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The Originals: The Other Girl in New Orleans Recap – Klaus and Cami in Love?


the other girl in new orleans
Klaus and Cami hug in “The Other Girl in New Orleans.” Season 3, episode 8 of The Originals.

This week’s episode of The Originals, “The Other Girl in New Orleans,” was probably my favorite of the season. And, in fact, I haven’t been this excited about a supernatural story since Being Human (the UK version) and before then, Moonlight. But then I do have a soft spot for romantic Byronic Hero stories. And that’s something I have to really give props to The Originals’ writers for – most notably Michael Narducci – for focusing on good storytelling rather than “shipping” that often permeates shows these days, sometimes to their own detriment.

As much as I love a good romantic story, enjoying a romance in and of itself is slightly different than “shipping.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I see no problem with “shipping.” It’s a fun way to watch movies and television. However, I do think it can at times become an issue when “shipping” interferes with the logical progression of a story. (For example, getting rid of Ellen and Jo on Supernatural due to some fans’ issue with Jo as a love interest for Dean was a mistake – especially since when you watch season 2 and 5 objectively she really did work as a character and a love interest.)

Besides the epic building of the Klaus and Camille romance, we learn more about Cami as a character, Elijah tortures Tristan for the whereabouts of Rebekah, Marcel infiltrates the Strix, Jackson and Hayley’s relationship continues to be in trouble, and Freya decides it’s time to talk to Finn.

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the other girl in new orleans - Cami and Aurora

With Aurora having taken Cami hostage, Klaus is on a mission this episode to save Cami. Aurora takes Cami to the church (which is now Marcel’s boxing ring) where she turns a bunch of Marcel’s possible recruits into vampires – though at this point they are temporarily dead in pre-transition.

Since Cami doesn’t actually know who Aurora is, Klaus’s clearly delusional ex introduces herself as Klaus’s long lost love.

klaus and lucien the originals - the other girl in new orleans

Meanwhile, Lucien joins Klaus in Aurora’s scavenger hunt leading to Camille. Lucien just doesn’t understand what Klaus’s fascination with Cami is. In an important revelation from Klaus, he admits that he trusts her. Still, Lucien tries to convince Klaus to let Cami die, which leads to Klaus breaking Lucien’s neck. Word of advice, never mess with a Byronic Hero’s love! Somehow I think Lucien won’t make that mistake again.

Back at the church, Aurora and Cami spend a little one-on-one time getting to know each other. Aurora thought it would be fitting to bring Camille to a place that has such a bad history for her and her family. Cami thinks Aurora is just being cruel while Aurora argues that she’s just trying to figure out how they are similar. Why else would Klaus be drawn to Camille otherwise? At least this is the mad inner workings of Aurora’s clearly disturbed mind (who, in fact, believes Klaus is still obsessed with her). In fact, I love how the writers have taken this archetypal ex and made her a believable, layered character. I was hesitant with Aurora at first, but now that I can see what the writers are doing with her character, I completely approve!

Aurora (after researching Camille online) points out that they both have crazy brothers and admits to having a recent diagnosis of bipolar. Cami tries to help her, but Aurora won’t hear any of it. What she wants to know is 1) if Cami has feelings for Nik and 2) what Cami’s deepest, darkest secret is.

Cami admits to caring about Klaus but that they are not romantically involved. Cami doesn’t actually admit to romantic feelings (even though it’s clear as day to everyone). Though bonus points for Cami’s spot on analysis of Aurora and the whole situation. Unafraid, Cami points out why Klaus likes her: He likes her for her mind (and I’d argue further – their kindred connection) whereas Aurora may be beautiful and powerful, but she’s volatile.

It’s clear that the writers are pulling from Jane Eyre a little bit (even if subconsciously). The Klaus/Camille relationship bears considerable similarities to Jane and Rochester. And if you recall from the classic novel, Rochester admits (besides their obvious kindred connection and the fact that Jane listens and understands him – a Byronic Hero like Klaus – without judgment) that he appreciates Jane’s sanity and calmness. The same can be said here. Cami argues that Klaus likes her for her mind and that Aurora is worried because her own mind is damaged. It’s a fair point.

But this point (especially since it hits a nerve) enrages Aurora who throws Cami back with a violent burst of strength.

