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The Smolder: Thirty Male Characters with a Sexy Stare

If you’ve seen Tangled, which more than likely you have, then you remember when Flynn Rider, the loveable rogue, tries to win over Rapunzel with a smoldering gaze. She doesn’t fall for his charms, but what about other characters with a more tempting version of “the smolder?”

“Here comes the smolder.” — Flynn Rider in Tangled.
Photo: Disney

“I didn’t want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. Here comes the smolder!” 

What is smoldering you might ask?

The Urban Dictionary defines it humorously as:


“The act of accessing your deep, inner, and molten sexuality and shooting it through your eyes into an undeniably sexy stare.”

For this week’s list, I decided it would be fun to share some of the male characters who smolder with that piercing gaze that may or may not make you a little bit weak in the knees. From overconfident or tortured vampires who find the object of their obsession (or affection) to Romantic Austen heroes with that eye gaze felt across the room or even to love-struck characters unable to disguise their feelings and more…

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So let’s get right to it. Here’s a countdown of thirty of the best male characters with…


30. Mr. Knightley – Emma

Jeremy Northam in Emma (1996). Photo: Miramax

29. Tom Lefroy – Becoming Jane

(James McAvoy) in Becoming Jane. Photo: Miramax

28. The 10th Doctor – Doctor Who

(David Tennant) in Doctor Who. Photo: BBC

27. Jack Robinson – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

(Nathan Page) in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Photo: Every Cloud Productions

26. Max – Roswell

Max in Roswell. Photo: WB

25. Gilbert Blythe – Anne of Green Gables

(Jonathan Crombie) in Anne of Green Gables: the Sequel. Photo: Sullivan Entertainment

24. Lancelot – King Arthur

(Ioan Gruffudd) in King Arthur. Photo: Touchstone

23. Mick St. John – Moonlight

(Alex O’Loughlin) in Moonlight. Photo: CBS

22. Mr. Rochester – Jane Eyre (2011)

(Michael Fassbender) in Jane Eyre (2011). Photo: Focus Features.

21. Edward Cullen – Twilight

(Robert Pattinson) in Twilight. Photo: Summit Entertainment

20. Lancelot – Merlin

(Santiago Cabrera) in Merlin. Photo: BBC

19. Bill Compton – True Blood

(Stephen Moyer) in True Blood. Photo: HBO

18. Eric Northman – True Blood

(Alexander Skarsgard) in True Blood. Photo: HBO

17. Henry Fitzroy – Blood Ties

(Kyle Schmid) in Blood Ties. Photo: Lifetime

16. Captain Hook – Once Upon a Time

(Colin O’Donoghue) in Once Upon a Time. Photo: ABC

15. Colonel Brandon – Sense and Sensibility

(Alan Rickman) in Sense and Sensibility. Photo: Columbia

14. Angel – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(David Boreanaz) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel. Photo: Fox

13. Spike Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(James Marsters) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Photo: Fox

12. Mr. Rochester – Jane Eyre (2006)

(Toby Stephens) in Jane Eyre (2006). Photo: BBC

11. Captain Wentworth – Persuasion

(Rupert Penry-Jones) in Persuasion (2007). Photo: ITV

10. James “Sawyer” Ford – Lost

(Josh Holloway) in Lost. Photo: ABC

9. Guy of Gisborne – Robin Hood

(Richard Armitage) in Robin Hood. Photo: BBC

8. Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries

(Ian Somerhalder) in The Vampire Diaries. Photo: CW

7. Davis Bloome – Smallville, season 8

(Sam Witwer) in Smallville, season 8 as Davis Bloome. Photo: CW

6. Mr. Darcy – Pride and Prejudice (2005)

(Matthew Macfadyen) in Pride and Prejudice (2005) Photo: Universal

5. Mr. Rochester – Jane Eyre (1983)

(Timothy Dalton) in Jane Eyre (1983).
Photo: BBC Worldwide

4. Fox Mulder – The X-Files

(David Duchovny) in The X-Files. “I do not gaze at Scully.” Photo: Fox

3. Mr. Thornton – North and South

(Richard Armitage) in North and South (2004). Photo: BBC

2. Mr. Darcy – Bridget Jones’s Diary

(Colin Firth) in Bridget Jones’s Diary. Photo: Miramax

1. Mr. Darcy – Pride and Prejudice (1995)

(Colin Firth) in Pride and Prejudice (1995). Photo: BBC

What character has your favorite smolder? Did I leave any of your favorites off the list? Sound off below…

Featured image at top: North and South. Photo: BBC

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20 thoughts on “The Smolder: Thirty Male Characters with a Sexy Stare”

  1. Well any list that includes Henry Fitzroy automatically makes it a fantastic list but then you included Rochester, Tom Lefroy AND Lancelot. And Mr. Darcy (both incarnations!)
    Okay so I could go on forever but the upshot is this is a great list…. most of your posts are perfect but this one is especially so.

  2. Agree with them all but in particular #3 and #27!!! In fact, #27 should rate higher in my opinion when you consider his voice in addition to his eyes. Other examples of #27’s smolder can be hard to find since he’s never worked outside of Australia but I highly recommend a program called “Underbelly: Squizzy” for more examples.

  3. My favourite would have to be Timothy Dalton’s Rochester *fans self vigorously*, but some fairly recent ones would include Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) from CASTLE and Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) from the sadly short-lived FOREVER. Also, Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) in Crimson Peak. Great list!

  4. That look Hawkeye gave Cora in the 1992 version of Last of the Mohicans. Cora:”What are you looking at, sir?” Hawkeye:” I’m looking at you, miss.” Yowza!

  5. I’m disappointed that there’s not one single male that is not of European descent on this list. Surely there’s some racial diversity of characters even within period dramas. Maybe this is more of a critique of the website on the whole—it’s almost entirely Anglo/Euro-centric, which is fine if that’s the purpose. But, it’s a shame. There’s a whole world, histories of people from every nation with so much beauty, story, and romance from these different periods of time gone unrecognized.

    • Actually, we have a lot of diversity on this site and have had writers around the world contributing. Sure, many popular period dramas are British and often white which we do cover a lot of since it’s relevant to our audience. But we regularly cover international and diverse content. We have dozens of articles about Kdramas, for example. We have categories dedicated entirely to International, Foreign Romance, and even Korean dramas. Our monthly book picks are typically diverse too. I’d also recommend checking out many of our lists. We try to make sure we have a good variety of choices from around the world. But we’re not perfect. This website is our passion, but it’s just two of us doing it on our own, and we do make mistakes. Recently, we’ve been working with Acorn TV and BritBox, if that’s your complaint. This article was written a long time ago when we first started this blog and we have evolved a lot since then, so I understand your frustration with this article. But we’d love to update it in the future with more diversity. Anyway, we agree with you. We love promoting romance from around the world and do often. However, it is true that some of the big focuses of our website are Jane Austen, British period dramas, etc. So, maybe we’re not the site for you. And that’s fine. 🙂

  6. I think the person that does the best smoldering face ever DWAYNE JOHNSON (THE ROCK) Im suprised that his not even on that list.

    • Good point! Except that he’s probably not in this list because most of his movies are not romantic. Come to think of it, there may be a few moments in a couple of family friendly movies (in the few romantic scenes ) that could have been included.


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