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Romantic Moment of the Week – Blindspot’s Kurt and Jane

kurt and jane
Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) in a quiet, romantic moment. Photo: NBC.


THE SHOWBlindspot

THE PAIRING: Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander)

THE EPISODE: 1.10 “Evil Handmade Instrument” – aired November 23, 2015

THE MOMENT: Jane decides to act on her feelings for Weller and kisses him.

If you haven’t been watching NBC’s Blindspot, then you’re missing out on one of the most romantic shows on television right now. Instead of opting for the will they/won’t they concept between Kurt and Jane, showrunner Martin Gero smartly went for the “when….” Blindspot has double meaning after all in this entertaining new series as Agent Kurt Weller has a serious “blind spot” for the mysterious Jane Doe.

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Blindspot tells the story of Jane Doe, who is found naked (and with no memory) in Times Square with tattoos covering her entire body. One tattoo on her back, the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller, grabs the attention of the FBI. They soon discover that these mysterious tattoos are a road map to a larger conspiracy. Each tattoo they follow helps save lives. And each tattoo brings Jane closer to discovering who she really is as she works side by side with the FBI.


kurt and jane

Besides the initial concept, the relationship between FBI agent Weller and Jane Doe is a main focus of the series. To make Weller’s blindspot for Jane all the more compelling, Weller believes Jane to be Taylor – the long lost little girl/neighbor/friend who disappeared when he was a child that has haunted him his whole life. No matter what Jane does or where the mystery leads them – he only sees the possibility of good in Jane. And Jane herself can’t help but be drawn to Weller who is moral, protective and someone she could have been close to as a child. The two share a deep soul connection that can’t quite be explained by either.

From the beginning of the series, there is an obvious attraction and a building romance between the two despite the many reasons they shouldn’t be together. Still, they find a way to dance around each other as they try not to act on their palpable feelings – which is clear as day to everyone around them. This “dance” leads to the mid-season finale “Evil Handmade Instrument” after the conspiracy led to the death of David, the civilian death of Agent Patterson’s (a fellow agent and friend to Jane who’s helping solve the mystery) boyfriend. Patterson had recently broken up with David, despite being in love with him because she felt he had become a distraction to solving this important mystery. So David foolishly tried to help solve the mystery so they could be together – which then led to his murder.

Jane has an epiphany about her feelings for Kurt. Photo: NBC
Jane has an epiphany about her feelings for Kurt. Photo: NBC

After they catch the killer, Jane and Patterson have an emotional conversation which is what leads to Jane’s epiphany and this week’s standout romantic moment.

“David was right,” Patterson says. “We were great together. And I was just scared.”

“You had no idea any of this was gonna happen,” Jane reassures her.

“I wasted so much energy on why it wouldn’t work when I could’ve been—I loved him. And he was right in front of me, and I should’ve just held onto him. Instead, I just pushed him away. And now, he’s gone.”

As Patterson sobs, Jane has an epiphany. Patterson’s words reflect exactly what Jane has been feeling for Kurt. So Jane is going to do what Patterson should have done, which leads to the…


Jane sneaks away from her protective detail to go to Kurt’s apartment. She waits for him outside his place sitting on a bench. He shows up with a bag of groceries in hand and stops, surprised to see her.

“Hey. Everything all right?” Weller asks.

“Yeah,” Jane says as she stands up to talk to him.

kurt and jane 1

“Where’s your detail?” Kurt asks as he looks around concerned.

“Um, I snuck out,” she admits.

“All right. That is crazy. Their job is to be with you the whole time, to look after you when you get home.”

“I just needed to see you,” Jane confesses.

kurt and jane 2

Kurt stops startled by her reasoning but intrigued.

“Is everything okay?” he asks again.

And with that, Jane kisses him.

kurt and jane 3

He kisses back. You can feel the intense feelings between them as they’ve been wanting to kiss each other for a long time.

kurt and jane 5 kurt and jane 6 kurt and jane

They pull away from the kiss.

kurt and jane

“I just, um—I wanted a moment that was just…us,” Jane tells him as he smiles.

kurt and jane 10 kurt and jane 11

They kiss again. It’s another kiss with feeling and emotion rather than lust.

kurt and jane pre 12 kurt and jane 13

But the moment doesn’t last long. “Uncle Kurt?” Weller’s nephew asks interrupting the moment. Jane laughs at the awkwardness as they pull apart.”

kurt and jane 14

“Hey,” Kurt responds to his nephew.

“Mom said I can help you with the groceries.”

As Kurt breaks away and heads over to his nephew so he can help, Jane begins to leave – still happy about the moment that passed between them.

“See you tomorrow,” Jane calls out as she leaves.

“Okay,” Kurt says still surprised.

kurt and jane 15

“Great timing,” Kurt says quietly to his nephew teasingly. “Good timing.”

Soon after this romantic moment, a van pulls up to kidnap Jane without Weller knowing. While she escapes from this kidnapping, a little bit more is revealed about Jane’s past. We learn she was the one behind the tattoos and that this is her mission by choice. We shall see how this will affect the relationship between Kurt and Jane in future episodes.

Who else is watching Blindspot? Are you enjoying the romance between Kurt and Jane? Are you happy that this won’t be a long drawn out will/they won’t they romance? Let me know in the comments.

Photos: NBC

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  1. Kurt and Jane’s relationship is one of the things that really sets this show apart from the usual procedural. I can’t wait for it to come back so we can find out how Jane’s discoveries change their relationship going forward

    • Yeah, exactly! Without the relationship, this show wouldn’t work as much as it does. It would just be like every other procedural with a little bit of mystery. I’m glad they’re making the love story front and center and I can’t wait to see how it develops.


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