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10 Memorable and Romantic Scenes on the Ice in Film and Television

10 Memorable and Romantic Scenes on the Ice in Film and Television

Looming just around the corner are the 2018 Winter Olympics. In celebration of that and our love of all things romance, today we’re heading to the rink and taking a look at some romantic scenes on the ice!


Below we take a look at ten such moments from across the years and genres in cinema – both the big and small screen. As can be said with each list I share, this one isn’t inclusive. There are plenty I missed. (Including a slew of films from the ’30s and ’40s starring Sonja Henie – none of which I’ve seen.) That said, these ten are sweet and romantic, all especially fitting for whatever film or TV show they’re from. This is part of the beauty or swoon-factor of these scenes. They may not match up to our favorite literary moments, but they do suit their characters and the stories they unfold in.

As a warning, there will be SPOILERS related to each of the features on this list.

10 Romantic Scenes on the Ice in Film – and Television

Sorted from A-Z

1: Bones, Season Four Episode 13

“I’m never gonna make you fall. I’m always here.”

Romantic Scenes on the Ice

Photo: FOX

In the aftermath of adding a third person to their crime-solving duo (for one case), Bones and Booth go ice skating during which Bones (in a rare show of emotion) tells Booth he’s the only FBI agent she wants to work with.

Where to Watch: Purchase episodes of Bones on Amazon Video or iTunes.

Content: On average, episodes of Bones are rated TV-14.

2: Christmas Incorporated

From Hallmark Channel, the scene in this film isn’t the most romantic scene I’ve seen while a couple skates, but there’s something joyous and sweet about it.

Where to Watch: Check Hallmark Channel for re-airs of this film.

Content: As with everything on this channel, Christmas Incorporated contains nothing offensive.

3: The Cutting Edge (1992)
Romantic Scenes on the Ice

Photo: MGM

Though this entire film is romantic in the Darcy-Bennet love-hate way, the one scene where the hero finally tells Kate “I love you” is particularly sweet. (Even if it does technically happen rink side.)

Where to Watch: You can purchase The Cutting Edge on DVD or see it with a Sports Illustrated TV subscription via Amazon Video. Or check your local listings; UP does show this one from time to time.

Content: Rated PG, there’s some innuendo and adult situations, plus some common profanity.

4: The Cutting Edge Sequels

Following in the original’s footsteps, The Cutting Edge film inspired ABC Family (now Freeform) to produce three sequels. The first (The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold) stars Christy Carlson Romano, the latter two (The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream, The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice) feature Francia Raisa as leading lady. Though, sadly, there is a break up between the third and fourth sequels, which lessens the romance in ‘Chasing the Dream.’ That said, there are still lots of romantic moments in these films, particularly between Francia and Brenden Fehr in ‘Fire & Ice’ and an “almost kiss” scene.

Where to watch: You can rent or buy the Cutting Edge films on Amazon Video, Youtube or (at time of publication) find The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice on demand with Freeform.

Content: As a rule, these are rated TV-14, which is akin to a PG-13 rating. There’s usually sexual innuendo and some minor language.

5: Falling for Christmas

Niall Matter (Hallmark alum!) and Leah Renee star in this sweet scene involving a single father, his daughter and leading lady sharing a carefree day together on the ice. The film tells the story of an injured figure skater who’s secluded recuperation retreat also brings the possibility of love into her life.

Where to watch: You can currently stream Falling for Christmas on Amazon Prime.

Content: There’s nothing troublesome in this wholesome romance.

6: Gilmore Girls, Season 5, Episode 11
Romantic Scenes on the Ice

Photo: WB

Lorelai returns home in this romantic scene to discover Luke has created a personal skating rink (after she’s “broken up” with snow) for her in her own backyard. It’s sweet and for this TV ship, it’s wonderfully romantic – especially given Lorelai’s love of snow, and is just another instance in which Luke declares his love.

7: Ice Castles*

I wish you could see the sunset, Lex.

I’d rather see your face.

Romantic Scenes on the Ice

Photo: Stage 6

When an accident leaves a rising star in the competitive world blind, her loyal boyfriend stands by her and helps her come to terms with her new normal and find her skill on the ice again. The romantic scene in this film takes place as Nick helps Lexi on the ice, and after a rough patch in their relationship, they rediscover one another mirroring Lexi rediscovering how to do everything with a disability.

* This is a remake of a 1978 film, which I have not seen.

Where to watch: Rent or buy Ice Castles on Amazon Video.

Content: This is another PG-like clean romance.

8: Ice Princess
Romantic Scenes on the Ice

Photo: Disney

A smart girl with raw talent as a figure skater is wooed by the brother of her rival. One of the sweetest scenes in this film is when he drives the Zamboni to her backyard pond to perfect her skating conditions. (This one is also based on a novel by Meg Cabot.)

Where to watch: You can watch this with an HBO subscription or buy/rent on Amazon Video. Or purchase on DVD.

Content: This Disney film is rated PG.

9: Love on the Ice 

Retried from the sport, a figure skater makes a comeback with the help of a legendary coach. Andrew Walker’s and Julie Berman’s respective characters have plenty of almost-romantic and romantic scenes on (and off!) the ice in this Hallmark original; the end scene, in particular, is cute.

Where to watch: Check Hallmark Channel for encore showings of Love on the Ice.

Content: the film is rated TV-G.

10: Serendipity
Romantic Scenes on the Ice

Photo: Miramax

This is one of those films I didn’t see for years. Perhaps not among my most favorites, it has a special place in my heart. Partly because of its swoony reunion scene, which happens on the ice skating rink underneath gently falling snow.

Where to Watch: You can rent Serendipity on Amazon Video or purchase a copy on DVD. It’s also available for purchase on iTunes, and Youtube. Currently, it’s also on demand through HBO.

Content: Rated PG-13, there is some profanity and innuendo.


Have you seen any of these? Which is your favorite – or tell me all about your favorites if I didn’t mention them above?Sound off below.

Featured Image Credit at the Top: Serendipity/Miramax

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    What a fun list! And I’m so happy you’ve included one of my childhood favorites with The Cutting Edge.

    • Rissi JC

      “The Cutting Edge” is one of my favorites, too, Brittaney. In fact, putting this list together, I was reminded that I really need a full-movie re-watch. 🙂


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