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The Originals: Night Has A Thousand Eyes Recap – The Wicked Witch Is Here


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The fairy tale influence of season 2 continued in “Night Has a Thousand Eyes,” with Dahlia appearing as the “wicked witch” and Freya continuing as the maiden in the tower who tries to make her escape, albeit unsuccessfully. No doubt Dahlia will prove to be the largest threat the Mikaelson family has ever faced. It’s not even season’s end and tonight we lost not one, but two characters to surprising deaths.

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The episode begins with Jackson and Hayley making a risky stroll through town. But with the eyes of the city upon them, their trip remains short-lived. The people of New Orleans become possessed by Dahlia, watching their every move. Proving just how powerful she is, she takes possession of Jackson leaving them with a short message that she is everywhere and there to get what is hers.

Later, Freya then gives them all a potion that will prevent them from being possessed in the future. Everyone but Klaus drinks it. However, with Jackson upset about his possession, he decides it’s time he, Hayley and Hope make a run for the bayou where they will be safe. He comes up with a risky plan that will leave Klaus in the dark as they run for the woods. With a plan set to leave that night, Jackson first allows Freya to pinpoint Dahlia’s location by using his body which was possessed by her. Unfortunately, instead of finding Dahlia, they discover that Dahlia has been using Freya to get to them. They ask Freya to leave to keep the rest of them safe.


dahlia and freya

After Freya is kicked out of the compound for everyone’s best interest, she finds herself roaming the streets of New Orleans. But soon, she finds the thousands of eyes upon her. And then Dahlia makes her first appearance in present day New Orleans (Claudia Black of Farscape fame in the role).

Then, in a scene reminiscent of Tangled (no really, she could have broken out into song), she accuses Freya of being an ungrateful child who will soon be begging to return home.


klaus end

Tonight was all about father and son, when Klaus and Mikael make an uneasy alliance to fight together for the first time in a thousand years. In an attempt to defeat Dahlia, they come together because they both have a daughter they want to save and protect. So with the help of Davina (who’s only helping in exchange for Kol’s remains), Klaus and Mikael build a weapon that can destroy her.

Later, they meet Dahlia at the church where they wage their first battle against her. But alas, to no success. With her army of a “thousand eyes,” Klaus and Mikael didn’t stand much of a chance. Their complete destruction was only stopped with the help of Freya, who obviously remains a soft spot for the seemingly unstoppable “wicked witch.”  But it was a wonder to behold – these two sworn enemies united in a single purpose. The banter between the two – some of the best this show has done. It’s never been clearer than in tonight’s episode just how similar these two men actually are. It’s a shame Mikael could never love his son for these two could have been an amazing duo.

But all good things must come to an end, as after Dahlia destroys the weapon, Klaus betrays his father and kills him with a white oak stake. But not before Klaus tearfully asks him why he could never love him. Mikael, cold to the end, just “didn’t know.” In his final moments, Mikael turns to Freya and calls out her name lovingly telling her he’s sorry before he’s burned into a pile of Viking ash (what is needed to create another weapon to destroy Dahlia).


Aiden finds himself torn between his loyalty to Jackson (his pack leader and friend) and Klaus (who turned his head with promises of leadership) who wants him to spy. This week, his moment of weakness begins to catch up to him when Jackson asks him for a huge favor to help get him, Hayley and the baby to the Bayou and he doesn’t come through. But with Josh by his side, he remains safe from Klaus and even Jackson for now. But somehow I don’t think that will last for long.


With the help of Josephine who casts a spell and a blessing, Elijah and Marcel put together a safe house for Hayley and the baby where no magic can be used. After Jackson fails in his attempt to bring Hayley to the Bayou, Marcel takes them to the safe house to stay for the time being.


In the final moments of the episodes, Dahlia leaves behind a deadly message by murdering their witch ally Josephine (real pity since this actress is awesome). First she heals Josephine’s hands to allow her to play her beloved violin one more time, and then she slits her throat leaving her to bleed out on the streets.


favorite quote Klaus and Mikael

Davina: Wait, so you two are friends now?

Klaus: Absolutely not. We’re merely aligned out of necessity for the purpose we both enjoy the most…glorious murder!


romantic moment josh and aiden

After some personal troubles with Klaus and Jackson, Aiden still has Josh to turn to who forgives him for keeping his alliance with Klaus a secret.  And in a sweet moment at the bar, Josh reveals to Aiden: “You are my pack. You and Marcel and Davina. And yeah, I’d die for you…”

Let’s hope that he won’t have to.  Somehow, it seems there may be some kind of tragedy for these two on the horizon.




There’s been quite a bit of discussion about an upcoming death in episode 19. From Cami to Marcel to Josh, there’s been nonstop chatter about which series regular will die. With all the foreshadowing and setup with Aiden (making a “tragic” mistake), I theorize that it will be Josh who dies. The writers have been building up Josh and Aiden all season as this star-crossed romance similar to Romeo and Juliet. Well, we all know how that story ends. I speculate that Josh will be killed either by Dahlia or Klaus and Aiden will feel responsible and then perhaps kill himself. Who do you think will die in next week’s episode?

Well, what did you think of “Night Has a Thousand Eyes?” Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for when I recap next week’s episode “When the Levee Breaks.”

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