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The First Kiss: 15 Epic and Romantic First Kisses

“Just kiss already!” Sound familiar? Perhaps you found yourself perched at the edge of your seat, yelling at your television for your favorite couple to kiss. Or, perhaps you were pacing back and forth because the tension was utterly unbearable. Either way, we all experienced moments when we practically leaped off our couches to shake the romantic sense into our favorite romantic pairings. And, when they finally shared that first kiss…..swoon! There are so many epic romantic kisses. Many of which I love to watch over and over again.

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A few years ago, I put together a list of my favorite almost first kisses. This time, I wanted to share some of my favorite, romantic first kisses. However, I also wanted to know about your favorite kisses. So, I put out a call for recommendations on Twitter, and voila! Below is a list of my favorite romantic first kisses as well as a few from you. Settle in for a trip down memory lane and revisit 15 of the most romantic first kisses from television.

The First Kiss: 15 Epic and Romantic First Kisses

(In No Particular Order)

#1 Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity

The kiss that broke hearts around the world. One of the most romantic first kisses that was also a goodbye kiss. It remains one of the most beloved moments between Oliver and Felicity to this day.

#2 Jack and Elizabeth from When Calls the Heart

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“Take a walk with me…..” I swooned when Jack uttered those words to Elizabeth. That walk led to this achingly sweet first kiss between Jack and Elizabeth. I’m bummed I could not find a video of this moment but there are a number of beautiful fan videos on YouTube that capture all of Jack and Elizabeth’s romantic kisses.

#3 Logan and Veronica of Veronica Mars

Oh. My. Let me repeat. Oh. My. This spin-and-kiss trope is done right by Logan and holy cow! This first kiss catches fire and it never burns out. Never.

#4 Sydney and Vaughn from Alias

After nearly two years of unbearable tension, not to mention the danger Sydney faced every day, Sydney and Vaughn finally (FINALLY) shared their first kiss. The destruction of SD6 unleashed the passion between Sydney and Vaughn and they did not care who knew it! Perfection!

#5 North and South’s Margaret Hale and John Thornton

This glorious moment between Margaret Hale and John Thornton is beyond beautiful. It is no wonder North and South is one of the most romantic period dramas of all time.

#6 Dawson Creek’s Joey and Pacey

As one Twitter user said, this first kiss stood out because it was “totally unexpected!” Fans of Joey and Pacey knew they were meant to be. This moment certainly proved them right!

#7 Charley and Romero of Queen Sugar

Photo Credit: OWN

Romero comes along in Charley’s life at the perfect moment. He’s the quiet, underrated guy. The one just biding his time. Plus, he cooks and dances. And sweeps Charley right off her feet and into his arms. This magical first kiss stole my breath. While you know it’s coming, it is still so unexpected. This is due to Romero. There is no pressure. This kiss was simply gorgeous in its simplicity. I’m equally bummed I couldn’t find a clip of this moment. Still, a picture is worth a thousand words! Also, if you’re not familiar with Queen Sugar, I highly recommend you head over to Hulu and stream Seasons 1 – 3. It’s a show created by women, made by women, with a powerful storyline.

Content Warning: Rated TV-14.

#8 Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill

Confession: I’ve never seen One Tree Hill. It’s in my queue but I just kept pushing it lower on the list. However, after watching this clip….wow! I loved this first kiss so much that One Tree Hill moved to the top of my queue!

#9 Anne of Avonlea’s Anne and Gilbert

One of the sweetest romances of all time! Fans of the beloved 1980s version of Anne of Green Gables series long point to this moment between Anne and Gilbert as the standard for all other couples. Psst…they may be right!

#10 Persuasion’s Anne and Captain Wentworth

After a love letter like Captain Wentworth’s, the only way to respond is with a kiss such as this!

#11 Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls

How many times did you yell at your television for these two to just kiss already? This romantic moment between Luke and Lorelai could not have been more perfect. It was typical Luke and Lorelai.

#12 Jim and Pam from The Office


I’ve never watched The Office. Ever. This recommendation came from a direct message on Twitter and I’m so glad it did!

#13 Lucy and Wyatt of Timeless


The writers of Timeless sure did enjoy teasing Lyatt fans! Technically, this isn’t Lucy and Wyatt’s first kiss. But it was a kiss without pretense, and without an audience…..if you don’t count us! The time period, the setting, the costumes…all of it led to this romantic moment that was practically perfect in every way! Also, if you’ve never seen Timeless, head over to Hulu right now! Both seasons plus the wrap-up movie are available to stream!

Content Warning: Rated TV-14

#14 The West Wing’s Josh and Donna

It only took FOREVER for Josh and Donna to have their first kiss. It was, however, well worth the wait. All that tension culminated in this moment, right here. As a result, it was everything we wanted and more.

#15 Mulder and Scully from The X-Files

It’s no secret that X-Files creator and executive producer Chris Carter was not a fan of the “will they/won’t they” hype surrounding Mulder and Scully. As a result, not much focus was given to their personal relationship. However, you cannot stop chemistry! Thus, this sweet first kiss on New Year’s Eve marked perhaps the first time Carter gave a grudging nod to what he really could not stop!

This post is positively swimming in romance! From Oliver and Felicity to Mulder and Scully, these swoon-worthy moments set the bar high!

Which one of these first kisses was your favorite? Did your favorite couple’s first kiss make the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “The First Kiss: 15 Epic and Romantic First Kisses”

  1. Thank you for reading! And yes, Lucy and Wyatt’s “first” kiss was amazing. I think being in 1940s Hollywood made it all the more romantic!

  2. So many worthy entries! So many wonderful memories! Oliver and Felicity top my list right now but you brought back the long wait of Alias, the perfect balance of imperfection between Luke and Lorelai, the wonderful shock the happened on Veronica Mars, and the can’t be stopped chemistry of the X-Files.

  3. I thought Lucy and Wyatt’s first kiss was so awkward. I was squirming in my seat. It didn’t help that it felt really forced and rushed. I do agree with several of your other choices, however!


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