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The Originals: When the Levee Breaks Recap – A Family Divided


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Freya’s plan to turn everyone against Klaus begins to come into fruition in this week’s episode, “When the Levee Breaks” as both she and Dahlia (with two very different agendas) convince everyone that Klaus is out of control. With elements of fairy tales (one of this season’s strongest themes), romance, a shocking death, a family mutiny and more, it was a strong episode – in fact, it was one of the strongest of the season.

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Dahlia gives them a timetable (using Josephine’s body as the messenger) for when they need to turn over Hope. And unfortunately, there isn’t much time left. Jackson and Hayley remain in the enchanted safe house with Hope while Klaus and Freya continue to devise separate plans excluding the other.


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With Freya even less inclined to work with Klaus after he killed Mikael, she gives her other siblings an ultimatum: Klaus or herself. Rebekah finds herself torn, while Elijah finds the whole situation ridiculous. Elijah being Elijah, he instead gives Freya an ultimatum of his own: Work with them or work alone. He will not be dictated to.

But as the episode continues and Klaus refuses to share any of his plan, Elijah begins to be swayed to what everyone else is thinking: that Klaus is unstable. Yet still, Elijah remains loyal to Klaus. Marcel, on the other hand, turns to Davina for the dagger she created with Kol that can stop Klaus.


Meanwhile, Hayley and Jackson are unconvinced that Klaus has a plan that will actually keep Hope safe. So they devise a new plan. If they can spell an object that will stop Hope from using magic, then Dahlia won’t be able to trace her. So Aiden, in an attempt for some redemption, offers to be the man for the job. He gets a necklace which he has Davina spell. Almost caught by Klaus (who could easily kill him for his betrayal), barely makes it back to Hayley and Jackson. Aiden confesses that it was his fault they didn’t escape the night before because he had become a spy for Klaus. However, Jackson once again proves he’s man of the year and instantly forgives him for his betrayal. Aiden then tells him that he and Josh are going to leave town because he doesn’t deserve to be part of the pack. But Jackson tells him that he’ll always have a place with him. The two part ways with a foreboding doom in the air.


Aiden and flowers

With a new hope for his future with Josh, Aiden stops to buy him some red roses before they run away together. Unfortunately, Dahlia makes her appearance and magically wilts the flowers into lifeless blackened petals; she then kills him, while setting Klaus up to be the killer.


Elijah and Hayley

With the necklace now on hand, Hayley tries to make a run for the Bayou. But Klaus and Elijah show up to stop her. Unfortunately, Jackson brings in Aiden’s body (much to Klaus’ shock) accusing him of being the killer. This was the final straw for just about everyone. The majority, including Hayley, turn against Klaus. And while he wasn’t the actual killer, Klaus confesses to the brutal act. A fight breaks out, with only Elijah to break it apart, who still remains loyal despite his brother’s murderous confession.

Klaus leaves Elijah behind to keep them from leaving as he goes to work on his plan. Unfortunately, both Klaus and Freya underestimated one thing: if there’s one thing Elijah is arguably more devoted to than his brother, it’s Hayley. He clearly still loves her. So when she tells him of her own plan, he changes sides. Not for Freya, but for Hayley.


Meanwhile, back at the Compound…

It’s been a while since Cami had a role to play this season, so it was refreshing to have her back. What I love about her character is just how steeped she is in the Beauty character. Klaus is certainly a “beast” in need of transformation and redemption, and she is the only one to truly see him for who and what he is. Marguerite MacIntyre (the writer of the episode) was able to perfectly capture the dialogue between an archetypal beauty and beast. Like Rochester to Jane, Klaus finds himself willing to confess to this strange girl who looks at him with empathy rather than disdain even when he admits the most shocking behavior.

Cami first makes her appearance to see Klaus as he paints on a canvas (which later turns out to be where Klaus hides Mikael’s ashes for the weapon). She’s worried about him, so she asks him to go for a walk where they have a chat at a café. Klaus pushes her away as he focuses on his plan to save Hope.

