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The K2 Korean Drama Review: An Entertaining Modern Retelling of Snow White

What if the Evil Queen fell in love with the Huntsman, but the Huntsman fell for Snow White instead?


Snow White meets action-packed Korean Drama in this contemporary fairy tale retelling starring Ji Chang-wook, Song Yoon-ah, and Im Yoon-ah. Part romantic drama, part political action thriller, part fairy tale, and part sci-fi, The K2 Korean Drama is a blast to watch despite some issues with the central romance. 


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In K2, Kim Je Ha is a mercenary soldier framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Known as K2, Je Ha seeks revenge with the help of the ruthless Choi Yoo Jin, the owner of JSS Security Company and wife of a presidential candidate. 

Meanwhile, Je Ha also becomes the bodyguard of the presidential candidate’s reclusive and illegitimate daughter, Go An Na. Soon, he must choose between his loyalty to the cutthroat Yoo Jin or to his growing attraction to her stepdaughter, An Na. (This is Snow White after all.)

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The contemporary version of the story asks, what if the Evil Queen fell in love with the Huntsman, but the Huntsman fell for Snow White instead?

An entertaining premise, I appreciated the story and the brilliant characterization of Choi Yoo Jin as the wicked “queen,” a powerful and mysterious woman running her own company. But is she as evil as she seems? 


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The chemistry between Je Ha and Yoo Jin is so palpable that you often wonder why you must endure the immature romance between Je Ha and An Na.

Seriously, there’s even a cringe scene where Je Ha, a mercenary soldier, mind you, squeals while watching An Na make ramen. It may be the absolute worst romantic scene ever in a K-Drama or any drama.

While the main romance is, at times, painful, the show is still fascinating thanks to the two main leads (and I’m not talking about the annoying Snow-White character An Na). Rather, K2 is all about Yoo Jin and Je Ha. 


On a side note, I also loved the version of the magic mirror in this retelling, a cool sci-fi invention called “The Mirror” and can spy on people with unique technology created by Yoo Jin.

The mirror is a clever twist on the fairy tale and would work well in an American remake. Think Snow White meets Person of Interest


Overall, while the central romance is eye-rolling and frustrating, watch for good action scenes, swoony chemistry between Yoo Jin and Je Ha, and a fabulous performance from Song Yoon Ah as the dynamic Choi Yoo Jin, the “wicked queen.”

Content Note: TV-14 (mild).

Where to Watch: Netflix and Viki. You can also buy it on DVD.

(Note: Below, for the romance rating, I gave it a three, but I would rate Je Ha and An Na a two. It’s only higher because the “queen” and the “huntsman” are so fabulous together onscreen. If there is ever a remake of this show (and there should be), they should change the romance aspect to better suit the story.)

Have you seen The K2 Korean Drama? Do you agree with our review of The K2, or did you love the main romance? Discuss in the comments below.

Three and a half corsets rating
Three Vintage Hearts Rating

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14 thoughts on “The K2 Korean Drama Review: An Entertaining Modern Retelling of Snow White”

  1. I lovedddd K2! Way more than I thought I would. It’s a hidden gem. The female villain has some of the best dialogue I’ve seen in any kdrama.

    • Also, the snow white comparison is super interesting. I didn’t make the connection while watching! I might have to watch it again. P.S. I was a sucker for the ramen scene hah. So stupid, but so cute at the same time.

      • We noticed the Snow White comparisons more and more as the show progressed. The clincher was the “mirror.” On re-watch, you’ll be able to notice it. It seems people are mixed about the romance and scenes like the ramen one! Some people love it! Others not so much. So, it probably comes down to preference. I didn’t, but overly cutesy stuff doesn’t usually appeal to me. 🙂 I felt there was more intellectual equality between him and the female villain.

  2. I super love your review! I totally agree with the romance part. I git so frustrated that it came that way! “The Queen”‘ and K2’s chemistry is on another level!!

  3. I am on episode 11 right now and this review took the words out of my mouth. Tis definitely the evil / not so evil queen and the male lead who by the way is a lot more than a pretty face. Totally agree with the review although I understand the need for the romance angle as in good overcoming evil. All in all this kdrama is very well done. The actress portraying the evil queen is nothing short of brilliant. What a performance; it is her series all the way.

  4. Hi Amber and Autumn, I thought I am the one feeling this way about “the annoying snow white” (I fast forward all her scenes, because it was a waste of time), and I think the ‘love at first sight’ scene of Ana failed to make Ramen was really stupid, it was the tough and macho “couldn’t care less” guy K2 suddenly turned to puppy from wolf.

    Thanks again for the good review.


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