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The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery: Finding Life and Love

the blue castle by L.M. Montgomery

The Blue Castle Book Review

The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery is aimed towards adults but still offers the magic of all her other books. The story follows Valancy Stirling, age 29, who lives a life of drudgery with her family. She is treated poorly and happiness always seems to pass her by. However, a trip to the doctor changes her life.

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Valancy, due to a medical mixup, believes she is dying of a heart condition. Instead of staying home and allowing her family to continue treating her as a doormat, she breaks free. I really admired her spirit throughout this book. She does things that her family would frown upon. She chooses to nurse her friend and asks neighborhood reprobate Barney Snaith to marry her. Convention is a thing of the past for Valancy.

An important part of the story is The Blue Castle itself, an imaginative escape for Valancy. I love her dream of having her Blue Castle in Spain which brings whimsy to the story. She does find her castle but in the form of a cabin on an island. She also finds romance with Barney that gradually grows. I like their progression in the book as they start as friends then move onto love. It makes the story more natural and I enjoyed their dynamic immensely.

When Valancy finally stands up to her family, it is amazing; especially since they treated her atrociously for years. She stops caring about what they think and begins to tell all of them exactly what she thinks. I can see echoes of Emily and Anne’s independence in the novel. However, I think Valancy has become my #2 L.M. Montgomery heroine. She finds victory in the small things, even when it seems hopeless.

In all, I recommend this book to everyone. It’s a great tale to inspire everyone to chase happiness.


The Blue Castle would make a wonderful TV Movie produced in Canada. When I think of someone playing Valancy, I think of Oona Chaplin. I could just see her playing the role. It’s mostly based on her portrayal in The Crimson Field. She has Valancy’s spirit. As for Barney, I imagine maybe James Norton pulling off the role rather well. Of course, they would both need to pull off Canadian accents.

Suggested Content Rating: G

Have you read The Blue Castle? What are your thoughts on this wonderful classic from L.M. Montgomery?


“Hello, Gorgeous.”


“You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope.

I have loved none but you.”

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5 thoughts on “The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery: Finding Life and Love”

  1. The Blue Castle is one of L.M. Montgomery’s best! After reading your review I went to find my copy. I’ve read it so many times the pages are coming out. It’s been a few years (maybe close to 20) so I’m going to read it again.
    P.S. Great review!

  2. Thanks for reviewing this! I love The Blue Castle, and it’s seems like it’s been so unfairly forgotten. Anyone who likes the Anne books will like this one, yet so many Anne readers don’t know about it.

  3. A few weeks ago, I finished “The Blue Castle” and I enjoyed it very much! I agree, everyone should read it. Wish I could be as brave as Valancy sometimes! 😉

  4. I was thoroughly charmed by this book. I would also recommend A Tangled Web, a LMM book about a community with two stubborn, feuding families and their interwoven stories, many quite funny and some touching ones.


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