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The Silver Petticoat Book Club Announces New Pick for November and December: Little Women

For the book club pick, we've selected a timeless classic to fall in love with all over again!

With the holidays approaching, we felt a nostalgic Christmas classic was just what we all need right now. For November and December 2021, we will read the American classic Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. With the brand-new release of a special edition copy, including replicas of all 17 significant letters and vintage paper ephemera from the novel, it’s the perfect time for a re-read!


little women book club reveal
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott – the November and December 2021 Book Club Pick!

Alcott’s classic 1869 novel is about the four March sisters: little women, as they are called. Through their struggles and triumphs in love, marriage, and life – the book will inspire readers by the strength of each sister’s character.

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Our first introduction to the famous story was with the 1994 film adaptation starring Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Christian Bale, and Kirsten Dunst. The film has gone on to be a 20th-century classic; however, little did we know that that first introduction to Jo March (based on Louisa May Alcott’s own life) would lead to a life-long love and interest in Alcott’s works, her life, and the Concord writers.

Little Women 2019
Little Women 2019 adaptation. Photo: Sony Pictures Releasing

There have been other fabulous adaptations as well such as the 1949 film, the 2018 miniseries, Little Women stage plays, the 2019 award-winning movie adaptation, and more!

Besides the love between sisters in the book, the friendship and budding romance between Jo and Laurie also enthralled us. Now, where you fall on the love quadrangle between Jo, Laurie, Amy, and Professor Bhaer will be up to you.

Everyone gets very passionate about which ship they want to sail, but we’ll leave the decision of who Jo should have ended up with (whether with Laurie, Bhaer, or no one) up for book club discussion!

Little Women book cover

So, join us these next two months as we explore the classic novel. You can read any edition of the book you want!

But we’re also excited about this latest edition from Barbara Heller! And hope that it will be the perfect little gift for our readers in time for Christmas!

It’s perfect for fans of Little Women, the movie adaptations, moms and their daughters, calligraphy letter writers, or just getting a little nostalgic slice of life from the 1800s.

OFFICIAL BOOK DESCRIPTION OF LITTLE WOMEN: The Complete Novel, Featuring Letters and Ephemera from the Characters’ Correspondence, Written and Folded by Hand (by Louisa May Alcott and Barbara Heller)

little women barbara heller edition book cover


This special edition invites fans inside the world of the March sisters. It includes the full text of Little Women, plus gorgeous, removable replicas of the characters’ letters and other writings. 

For anyone who loves Little Women, or still cherishes the joy of letter writing, this book illuminates a favorite story in a whole new way. Louisa May Alcott’s classic tale follows the March sisters as they come of age, and these unforgettable characters come alive in their letters and other writings.

When Laurie invites Jo to join him for a picnic and “all sorts of larks,” the unbridled joy of their friendship shines through. Each of the girls’ personalities is perfectly encapsulated in the letters they pen to Marmee.

And Jo’s heart-wrenching poem “My Beth” speaks to the profound bond between two sisters. As you read this deluxe edition of the novel, you will find pockets throughout containing replicas of all 17 significant letters and paper ephemera from the story, re-created with beautiful calligraphy and painstaking attention to historical detail.

Pull out each one, peruse its contents, and allow yourself to be transported to the parlor of the March family home.


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(A book club that discusses sweet or sophisticated love stories from all genres.)

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Each month, the selection for the book club changes between new and old choices. This is a classic novel this month.

A classic is any book published before 2000. Books published after that date are classified as new. If you’re new to the club, have a look at some of our previous book club selections HERE.


On the final few days of the second month, we’ll discuss the book selection on all three of the social media platforms listed below. The primary discussion points will be on Facebook and Goodreads.

We will also provide downloadable discussion questions. They will be on The Silver Petticoat Review for you to discuss with your friends and family. More information on that topic is provided below.

You’ll want to acquire a copy of the book (buy it, check it out from the library, etc.) and begin reading when we announce a new book selection. When we post book club discussions on our social media sites during the second month’s final few days, come online and be ready to talk.

We run virtual events from time to time, but the majority of our discussions happen online and in forums/posts.

You can follow our website, The Silver Petticoat Review (subscribe to our newsletter for updates), for up-to-date information on the book club. You may also connect with us via our social media sites using the hashtag #TheSilverPetticoatBookClub

Read more about The Silver Petticoat Book Club HERE.


For the greatest book club discussions, we propose creating and joining your own local chapter of The Silver Petticoat Book Club. These meetings may be as big or little as you like. Perhaps you’d want to talk about the book with your mother or sister? Or perhaps you wish for a bigger crowd. We leave it to you to decide.

The most effective book clubs also include personal discussions (or via Zoom!). So, if you want to participate in more than just our social media platforms, be sure to download our monthly discussion questions and discuss the book with your family and friends. We’ll assist you in getting the discussion going!

We’d be thrilled if you used the hashtag on social media to demonstrate how you’re participating (#TheSilverPetticoatBookClub). Share photos, quotes, and other content!

What are your thoughts on the book club pick? Do you have any questions about how The Silver Petticoat Book Club works or what the book club entails? Have you read Little Women before and if so, did you like it? What are your thoughts on Little Women by Louisa May Alcott for a winter season read in 2021? Discuss below!

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