Now more calm, Aurora pleads to Cami for her to admit her greatest shame – otherwise she’ll just kill her. Cami admits that there was a guy who dated her roommate and abused her. Cami tries to get her to report him after they broke up, but she wouldn’t. One day, she saw this same guy with a freshman. And she just lost her cool. She took a beer bottle and smashed it over his face. And then she just kept hitting him. She was arrested for assault.

Aurora points out happily that Cami is not remorseful about what she did, but rather feels guilty that she enjoyed it. Cami reacts in a way that confirms Aurora’s own analysis. Still, Aurora remains jealous. At that point, Klaus enters.

Klaus pleads for Aurora to stop her game while Aurora believes she’s doing him a favor. She admits to obstacles, but the one thing she can’t get past is his feelings for Camille. Klaus tries to play Aurora’s game and play acts like Cami means nothing to him. But Aurora isn’t quite buying it because she can see the fear in Klaus’s eyes. It seems with all things Cami, Klaus’s feelings for her are becoming harder and harder to mask. Aurora grabs Cami and holds her by the neck. Klaus tells Aurora he loves her which makes her happy, but that doesn’t seem to stop her. She still wants to break Cami’s neck. Klaus pleads for her to stop and tells her that her fears about Camille are absurd.

Still, Aurora isn’t quite convinced. She tries to tell Klaus that Cami isn’t as “pure” as he thinks she is and that Cami is drawn to the darkness because she too has darkness. One aspect people typically miss in Beauty and the Beast stories is that “Beauty” is not as one-dimensional as some may argue. Beauty and the Beast share similarities, if at the least a similarity in spirit. Why is Beauty drawn to a monster? What in herself connects to him? It could be loneliness, depression, outsider status for being different, etc. There must be a balance, a way they complete each other.

Take the Doctor and Rose Tyler in Doctor Who. She’s bored with her life and depressed before the Doctor enters her life. Whereas the Doctor is lonely with a troubled mind due to his dark choices. They share a similar sense of humor and passions despite their differences. She, a beauty character, who helps make the Doctor, a Byronic monster if you will, better. While he suffers as a Byronic figure due to his darkness, she suffers from an emotional exile. The two can then come together and understand each other and even complement the other. They each give the other something they need. Rose needs excitement and a life with meaning whereas the Doctor needs love and understanding despite what he’s done. The same can be said for Cami and Klaus. They perfectly complement each other.

What Aurora is accidentally doing here is pointing out even more reasons why Klaus and Cami are a good match. Cami’s loneliness, and fear of her own righteous indignation coupled with her “twin” like connection to Klaus, draws her to him.

Back to the Jane Eyre example (which also is a take on the Beauty and the Beast archetypal story), most people argue that Jane was perfect, saintly even. This annoyed the author Charlotte Bronte – who argued against this interpretation. In fact, Jane, like Camille, is quite flawed. If Jane had flaws – it was 1) an impassioned temper connected to righteous indignation – which she eventually did learn to control (like Cami – though arguably she could still lose control again) and 2) love for Rochester being her master over her love for God – which blinds her to the truth about Rochester when her inner voice tries to give her warning.

So what Aurora is accidentally doing here is pointing out even more reasons why Klaus and Cami are a good match. Cami’s loneliness, and fear of her own righteous indignation coupled with her “twin” like connection to Klaus (to fill the void she’s lost with her own twin brother), draws her to him. (This is my own interpretation and therefore not necessarily stated directly in the series.)

Cami lies to Klaus as a way to distract Aurora and claims that everything she ever said to him was a lie. She takes her chance and head butts Aurora which knocks Cami unconscious. Klaus takes the opportunity and steals Aurora angrily away.

As Cami comes to, she realizes the new vampires in transition are lusting after her blood and she has a head wound with blood dripping down her face. She tries to talk them down calmly, but they want to become vampires and they want to drink from her. So she’s going to have to fight them off.

Outside, Klaus and Aurora have an angry confrontation. Klaus is no longer willing to play Aurora’s game. After Klaus enters Aurora’s mind and takes the coordinates to find Rebekah, he reveals the ugly truth to Aurora. He admits there is nothing between them now that he has the only thing he needs from her. And for what she’s done to Cami, he will make her suffer. Klaus is about to kill Aurora – who has just had quite a shocking revelation about Klaus’s feelings made to her – when he hears Cami in trouble. He leaves Aurora to live for now as he rescues Cami just in time. He pulls her up, thankful she’s still alive and hugs her.

klaus and cami 6 - the other girl in new orleans

Later, Klaus brings Cami back to the Compound where he wants her to stay for the night so he can make sure she’s safe. She agrees. The two share an intimate conversation which echoes back to season one, episode four (the whole episode did, in fact). Her past doesn’t change his feelings toward her at all. He even jokingly says he can go have this “abuser” killed. But Cami doesn’t want him to kill anyone on her behalf.

the other girl in new orleans
Cami stares at Klaus after they share a joke together.
klaus look the originals - the other girl in new orleans
Klaus stares back in a way that makes you wonder if he’s going to kiss her (especially with that amazing, emotional music playing in the background of the scene).

