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Author: Brittaney B.

The Awful Truth (1937) Vintage Review -A Sparkling Comedy Gem About Love and Divorce

17SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly THE AWFUL TRUTH SUMMARY Jerry and Lucy Warriner are a happily married society couple. Or so they think.  A misunderstanding causes an argument which leads Lucy to file for divorce. The judge grants them a divorce decree, but it is ninety days until it is final. While in court, the only point of contention which arises is who will receive custody of their beloved dog, Mr. Smith. The judge awards custody to Lucy but gives Jerry visitation rights. This provides Jerry and Lucy many instances to find themselves in each other’s company.  Lucy to Jerry -“You’ve come back...

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The Sheik (1921) Classic Film Review – An Entertaining if Imperfect Silent Film Adventure

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly SUMMARY In The Sheik, Lady Diana Mayo is an aristocratic orphan visiting the African town of Biskra. With only her brother to guide her, she has become wild, independent and naively fearless. Diana plans an extended tour of the desert with no one other than a local guide to protect her. Her fellow British aristocrats warn Diana about the dangers to a single white woman traveling alone, but she ignores them. The night before her departure, Diana visits a local casino only to be denied entrance because of a private party for a young sheik. In defiance, Diana disguises herself and...

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Across the Blue Book Review – Downton Abbey Meets Wilbur Wright in this Edwardian Romance

40SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly (I received a free copy of Across the Blue from the author to write an honest review. I was not financially compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.) ACROSS THE BLUE SUMMARY Isabella Grayson is the daughter of a self-made newspaper magnate. Her parents are pushing her to marry in order to increase her family’s social standing. But Isabella has no interest in the old money, aristocratic young men that her parents prefer. In fact, she has little interest in marriage at all.  Bella has a secret dream of publishing as a journalist in one of her father’s papers. She...

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When Onscreen Chemistry Matters -Twenty Five Film Couples We Love to Love

35SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Onscreen chemistry between actors is like a flash of lightning, hard to predict, yet electric when it happens. When it does occur it is magic in a bottle. Because it can be rare, many times Hollywood acts like a genie, recreating our wish for more, by pairing successful film couples in multiple films. Audiences are thrilled to watch their romantic favorite couples again and Hollywood is generally guaranteed a financial success. Because of the way the studios used to be organized, seeing the same onscreen couple in multiple films was more common in classic movies than it is now. However, I...

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The Masterpiece Book Review – A Compelling Love Story of Hope and Redemption

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly I received a free copy of The Masterpiece from Tyndale House Publishers through NetGalley, to write an honest review on The Silver Petticoat Review. I was not financially compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. An artist with a traumatic past that leaves him lost and unable to connect with others.  A woman who has experienced tragedy but refuses to give up. These two broken souls are on a collision course not only with each other but with redemption in Francine River’s The Masterpiece. SUMMARY As a successful commercial artist, Roman Velasco has it all, fame, money,...

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Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1939) Classic Review -The Inspiring Story of a Patriotic Underdog

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Mr. Smith Goes To Washington Summary In Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, a state senator dies unexpectedly. Suddenly, Jefferson Smith gets plucked from obscurity to replace him by special appointment of the governor. The governor’s political backer Jim Taylor is initially upset about the appointment. But Governor Hopper assures him that Smith will not only be well received by the constituents but naïve enough to keep his nose out of Taylor’s graft scheme. Jeff feels honored and humbled by his surprise appointment. Furthermore, he expresses his awe that he will be working along with his father’s old friend Senator Joseph...

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The Greatest Showman (2017) Review – What a Great Musical is All About

30SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly SUMMARY The Greatest Showman is Hugh Jackman’s passion project based on the life of P.T. Barnum, circus impresario and legendary showman. In this biographical (though not accurate) adaptation, Phineas T. Barnum rises from very humble beginnings. He accomplishes the daunting task of marrying his childhood sweetheart Charity, who turns her back on her wealthy parents and their social circle. In time, they have two beautiful daughters and a happy if financially insecure life. But, it isn’t enough for Barnum, whose desire that his family have more, masks the deeper motivation of “proving” himself to the world and Charity’s parents. Barnum is a dreamer,...

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Heart and Souls (1993) Review – Robert Downey Jr. Stars in this Fantasy/Comedy with Heart

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Long before Robert Downey Jr. was famous for his role in the Marvel films he was busy racking up screen credits in many underrated films in the 1980’s and ’90’s. It is in these movies where I first fell for his insouciant attitude and that liquid brown gaze. One of my favorites of these early RDJ films is the romantic comedy/fantasy Heart and Souls. SUMMARY At the time of Thomas Reilly’s birth, there is an accident which kills four people. These four souls then find themselves connected to Thomas without understanding why. As Thomas grows, the impact of his...

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Christmas in Connecticut (1945) Film Review -A Charming Holiday Classic Starring Barbara Stanwyck

45SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT SUMMARY Elizabeth Lane (Barbara Stanwyck) is a famous and beloved columnist for a national magazine. Her monthly articles feature delicious recipes for fancy meals.  They also describe her idyllic home life as a loving wife and mother who lives on a farm. RELATED POST: A Vintage Christmas -19 Classic Holiday Films to Make You Feel Nostalgic Her publisher, Alexander Yardley (Sydney Greenstreet) receives a request to provide a family-style Christmas for a naval war hero. So, he decides Elizabeth should be the host and invites himself along. His demands throw Elizabeth into a panic. Unbeknownst to Mr. Yardley and her...

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Casablanca (1942) 75th Anniversary Review -A Cinematic Work of Art

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly Casablanca Summary Here’s looking at you, kid. There are a few films that are so famous that everyone has heard of them even if they haven’t seen them. Casablanca is one such film. It is beloved even by those who are not usually fans of classic cinema. Thanks to a great script, fabulous actors in memorable parts and well-earned hype, it is an indelible work of cinematic art even after 75 years. Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) is the owner/manager of a café in Casablanca, Morocco. Casablanca is a stopping place of sorts, for those fleeing war-torn Europe on their way...

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Vintage Film Review: Holiday (1938) – A Quiet Underrated Gem

28SHARESShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly HOLIDAY SUMMARY Johnny Case is a self-made man who has been working since he was a child. On his first vacation in years, he meets and becomes engaged to the beautiful Julia Seton. Johnny is thrilled to have met a woman who he believes shares the same outlook on life as he does. Upon his return, he boasts of his luck to his good friends the Potters, before going to meet Julia’s family. He is surprised when the taxi delivers him to a Fifth Avenue mansion. Thinking Julia must be employed by the owners, he goes to the...

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Bitter Harvest (2017) Film Review – Love and Survival During a Genocide

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSubscribeShare on PinterestShare on TumblrShare on Google+LinkedinWhatsappDiggRedditStumbleuponXingMailYummly THE HOLODOMOR Holodomor is a word which translated literally means death by starvation.  The word comes from the Ukrainian words holod, ‘hunger’, and mor, ‘plague’ possibly from the expression moryty holodom, ‘to inflict death by hunger’ (Source: Wikipedia). The Ukrainians use it more commonly to refer to a literal event which occurred in the early 1930’s when Stalin’s government created a famine. The intentional policies of his government led to the death of millions of Ukrainians from starvation and subsequent disease. Although the final tally of deaths varies, it ranks with the Holocaust as one of the worst tragedies of this century....

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