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Five Period Dramas Garden Lovers Will Enjoy

A Little Chaos Featured (1); garden lovers
Kate Winslet in A Little Chaos. Photo: BBC Films

Garden lovers are naturally drawn to period dramas because they are guaranteed to see lovely estates with amazing gardens. Whether it’s a declaration of love or just the heroine taking a walk, flowers and sunshine set the scene for many important moments. Each of the dramas on this list either features the themes of gardening or the movie has lovely landscapes that take us to another place. Take a look at the dramas on this list to fulfill your floral fervor.

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Five Period Dramas Garden Lovers Will Enjoy

#1 A Little Chaos (2014)

period dramas for garden lovers

This entire film is about gardening as it takes on Sabine’s journey helping design the famous garden at Versailles. Sabine favors the chaotic growth of flowers over well-ordered landscapes. Her love of “chaos” brings her romance and liberation as she constructs her vision at the famous palace. Flower and garden lovers will swoon as they see how the world’s most famous gardens came into being. The film does contain some mature content.

#2 The Secret Garden (1987)

period dramas for garden lovers
The Secret Garden (1987). Photo: Hallmark

There are many versions of this movie, but the 1987 version is my favorite. This timeless tale features orphan Mary along with her cousin and friend bringing an abandoned garden back to life. Mary, Dickon, and Colin make their own magic as they restore the garden and strengthen their friendships. Viewers can watch the dead weeds become blossoming beauties. Fans will also see a young Colin Firth at the end.

#3 Pride and Prejudice (1995 and 2005)

Elizabeth Bennet in the 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Photo: BBC; period dramas for garden lovers
Elizabeth Bennet in the 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Photo: BBC

Both films feature botanical splendors from Pemberley to Longbourn. The 1995 version features Jane and Lizzie picking flowers in the lovely garden at Longbourn. We see a tangle of flowers and well-ordered beds as they discuss romance. Elizabeth strolls the gardens of Pemberley in both versions, which helps her to fall in love a little more with it. Finally, you can be treated to an amazing view during the proposal scene in the rain during the 2005 version.

#4 Emma (2009)

period dramas for garden lovers
Romola Garai in Emma (2009). Photo: BBC

Emma spends a great deal of time in her garden in this version. Whether she is painting or picking flowers, it appears it must be one of her favorite places. The elegant shrubbery is a perfect place to hide and watch the man you love walk around. The garden is also the perfect place for a declaration of romance and a proposal.

#5 A Room with a View (1985)

A Room with a View
Room With a View. Photo: Merchant Ivory/Curzon Films

Lucy’s home in England has a garden that her family loves to spend time. The elegant walkways, shrubberies, and flowers make it the quintessential English garden. There is also a tennis court when you need a break from taking in the splendor. This film is full of flowers from start to finish. The poppy field in Italy is home to one of the most romantic period drama kisses.

Please share your favorite period drama garden!

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