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Romantic Moment of the Week: Falling in Love at First Dance

The Film: Love at First Dance (2018)

The Pairing: Eric (Niall Matter) and Hope (Becca Tobin)

The Moment: Eric and Hope experience a “magical” moment in a dance.

It’s no secret I’m something of a Hallmark movie junkie. No matter the season, new Hallmark movies never ceases to raise my excitement level. The romance and old-fashioned stories are something myself and millions like me admire most about this network.

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Most recently, their “June Weddings” campaign came to a close. One of the films that premiered is a little film called Love at First Dance. A charming little story that introduces us to two people who experience a memorable (for all the wrong reasons) first meeting. Today we take a closer look at this pair and the romantic moment that culminates from this (not so) meet-cute.

The Lead In: Love at First Dance 

The introduction between Eric and Hope is one that doesn’t impress Hope. You see, he tries to cut in line while Hope waits backstage of a play to congratulate her friend on a performance well done. They exchange sparring words, and part in the knowledge they’ll never see one another again.

In the society pages, Eric’s a catch and one of the wealthiest men in New York, but Hope? She’s unimpressed. Their respective “first impressions” of one another resembles that of Mr. Darcy and Lizzy! Spirited but uninterested.

Of course, as is the case with any good romantic-comedy, destiny has other ideas and Hope is again faced with Eric. You see Eric is about to be married, but the trouble is, he has two left feet. The solution? Hope, who happens to be a talented dancer and is one of the city’s most sought-after first dance choreographers.

Love at First Dance

Love at First Dance

After only one lesson, Eric’s fiancée (who does have skills) bows out of the lessons due to work commitments. This leaves the teacher and student quite on their own. Together, they work on improving Eric’s skills, and with time, they become friends. A friendship that includes a spontaneous (and romantic!) lesson that finds them dancing in a pond.

All of this leads up to the quiet, but swoony moment between them during which, tangible longing is present.

The Romantic Moment

For their wedding, which is now less than a week away, Hope wants the bride and groom to practice at the venue. But as is the norm, Adriana is unable to attend the lesson. This leaves Eric and Hope to fend for themselves as they find they are again alone.

Music softly fills the elegant ballroom as the band sets up. Affixed in front of the stage is Hope and Eric standing on the dance floor. Realizing the reason they’re there is to run through the wedding dance, they turn and face one another.

With final words of advice (“be in the moment,” she says) on this practice run, the pair step into a hold, and together they accept the unspoken “shall we dance?” question.

Love at First Dance

Love at First Dance

In each other’s arms, they sway and begin the dance. Falling into the music, the pair eases into the soft first stage of the piece. As the lights dim, the atmosphere of the room changes. A beautiful pink tinge lights the room as the couple twirls across the floor.

Love at First Dance

The music continues to guide the dance and the pair effortlessly sway through Hope’s delicate choreography.

Love at First Dance

Despite his lack of dance skills, Eric leads Hope in a romantic dance she created. With Hope, this dance, this moment is perfect. With Hope, he forgets about insecurities, and can just be in the moment.

Hope, falling under the sway of this man who is so much more than she once thought, wonders at this affection she feels for Eric.

But in this brief eclipse of time, they are one. They sway and move with the music as if no one watches. Pulling Hope close, they stand holding one another for the briefest of moments. As they pull apart, both realize an attraction.

Love at First Dance

Soon the spell breaks, the dance ends, and they break apart… neither one saying anything. For now, the moment is over. But their love story isn’t…

This scene may not convey a message with words, but it’s beautiful. It says so much in this dance between two people, and their unexpected feelings.

Where to Watch:  Check Hallmark’s listings for any possible re-airs of Love at First Dance.

Have you seen Love at First Dance? Did you like or dislike this couple? What are some of your favorite quiet romantic moments? I’d love to know all your thoughts – leave them in the comments below.

Photos: Hallmark Channel/Crown Media Press

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