But later, after Cami hears of Aiden’s death (and how Klaus was responsible), she seeks Klaus out for the truth. Unable to continue his façade of monstrosity, he once again confesses his soul to Camille. He did not kill Aiden. He only let them all believe he did so they would fear him, which would then make it easier to protect Hope.

“Am I supposed to fear you too?” Cami asks.

“It will be better for you if you did…for you to believe I was the monster they paint me as,” he answers.

He then continues (in a very romantic, not so subtle way) to confess to Camille about his hope.

cami and klaus 1

“And then one day when all this is passed, I might find you and profess my innocence, and because you’re you, you would believe me and we would pass a perfect afternoon in a corner café together. And I would wish for nothing more.”

cami and klaus 2

Klaus then pulls away. “A better man would protect you with that lie, but I am not that man. And so I leave you with a burden of a truth no one will believe.”

These two have a great chemistry, and what makes them work well as a pair is just how steeped their characters are in folklore, fairy tales and literature.


As paranoid as Klaus is, it turns out his paranoia in this instance may not have actually been in vain. Displeased with Klaus’ secrecy in the plan to save Hope, the siblings turn against him (as does Marcel) by using the dagger to temporarily put him in a deep sleep.

In one of the series more dramatic turns, the episode ends with Klaus looking into the eyes of the siblings who have betrayed him with Freya at their side. I wouldn’t want to be any of them when Klaus wakes up.


klaus quote

Rebekah: It’s not every day you lose your father at the hands of your brother…again.

Klaus: Whoever said opportunity only knocks once, heh? [Klaus laughs to himself at his own wit.]


Aiden and Josh

While I was expecting a bigger Romeo and Juliet type ending for Aiden and Josh, they at least had the chance to envision a life with a happy ending before Aiden’s tragic end. They exchange “I Love You’s” and plan to runaway together. But fate has something else in mind for this ill-fated duo.

josh and aiden death

After Dahlia murders Aiden, Josh finds him mauled to death in an alley. He rushes to Aiden’s side and tries to bring him back to life with his blood as he cries over his lifeless body. Yes, it’s tragic. But tragedy sometimes makes for the best romance. Plus, it is hard to overcome the star-crossed curse. Question is, with one half of the couple now dead, will the other soon follow?


Who do you think will be the one to remove the stake from Klaus’ heart? Cami? Dahlia? Someone else entirely?

Would you be with Klaus or against him if you were there? Personally, I’d be on Klaus’ side in this instance. He clearly had a good plan, but their doubts overpowered their faith in him.

Well, what did you think of “When the Levee Breaks?” Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for when I recap next week’s episode “City Beneath the Sea.”

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3 thoughts on “The Originals: When the Levee Breaks Recap – A Family Divided”

  1. I’m definitely team Klaus and I don’t like Freya AT ALL! And I’m sad that Elijah is the one who daggered Klaus. There’s going to be some hard core brother fighting when Klaus wakes up.
    Now excuse my while I go curl up in a ball and mourn the beauty that was Josh and Aiden. I’m guessing Josh will follow Aiden into the great beyond sooner rather than later.
    That said this was a great episode, looking forward to seeing how the season ends. I just pray they don’t kill off Elijah. I’m worried an Original will die and I’m really worried it’s gonna be him.

    • Yeah, I’m definitely on Klaus’ side. Though, I do really like Freya’s story and how they’ve connected it to fairy tales. But yeah, there’s definitely going to be some problems. But to fair, it’s not like Klaus hasn’t daggered Elijah a dozen times when it suits him. 🙂

      The Josh/Aiden thing was definitely coming. So I expected it. It’s hard to imagine any pairing compared to Romeo and Juliet making it out alive!

      It was a great episode. And I don’t think they’ll kill off Elijah. At least not permanently. There are two characters on this show that I think you can’t get rid of and that’s Klaus and Elijah! So unless the actor wants out, I can’t imagine the writers going in that direction! I think Josh and Gia might go. Maybe Vincent. As long as they don’t kill Klaus, Elijah, Cami or Hayley I’m good! Though I also really don’t want to lose Marcel or Rebekah. You know, I just kind of hope no one else dies. Haha.


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