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The Young Victoria (2009) Film Review: An Adorable Bildungsroman

The Young Victoria, a 2009 release, deals with the evergreen era and life of Queen Victoria. Directed by Jean-Marc Vallee starring Emily Blunt as Queen Victoria and Rupert Friend as Prince Albert the movie does quite a justice in handling the huge cultural icon ‘Queen Victoria’.

So I began to dream of the day when my life would change and I might be free. (Princess Victoria)


Queen Victoria

The movie traces the life of ‘young Victoria’ from her childhood to her becoming an able Queen. Her life is a struggle to gain power, to think about the country’s welfare, to understand politics, overthrow the patriarchy and to properly represent the expanding Empire. All is executed by the Queen with experience. The Young Victoria rings true to historical facts, however, goes astray from historical authenticity at certain points to increase the dramatic impact.  Still, love, romance, the cinematic appeal of royalty through costume, dialogues, and the setting is well executed.

Do you ever feel like a chess piece yourself? In a game being played against your will. (Princess Victoria)

The Young Victoria

Queen Victoria’s character is overpowering. As an adolescent, she is witty and has the inkling of being manipulated by her enemies.

Not just them. Uncle Leopold. The king. I’m sure half the politicians are ready to seize hold of my skirts and drag me from square to square. (Princess Victoria)

As a new young Queen, she has both the ability to work hard and learn from her seniors. She is attractive in the way her magnanimous personality is shaped. She is smart, adamant, beautiful in the way she incorporates the world into her life. The pride and self-respect as a Queen are separate from her role as a wife of Prince Albert. She treasures Albert but refuses to sacrifice her self-respect at any cost. She thus embodies multiple roles. One of the passionate moments of self-assertion comes when Queen Victoria insists:

I will not have my role usurped! I wear the crown! And if there are mistakes they will be my mistakes, and no one else will make them! No one, not even you! (Queen Victoria)

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
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Costume and Setting

The costumes and the setting of the movie make it absolutely adorable. The royal palace, the sweeping green lawns, the ornamented Victorian costumes cast a spell on the audience which never fades. Not only the characters but also the trivial intricacies are taken care of. This is what helps the movie to score well altogether.


The Romantic Moment

Alongside individual characters and cinematography, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria’s relationship receives adequate importance in the movie. This improves the emotional appeal of the movie and also justifies the title – The Young Victoria.

You know when we are old and surrounded with our children we will look on this as the day our life began. (Prince Albert)

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Overall Thoughts About The Young Victoria

The movie with its enlivening wit and well-wrought characters are worth a watch. It is a movie which is both informative and entertaining. Thus it adds to the representation of Queen Victoria as a cultural icon.

Content Note: The Young Victoria is a PG-rated movie as it contains few scenes of violence and physical intimacy.

Where to Watch:  The movie is available on Netflix DVD, available to rent on Youtube, and is available to rent and buy.

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Four and a half corset rating

“You had me at hello.”


four heart rating

“In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My

feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me

to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

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