For now, Cami is tired and wants to rest. So, Klaus (with some epic, smoldering stares) puts a blanket on her and leaves her to sleep.

klaus stares at cami - the other girl in new orleans
Klaus watches Cami rest, staring at her with a smoldering look!


Marcel’s initiation into The Strix has finally come with a consequence. Aya tasks him with daggering Elijah and rescuing Tristan from the Michaelson’s. The Strix are under the impression that they are now at war against the Mikaelson’s for what they’ve done to Tristan. Something tells me (especially based on their past history), you don’t want to go to war with The Strix.

Tristan captured the originals - the other girl in new orleans

Meanwhile, Elijah decides it’s time to torture Tristan for the coordinates. While Freya babysits Hope, Elijah and Hayley (and later Freya) work as a team to uncover the information needed to rescue Rebekah. However, the only information Elijah is able to gather is the word “Cepheus.” But they don’t know what it means.

Marcel shows up in the midst of the torturing and demands an audience with the annoyed Elijah. Freya, who’s now switched with Hayley (who had to go home to Hope), tries to use magic to get inside Tristan’s mind. Tristan attempts to use cleverness and persuasive words with Freya as a means to survive (he’s also been inflicted with a werewolf bite) comparing her newly discovered family to monsters. Still, Freya remains loyal to her troubled family. Tristan also remains adamant that they will not get what they want from him.

Marcel tries to convince Elijah to let Tristan go, otherwise they will lose Rebekah. But Elijah refuses to listen. Suddenly, the Strix surrounds Elijah making Marcel look and seem like a traitor.

Freya attempts to take out a Strix with magic, but Aya stabs her leaving her to die. Tristan makes sure to point out that it could have been different between them had she chosen differently.

Hayley shows up for the fight, but too late. Marcel stakes Elijah, leaving Hayley to fight off the very powerful Strix alone. Clearly not strong enough to take them all out, she’s about to die by the hands of two of them when Marcel rips their hearts out. How duplicitous of Marcel!

Marcel then runs into the room where Aya is helping Tristan to convince them to leave now because Elijah’s cavalry had just shown up. They agree (with Aya looking at Marcel suspiciously) and leave. Marcel quickly comes to everyone’s rescue. He heals Freya with his blood and then leaves the others to pull the dagger out of Elijah.

While Elijah is angry at Marcel, Freya and Hayley convince him that Marcel saved them all and is on their side.

Later, Marcel meets with Aya and Tristan and gives him Klaus’s blood to heal the wolf bite. He then tells them they better prove their loyalty otherwise he’s out. Tristan agrees (with Aya still suspicious) and they welcome him closer into the Strix circle. Soon after, Marcel learns what Cepheus means which will lead the Mikaelson’s directly to Rebekah’s location. He texts Elijah with the insider information.

Now, all they need to do is find Rebekah and then take out Aurora and Tristan. Though Klaus wants Elijah to leave Aurora to him.


Hayley and Jackson’s relationship continues to be on the rocks. This week, Jackson’s grandmother Mary pays Hayley a visit with some advice in hand. According to her, Jackson is Hayley’s family and not the Mikaelson’s. However, Hayley sees it differently. The Mikaelson’s are part of her family as well. Still, Hayley continues to prove her heart likely belongs to Elijah when she ignores the pleading of Mary to go help save Elijah. Right now, the wolves are coming across a little bit controlling and I loved that in the end, Hayley stands up for herself. She tells Mary that Jackson can find them at home when he’s ready to return.


Finn - the other girl in new orleans

Tristan reminds Freya of Finn and how he’s the noblest of the brothers – which reminds Freya of what she had done with him earlier that year. If you recall, Freya had magically put away his soul for safe keeping last season. And in this week’s final moments, Freya finally decided it was time to pay Finn (who’s been hanging around her neck in a magical necklace) a visit. We shall see where this conversation leads! I’m loving that we’re seeing the original Finn this season.


