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Author Spotlight and Interview -Heather Burch; Writer of Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Heather Burch

Hello Silver Petticoat readers. I am very excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to Heather Burch, author of emotionally complex, beautiful contemporary novels.

Heather BurchI discovered Heather when I ran across her first adult novel, The Lavender Ribbon. Not knowing anything about her or her stories, I read that book with no expectations. To my surprise I finished The Lavender Ribbon and was left stunned by how much I enjoyed it and by Heather’s talent for story-telling.  Since then, she has become one of my must-read authors. I have devoured all of her adult fiction titles. Being a recent convert to YA fiction, her YA series Halflings, featuring supernatural beings, is on my TBR pile.

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One of the things I love about Heather’s stories is that she writes realistically about individual and family dysfunction without sacrificing the elements of hope and redemption. Many of her characters struggle with issues that we all have been exposed to ourselves. These people are human and flawed, just like the rest of us, and in reading their journeys to resolution, we are also along for the ride, only to discover the truths hidden in our own hearts. That is the beauty of a Heather Burch novel.

After reading her most recent release, In the Light of the Garden (which I have personally reviewed here and which is also available for a discounted price on Amazon through April), I had to contact Heather Burch personally to tell her how much I admire her writing and to ask if she would be willing to participate in an author spotlight and interview for The Silver Petticoat. Fortunately, she agreed.

So without further ado, I present Heather Burch.

An Interview With Heather Burch

Can you tell us a little bit about your beginnings and journey as an author?

First, let me say thank you so much for inviting me! I always love the opportunity to chat with readers who may not be familiar with my books.

Now to answer your question…I don’t remember a time I didn’t think of myself as writer. Even back as far as elementary school, I’ve loved writing. But I became serious about finishing a novel in 2006. I’d started so many. It was time to write a final chapter and the words THE END. I completed my first book that year and went on. But my first sale came in the form of a YA novel titled, Halflings. It was purchased by Zondervan/Harper Collins. It was the debut author’s dream, hard cover to paperback, and a three book deal. Now, I have a total of 8 novels in print in the U.S. and several foreign editions. It’s surreal.

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Tell us a little about yourself as a reader. Do you have a favorite author, genre, or novel? 

I love sweeping women’s fiction novels. That’s the genre I’m writing in now. Family dynamics, sometimes quirky characters, and a search for a life filled with purpose. But honestly, I will read anything from any genre if it grabs my attention. If the writing is stellar or if the story is compelling…I’m hooked!

Heather BurchSince The Silver Petticoat Review focuses on old-fashioned storytelling and romance, what in your opinion qualifies as old-fashioned storytelling? Do you have a favorite story that meets your qualifications?

Old fashioned storytelling is as simple as grandma’s angel pies. If you have all the ingredients and you put them together with love, you’ll have the whole family asking for more. Sorry, had to add a little humor.

There is a certain nostalgia we’ve come to expect from an old-fashioned story. We need it. We love it. We aren’t happy if it’s missing. A good story is like your favorite warm blanket on a cold night. It always brings comfort, it always makes you feel a bit more grounded and settled, and it always cradles you in love.

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As a follow up to number 3, in your opinion how would you define old-fashioned romance? Do you have a favorite story that meets your criteria on this?

We live is such an instant gratification society. We’ve lost the art of pursuit. A romance—at its most intriguing level—is about the hunt. We want to linger in those feelings and anticipations with the characters. We want to—in a small way—be tortured by the chase. Great romance, whether it’s an old-fashioned type story or not, should create an unforgettable ache within our souls. It is a deep need to connect on a human level. I’m a big believer in romance. As for a favorite…wow, I don’t think I could ever pick one. There are so many gorgeous books that offer up a gloriously satisfying love story.

If you could have authored any book other than your own, what do you wish you had written? Why?

The Hunger Games. All three books. They are such an important look at society and how we get our priorities out of order.

Which of your books has been the most difficult/challenging to write? Why?

My latest release, In the Light of the Garden was difficult because of my personal life. Right before writing it, my mother passed away. The story line became an emotional journey for me. Reader reviews assure me that it’s one of my best novels, but I don’t think I could sit down and read it cover to cover. It’s still emotionally raw for me.

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If you could choose one of your books to be made into a movie which would it be? Which actors would you like to see play the lead characters?

I would actually love to see One Lavender Ribbon made into a movie. There has been the tiniest bit of buzz about that. It would translate well to the big screen. At the same time, Halflings was with a well-known Hollywood producer for two years. At one time, Mosaic signed onto the project and I thought it might become a feature film. But so many titles are optioned that never go into production. It was an incredibly fun experience all the same.

Which of your book characters is most like you? Most unlike you?

I’m a lot like Charlee in Along the Broken Road. She has brothers, but she’s the boss.

Most unlike me… I’d have to say Charity’s mother in In the Light of the Garden. She was so disconnected as a mom…something I just don’t get. Even so, there’s the tiniest bit of myself in every character I’ve ever written. I don’t think you can be an author and not put some small part of you into each character.

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A big thank you to Heather Burch for joining us today.. Don’t forget to check out her author page at Amazon and her other book titles.

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