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16 Clean Free Romance E-Books To Be Read Right Now: Part 1

Stories with swoon-worthy romance can be supremely satisfying to read. What makes a romance even better is when the storyteller understands the art of old-fashioned chivalrous romance. Unfortunately, wholesome romance books can sometimes be difficult to find. So, if that’s your jam, here’s a list of clean free romance e-Books created with you in mind.

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Below, you’ll discover a variety of titles, including ideal beach reads (or perfect for when it’s time to curl up in front of the fireplace) and an assortment of different genres.

From YA to adult, contemporary to historical, there’s a free book for everyone. (Though many of them are prequel stories or novellas.) Plus, I share a few bargain choices you might also enjoy. The plan is to circle back and share a ‘Part 2’ list in the not too distant future.

*INSTRUCTIONS: Simply click on the buy links on Amazon and download free books to your Kindle.

*PLEASE NOTE: These free romance e-Books are “free” at time of publication (please check the price before making any purchases and continuing with the free download). This list isn’t inclusive nor have we read all of the authors or the books, but we did try to ensure they all fall under the “clean” romance reads tag.

16 Clean Free Romance E-Books

Sorted from a-z

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1: The Art of Taking Chances

Genre: YA Lit; anthology

Why You Might Like It: if you want to try an author’s work, but don’t want to buy a novel, anthologies can be an excellent way to give their storytelling a chance.  

2: Once: Six Historically Inspired Fairy Tales

Genre: Historical Fantasy, Fairy Tale

Why You Might Like It: There are six fairy tales in this collection, which is a fun way to try new authors. Plus, who doesn’t like some good fairy tale stories?

3: Homecoming by Carolyn Aarsen 16 Clean Free Romance E-Books

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Why You Might Like It: The plot reads like a heartwarming Hallmark romance!

4: Hazardous Duty by Christy Barritt 

Genre: Mystery, Adult Fiction

Why You Might Like It: Those who’ve seen the short-lived Australian comedy series Mr. and Mrs. Murder will likely find a gem in this novel. It follows a woman hoping to become a forensic scientist only to instead start her own crime scene cleaning business.

5: House Without Lies (Lily’s House Book 1) by Rachel Branton 

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Why You Might Like It: This one has a 4 1/2 star average rating on Amazon, and is penned by an author I see frequently under the “clean” reads tag. It’s about a woman creating a safe haven for runaways and the counselor who helps her find a home.

[Amazon] Editorial note: House Without Lies is a clean, contemporary romance.

6: Summer of Dreams and Toward the Sunrise by Elizabeth Camden 

Genre: Historical Romance

Why You Might Like It: Elizabeth Camden’s novels are stunning historical stories similar to BBC dramas like North and South, plus the heroes are usually pretty swoony.

7: Her Texas Cowboy by Debra Clopton 

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Why You Might Like It: Haven’t read this one, but years ago I read so many Love Inspired novels by this author. They were all in good humor and tons of fun. As the title suggests, this one is about a cowboy who rescues a “beautiful cowgirl.” This also has a 4 1/2 star rating average.

16 Clean Free Romance E-Books8: UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn 

Genre: YA Fantasy, Fairy Tale

Why You Might Like It: Sounds like a mashup of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, and something like SyFy’s imaginative retellings (Alice or Tin Man). Plus, it’s got some pretty impressive review stats.

9: Pride and Precipitation by Heather Horrocks 

Genre: Adult Chick-lit, romance

Why You Might Like It: It’s a contemporary retelling of Pride and Prejudice set in the unpredictable world of meteorology! Sounds fun, right?

10: A Lady of Esteem and A Search for Refuge by Kristi Ann Hunter 

Genre: Historical Romance

Why You Might Like It: The novel I read by Kristi was interesting and emotionally investing. These two novellas (both serve as two separate series starters) are excellent ways to try a new author.

11: In Between by Jenny B. Jones 

Genre: YA Contemporary

Why You Might Like It: Sadly, this is another I haven’t read by an author I’m familiar with. But I do adore this author’s novels. This one is book one in one of her contemporary YA trilogies.

12: Lakeshore Secrets by Shannyn Leah 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Why You Might Like It: It sounds like a sweet reunion story that falls into the fated romance trope.

PLEASE NOTE: There is some discrepancy as to the content in this novel, but the majority of readers do say it’s a clean read.

13: Waiting for Rachel by Kimberley Rae Jordan 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Why You Might Like It: A series that follows a trio of brothers, and the women who capture their hearts. 

14: Twice Shy by Mona Ingram

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Why You Might Like It: There are some secrets that may hinder this reunion romance!

15: Three Little Words by Melissa Tagg 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Why You Might Like It: Another charming novella story that is set in a small town and will be ideal for fans of wholesome romance.

16: Then Came You by Becky Wade 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Why You Might Like It: If you’ve read anything by Becky Wade, you’re sure to enjoy this novella; and if you read her Bradford Sister series, this story introduces us to their father.

BONUS! Sharing 16 additional options that are only .99 on Kindle!

Again, we advise you double-check prices as they are subject to change.

What are some of your favorite free e-Books or low-cost romance novels on Kindle or e-book platforms? Have you read any on this list? Did we miss a favorite of yours? Let us know down below, and we might add it to our follow up list!

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16 Clean Free Romance E-Books To Be Read Right Now. We've compiled a list of clean and wholesome free books to buy from Amazon. 
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