FREYA: You’re still upset I tortured Aurora without your permission?

ELIJAH: Oh, Freya, I’m obscenely fond of torture, but, yes, when I’m entertaining, I like to be the one to choose precisely when and how we violate the guests.

ELIJAH [to Hayley when she brings in Hope where Tristan is being tortured]: Unless she’s violently teething, I don’t recommend this as a day care.

KLAUS: You presume to know me? Then know this. I will gladly end you for what you did to Camille, but first, I’m gonna make you suffer in ways your spoiled, little mind cannot possibly imagine. And when it’s over, when your sweet recollections have been rendered obsolete, you will associate my name with fear and pain and perhaps the dull realization that you are nothing to me.


If we don’t get a declaration of love from Klaus to Cami by season’s end, I’ll be surprised. But, till then, we can enjoy the build-up. While the whole episode was just one long rescue by Klaus – the moment I want to especially zone in on is when Klaus actually gets to the rescuing.

After Klaus declares his actual “non-feelings” to Aurora and promises to torture and kill her, Aurora pleads one last time. “But I love you, and I know that you love me.” Klaus’s look of disgust tells all. You actually feel a little bit bad for Aurora – he has been leading her on. However, through subtext we can understand that who Klaus really loves is Cami. And before he can hurt or kill Aurora, he hears Cami about to be killed. He rushes away just in time to save her.

He reaches his hand down to Cami to pull her off the ground in an epic, romantic scene. He pulls her in for a hug as the two hold onto each other with emotion and intensity.

klaus and cami 1 - the other girl in new orleans klaus and cami 2 - the other girl in new orleans klaus and cami 3 - the other girl in new orleans klaus and cami 4 - the other girl in new orleans klaus and cami 5 - the other girl in new orleans klaus and cami 7 - the other girl in new orleans the other girl in new orleans - Klaus and Cami

It was a wonderful moment of revelation not only to the characters but to the audience as well.


How long before Klaus and Cami kiss? Mid-Season finale, Season Finale or Season 4?

The song at the very end is “Ashes” by Madi Diaz. It is now my new favorite song! It was the perfect song to translate the emotions of Klaus and Cami to the audience.

Well, what did you think of “The Other Girl in New Orleans?” Let me know in the comments.

Till next time…

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6 thoughts on “The Originals: The Other Girl in New Orleans Recap – Klaus and Cami in Love?”

  1. I always love your reviews. The amount of detail you put in, particular where the Klamille relationship is considered really makes for an interesting read. I agree with you 100% and think you hit the nail on the head regarding the shipping aspect of the show. I appreciate story first and if a relationship is built into that (the way Klaus and Cami’s story has been developed) then great, but if it doesn’t work and you ship for the sake of two actors chemistry but to the detriment of the story – that I’m not a fan of.
    Keep up your wonderful reviews!

    • Thank you so much! I enjoy writing about what I love! And yes, I agree about shipping. I’m much more into story and if a relationship is built into that story (and I love great romance stories) then awesome! Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Amazing review, as always. I like the comparison once more with Rochester and Jane (no, she wasn’t all light, like Cami, Jane was indeed a very flawed character). And like Klamille, they complemented each other greatly. Aurora was very distressed about it. Does this make her Mrs. Rochester in this analogy, LOL. “Never mess with a Byronic hero’s love!” One of my favorite lines because it’s so true. I have never shipped before but I did start shipping once I saw Klaus and Cami’s dynamic, so their story does encourage you to root for them. But other than that, the whole season has been great, the whole episode was so well written. Agree with your best lines, Elijah’s was so funny (Elijah’s lines are so witty but underrated), and Klaus’ speech to Aurora (DAMN).

    Thank you so much for writing this, so witty and love the in-depth analysis of the scenes.

    • Thank you, Mitch. I’m glad someone else can see how Jane was a flawed character. 🙂 Certainly, there have been some similarities to Bertha! And yes, it is so true. Byronic Heroes typically have that one all consuming passion and it is superior to everything else. That’s always a mistake other characters make in relation to Byronic Heroes. Don’t mess with their love…or they will come after you! This whole season has been fantastic, I agree. I feel like The Originals is one of the best shows out there that people aren’t watching, which is a real shame. The wit in the delivery of lines is great! And thank you for your comments. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

  3. That hug was beautiful. Klaus must have became comfortable hugging Cami since 2×04 (She hugged him but he didn’t hug back).Is this the first mutual hug Klaus ever had?


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