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The Top 25 Romantic Crime/Alien/Supernatural Fighting Duos in Television

There’s just something about ‘official’ partnerships that cause me to root for the ‘unofficial’ romantic partnerships between many investigative duos or as I like to say: romantic crime-fighting duos with sexual tension.

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Spending all that time together, saving one another from scrapes, and just downright needing to trust their ‘partner,’ definitely leaves the door wide open for feelings to develop, whether that be unrequited, ambiguously teased, or fully explored right from the start. From classics like Moonlighting to supernatural (or alien) crime fighting (or solving) duos, I give you my top 25.

TOP 25 Romantic Crime/Alien/Supernatural Fighting Duos in Television


#25 Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills from Sleepy Hollow 

romantic crime fighting duos
Photo: Fox

#24 Annie and Auggie from Covert Affairs 

Photo: USA

#23 Audrey and Nathan from Haven 

Photo: Syfy

#22 Abby and Connor from Primeval 

Photo: ITV

#21 Sydney and Vaughn from Alias 

Photo: ABC

#20 Maddie and David from Moonlighting 

Photo: Lions Gate Home Entertainment

#19 Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper from Torchwood

Photo: BBC

#18 Booth and Brennan from Bones 

Photo: Fox

#17 Olivia and Peter from Fringe 

Photo: Fox

#16 Castle and Kate from Castle 

Photo: ABC

#15 Stabler and Benson from Law & Order: SVU 

Photo: NBC

#14 Laura Holt and Remington from Remington Steele

Photo: NBC

#13 Max and Logan from Dark Angel 

Photo: Fox

#12 Linden and Holder from The Killing 

Photo: AMC

#11 Ned and Chuck from Pushing Daisies 

Photo: ABC

#10 TIE — Michael and Nikita from La Femme Nikita/Nikita — Photos: Warner Brothers/CW

#9 Chloe and Clark from Smallville 

Photo: CW

#8 Vicki and Henry from Blood Ties 

Photo: Lifetime

#7 Sarah and Chuck from Chuck 

Photo: NBC

#6 Veronica and Logan from Veronica Mars

Photo: CW

#5 Oliver and Felicity from Arrow 

Photo: CW

#4 Detective Inspector Jack Robinson and Miss Phryne Fisher from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Photo: Acorn

#3 The Doctor and Rose from Doctor Who 

Photo: BBC

#2 Mick and Beth from Moonlight 

Photo: CBS

#1 Scully and Mulder from The X Files 

Photo: Fox

Who are your favorite crime-fighting romantic duos? Sound off in the comments…

Featured image at top: Smallville. Photo: WB

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  1. I’m glad to have landed on your planet!
    Great choices. I look forward to watching some of these suggestions.
    Where I’m from THE #1 crime fighting romantic duo show is by far the Mentalist!

    Huge omission faux pas on your part!


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