that particular battle though unfortunately only some of them came out alive.

Honorable Mentions: Lincoln and Octavia from The 100. Sonja and Lucian from Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Do you think a couple fighting together is romantic? Can you think of any other examples of ‘battle couples’?

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