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Author: Brittaney B.

Vintage Film Review: Light in the Piazza (1962) – The Story of a Mother’s Love

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly We may receive a small commission if you purchase an item using an affiliate link on this post. I have a shameful confession to make. Although I adore classic films, I’m a bit of a snob about it too.  As a general rule, I prefer black and white pre-war (that’s WWII) pictures. I like them even better if they are comedies. Although I do enjoy some movies which don’t meet my criteria, generally these types of films are not my first choice. So, a movie such as Light in the Piazza, a drama set in Florence in the 1960’s...

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Vintage Film Review: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) – Friendship Turns to Love Between a Woman and a Ghost

42SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly During Halloween season, most movies tend to fall within the supernatural, suspense or horror genres. But occasionally, you can find a romantic exception which still fits with the overall tone of the season. With its slightly moody romantic atmosphere and the unconventional relationship between a woman and a ghost, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is the perfect film to watch this time of year. That is if you prefer your movies a little less intense or scary. RELATED POST: My Journey Into Old Movies -The Ghost and Mrs. Muir SUMMARY Recently widowed, Lucy Muir demands her independence from her deceased...

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Celebrating Halloween – 16 Funny and Romantic Supernatural Films

19SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Ah, Fall! That time of year when the heat of summer fades away into cooler nights. We drag out our scarves, sweaters, and boots, and start consuming all things pumpkin. Along with football season, this is also the time of year when we celebrate one of Americans’ favorite holidays – Halloween. Halloween is generally associated with witches, ghosts, and goblins and maintains an air of otherworldliness. Although the majority of films tend to focus on the spooky and scary side of the supernatural, I’ve never been a big fan. As usual, I much prefer my supernatural with a side of...

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For Love of the Phantom Review -A Highly Rated Sequel to Leroux’s Classic Love Triangle

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly For Love of the Phantom Review For Love of the Phantom is a sequel to Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera. If unfamiliar with the story, the setting in the original novel is set in a Paris Opera house in the early years of the 1900’s. It features an innocent young orphan woman named Christine. She receives secret lessons in music by a man she only knows as the Angel of Music. Eventually, it is revealed that this same Angel is also the man feared by others as the Phantom of the Opera. Christine becomes embroiled in a triangle of sorts...

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For A Woman (2013) Film Review – A Quietly Devastating Study of Love and Family Dynamics

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly This past year in order to broaden my perspective, I decided to start watching foreign films. I’ve never been one to want to stay in my own cultural bubble. I prefer to explore, even if it is only through the medium of cinema. Sometimes I find similarities I can relate to. Other times I feel completely lost in the cultural translation. But I always come away from such armchair adventures challenged and contemplative. FOR A WOMAN SUMMARY For a Woman is a recent French film which explores the dynamics of marriage, family, and even politics. It begins as...

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The Phantom of the Opera (2004) Film Review – A Feast for the Eyes and the Heart

16SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly The Phantom of the Opera (2004) I vividly remember my first exposure to The Phantom of the Opera. My family was in New York and my father took us all to see the show on Broadway. We also watched the equally famous Les Miserable that same trip. But as much as I loved the message, it was not Les Miserable which stuck with me. For weeks, I was haunted by the story of the Phantom. The music replayed continuously in my mind and I couldn’t let go of all the questions that the stage production left open-ended. Most...

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Vintage Film Review: The Philadelphia Story (1940) -A Classic Showpiece for Fabulous Actors

39SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly I am delighted to be able to introduce you to one of my very favorite films, The Philadelphia Story. The Philadelphia Story Summary Tracy Samantha Lord (Katharine Hepburn) is a Philadelphia socialite who is preparing to wed for the second time. Unfortunately for her, the editor of a popular tabloid magazine has bribed his reporter and photographer as well as Tracy’s ex-husband into providing coverage of the wedding. His bargaining chip is incriminating evidence he holds against Tracy’s philandering father. So, in spite of her wish for a quiet, private wedding she agrees to this invasion of her special event. So, in spite of her...

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Ekaterina (2014-) Russian Television Series Review – A Rich and Complex Portrayal of Catherine the Great

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly History is rich with people whose lives contain enough drama and significant events to still fascinate today. In recent years,  TV & Film focused particularly on female rulers who acted as heads of state in times where women were considered inferior and subservient to men. These women proved the lie of such notions by being crafty, intelligent and strong leaders. Catherine the Great of Russia is one such woman who stands out in history. Several films and television series featured her rise to power and her subsequent reign during a period when Russia was a powerful player in...

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Young Catherine (1991) Review -An Imperfect but Gorgeous Look at the Personal Life of Catherine the Great

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly   Young Catherine Review Young Catherine is an American/British/Canadian mini-series which portrays the early years of Russia’s Catherine the Great. The Premise In 1744 Sophia Fredericke, a princess of a small German principality is invited to the court of St. Petersburg as the potential bride for the next Russian heir. Sophia’s upbringing has been sheltered. She has a close relationship with her father, with whom she shares a devotion to their Lutheran faith. Her relationship with her mother is less warm. But it is with her mother that she travels to Russia.  Her mother is well prepared for...

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Come What May (2015) Film Review – A Flawed War Film Which Draws Attention to the Plight of Evacuees

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Come What May Synopsis Come What May takes place during the early years of World War II. In 1939 a German father and son escape to a little village in Northern France. The father warns his young boy to speak only in French and never in their native tongue as they hide openly in the small village of Pas-de-Calais. Unfortunately, Hans is soon arrested and his son Max is left in the care of the town’s school teacher Suzanne. Months pass and Paul, the village mayor, receives distressing news about the German army’s advance into France. Gathering up the...

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Sisters and Girlfriends – 39 Films Celebrating the Special Bond of Female Relationships

33SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly In recent years the development and growth of the “mean girl” phenomena has seemed to take center stage in local schools and news stories across the country. While unfortunately, there is some truth to this modern terminology describing the challenges and competitiveness of female relationships, it is even more important to celebrate the positive aspects of these bonds. There is nothing like the fierce love and loyalty of a sister or a girlfriend to support, encourage and sustain us through the best and worst moments of life. So, I have compiled a list of films that I have...

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The Making of a Lady (2012) – A Lesser Known Story from Frances Hodgson Burnett

22SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote stories familiar and beloved to many, including Little Lord Fauntleroy, A Little Princess and The Secret Garden. All of these have been adapted for the screen. Not nearly as many are familiar with Burnett’s novel The Making of a Marchioness and its’ sequel The Methods of Lady Walderhurst. The former was adapted as a television film by ITV under the name The Making of a Lady. RELATED POST: Vintage Film Review: A Little Princess -A Fairy Tale Like Period Drama THE STORY The Making of a Lady stars Lydia Wilson as the impoverished but genteel Emily Fox-Seton....

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