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Gazebo TV: The Best Way to watch ‘Anne of Green Gables’

Gazebo TV exclusively features popular period dramas like Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea.

*Disclosure: I have been given free content on Gazebo TV streaming to write an honest review on The Silver Petticoat Review. All opinions are my own, and the company did not influence me.

Gazebo TV is the official streaming site for Sullivan Entertainment and is the only way to digitally stream period drama favorites such as Anne of Green GablesRoad to Avonlea, or Wind at my Back.

So, if you’re like me, and enjoy the streaming experience, this is currently the best way to watch period drama favorites like Anne of Green Gables. (It’s also remastered in HD.) Thankfully, the streaming platform works smoothly and is an excellent way to watch period dramas suitable for the entire family (at least most of the content).

How Gazebo TV Works

By Way of the Stars. A family period drama. Photo Courtesy of Sullivan Entertainment.

Because Gazebo TV is a lesser-known streaming platform, you may not even know it exists. But it’s a reliable streaming service, although it works differently than most other platforms. It works more like Amazon Video, where you rent or buy digital purchases. No monthly subscription is available.

However, there are no advertisements, and you have complete access to the full Sullivan library to rent or buy. From there, it’s up to you what to watch.

In short, you rent or buy, then checkout, and then watch. It’s that simple.  

If you’re a lifelong loyalist to Green Gables or Avonlea, purchasing is probably the better deal. That way, you can stream forever. But if there’s a movie you only want to watch once, renting works just fine too.

What to Watch First

Olivia King (Mag Ruffman) in Road to Avonlea. Photo Courtesy of Sullivan Entertainment.

Sullivan Entertainment has an exclusive library of content featuring popular award-winning dramas, family period dramas, shows for kids, and even excellent documentaries. If you haven’t seen Anne of Green Gables and the sequels yet, I recommend it first. They’re as beloved as the 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice for a reason.

If you’re a fan of Anne of Green Gables but haven’t seen Road to Avonlea yet, watch that next. You’ll be in for a treat because it’s an Emmy-winning spinoff series and just as good!

From there, fans of the Avonlea world will likely also appreciate the Great-Depression-themed series, Wind at My Back, or even the documentary about L.M. Montgomery called Spirit of Place.

Under the Piano. Photo Courtesy of Sullivan Entertainment.

Finally, a couple of other favorites I recommend include Lantern Hill (another L.M. Montgomery adaptation) and Under the Piano (starring Megan Follows).

While I haven’t seen everything on the streaming service yet, many of the other shows and films are also worth checking out.

Ways Gazebo TV Can Improve

Photo Courtesy of Sullivan Entertainment.

While the streaming platform works well and is a fantastic way to watch excellent family period dramas digitally, a few improvements could be made for the future.

For one, closed captioning is not available on all movies and shows. Closed captioning is available for Road to Avonlea, however, so that’s good. But I don’t have a complete list of what has captions and what doesn’t. Hopefully, more closed captions will make it to more content in the future.

The only other issue I ran into is if I watched a movie or an episode halfway and left the app, I’d have to re-find where I left off to continue watching. It didn’t hold my place. A small quibble, but it is an aspect of Gazebo TV that could improve.

Overall Thoughts

Photo Courtesy of Sullivan Entertainment.

Overall, I love the ease of use on Gazebo TV. The condition of the content is excellent with clear, high-quality pictures (sometimes remastered) and sound. I had no issues with playback, so watching movies and shows on the platform worked smoothly.

While some may be disappointed, there’s no monthly subscription; it is a lovely way to digitally rent or own some of the best family entertainment ever produced. If you’re looking to introduce your kids to period dramas, Gazebo TV is one of the best ways to do that. So, check it out.

Gazebo TV is currently available on Roku, Apple TV, and the Apple App Store. You can access the streaming site HERE.

Have you used Gazebo TV? What are your thoughts on the streaming platform? Do you have a movie or show you recommend from the official Sullivan library? Leave a comment below.

Featured image: Courtesy of Sullivan Entertainment

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  1. Can’t find this app on Apple TV. I have it on my iPad through the App Store but can’t stream on my TV unless I use the internet app, look up the website and play it from there. Not the best viewing experience. Also can’t find the app through my Amazon fire stick or smart TV. I purchased the Anne of Green Gables movies as I miss seeing them on TV. This version is by far the best and closest to the books! Still worth my purchase, just wish the app was easier to use on a TV.


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