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‘Newton’s Law’ TV Review – A Quirky Legal Comedy

International legal dramas are always worth consideration in my opinion. And thankfully, Newton’s Law didn’t disappoint. From the producers and creators of the beloved Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, this contemporary series encompasses what good, quality TV is all about.

About Newton’s Law 

A bad day isn’t something Josephine Newton (Claudia Karvan) is a stranger to. Her small law firm has been set on fire by an annoyed client and Josephine’s personal life is, for lack of a better word, complicated.

Josephine is a solicitor who no longer argues cases. This doesn’t stop her from fighting for her clients. Though she’s on a “trial separation” from her marriage, Josephine doesn’t let this deter her, nor her colleagues who need her undivided attention.

Colleagues like Helena (Georgina Naidu), the woman afraid of a courtroom, the reformed Johnny (Sean Keenan), and then there’s her teenage daughter (Ella Newton). Needless to say, Josephine’s life is a balancing act. Then the former college friend who-might-have-been-more, Lewis Hughes (Toby Schmitz), talks her into returning to the bar.

Newton’s Law TV Show Review

Newton’s Law (2017), the Complete Series Review

This series is all kinds of funny and happy. It’s a grown-up comedy in the best way. And I love all of the character quirks. The general concept is described by Every Cloud Productions as “the Upstairs, Downstairs of legal dramas.”

Everything about Newton’s Law reveals quality storytelling. From the cases to the characters (the leads straight down to the supporting characters), the story keeps you coming back to its too brief eight episodes. There are some interesting cases and for balance, some that just make us giggle. Best of all, these are all artfully guided by a group of likable characters.

Newton’s Law TV Show Review

Josephine Newton is a fantastic leading lady. I love her character, and feel as if one way or another, most of us can relate to her; even if it’s just by the concept of trying to manage the hustle-bustle of life and endless to-do tasks.

On the other hand, it takes me a bit longer to decide what I think of Lewis. But in the end, he wins me over. However, it may be Josephine’s ‘downstairs’ colleagues who are most engaging. Helena is equal parts wonderful and endearing, and I’m convinced she’s impossible not to like. Johnny is also a fun persona; a reformed (or is he?) thief, the love-to-hate volleys between him and newcomer Skye Stewart shows the viewer another side of him.

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Made in part with Every Cloud Productions, Acorn TV has the US rights where you can also stream this series. Only be aware, there is one problem with the eighth episode. The greatest flaw is that it’s not coming back for a second season. The most tragic thing about this is the heartbreaking end (for the romantic among us), which somehow is also sweetly romantic, and perfect.

There’s another sweet romance we don’t get an end to, questions left without answers, and just the fact that we can’t hang out with these people anymore.

If the allure of a good, solid comedy is greater than a bittersweet resolution, don’t miss Newton’s Law. It’s a show that knows how to have a really good time.  

Where to watch: You can find Newton’s Law on DVD (in various regions), stream it on ACORN TV, or on the ACORN TV Amazon channel add-on.

Content Note: There is some innuendo/sexual humor in the personal and professional lives (through their cases) of these characters. Nothing ever becomes explicit. There may be mild profanity, but again, it’s never terrible. The episodes would be TV-PG or TV-14 depending on the episode.

Have you seen the Newton’s Law TV show? Did you like it, dislike it? What are your thoughts on the romance? What’s your favorite international TV show (I’m always ready to try something new)? Sound off below with your thoughts!

Photos: ABC Australia / Every Cloud Productions / Acorn TV

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'Newton's Law' TV Review  – A Quirky Legal Comedy


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    • Isn’t “Queens of Mystery” fun!? It’s one of the most entertaining series I’ve seen in a long time. Hope you enjoy this one if you see it, Debra – and let me know what you think. 🙂


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