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The Originals: I Will See You in Hell or New Orleans Recap – The War’s Heating Up (Plus New Impossible ‘Moonlight’ Theory Included)


Tristan and Elijah discuss the brewing war between sire lines and a possible object that could destroy them all.
Tristan and Elijah discuss the brewing war between sire lines and a possible object that could destroy them all.

This week’s all-new episode of The Originals, “I Will See You in Hell or New Orleans,” continues this season’s streak of awesomeness as we learn more about Lucien and the war and are introduced to the Strix (an ancient society of vampires). Elsewhere, Hayley tries to release some anger, Elijah and Klaus work together despite their rift and Cami comes face to face with Lucien – the vampire she believes are behind the killings. Despite a weaker (though still entertaining) subplot with Jackson and Hayley, the vampire mythology introduced this season remains impressive and compelling.


Lucien and Aurora in "
Lucien and Aurora in “I Will See You in Hell or New Orleans.”

The episode begins once again in Marseilles 1002. However, this time we learn quite a bit more about Lucien and his background. We discover that Lucien has carried unrequited feelings for Aurora since he was a child, but due to his status as a servant (and Aurora’s sadistic brother Tristan) he has been unable to declare his intentions. So, he pleads to Klaus to help him with his case and deliver a letter.

Unfortunately for Lucien, he doesn’t realize that Aurora is already seeing none other than his supposed friend Klaus. Eventually, he discovers them kissing which leads to a huge blowout – and ultimately to Lucien’s human death. When Klaus leaves Aurora behind after they’d been found out, Tristan finds Aurora leaning over the very upset Lucien.

Thinking the worst, Tristan tortures Lucien and slices up his face (just like the murders in present day New Orleans). Soon after, Klaus tries to help his friend and accidentally discovers he can heal Lucien with his blood. From there, Lucien feels unstoppable with the blood in his system and seeks out Tristan for revenge. But, he’s still very human and is struck down and killed by the sword.

Klaus and Elijah find him dead, not realizing that by having Klaus’s blood in his system he will re-awaken as a vampire. And that’s what he does. But having died a very traumatic death (after being tortured and humiliated), Lucien quickly becomes a savage vampire. Influenced by his “friend,” (also a foe as Klaus describes to Elijah), Klaus joins him in his savagery. So here we see the beginning roots of the “beastly” Klaus.

The two of them become less human, more vampire, bringing out the worst in each other as they begin killing for sport. With Lucien now around in New Orleans, I fear Klaus may have a few setbacks with his humanity.


klaus and elijah the originals

Klaus and Elijah must work together to investigate what Lucien is really up to. In so doing, they once again cross paths with the witch who first gave them the prophecy. This time, she gives Elijah a vision. Klaus and Elijah see the bloody paintings foreshadowing their demise, Lucien with Camille and an image of Marcel.

A worried Klaus decides he needs to hunt down Lucien before he hurts his “therapist,” while Elijah heads to question Marcel’s loyalties. Could these Macbeth-like prophecies be their own undoing?

Later, at the end of the episode Klaus concedes that he may have gone too far with Hayley and Gia and promises Elijah he would never kill him. But Elijah is not so forgiving. He does not make the same promise – leaving us all to question…Could it be Elijah that kills Klaus?


lucien and camille

Detective Kinney brings the cooperative Lucien into the precinct for questioning while Cami and Vincent listen in. But, Lucien has a motive for being there – to have an audience with Camille.

Lucien compels Detective Kinney to leave and invites Cami into the room. Vincent doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but the two head in to listen to what he has to say all the same. Lucien reveals his story to Camille, hoping to earn her empathy and understanding. He knows she has Klaus’s ear and convinces him to hear him out. Still, she remains suspicious. But Lucien makes a compelling case that he is being set up (he believes by Tristan). When Klaus arrives to “save” Cami from Lucien, he listens to him but also remains skeptical.

Soon after, Detective Kinney lets Lucien go when another victim is murdered – meaning he couldn’t be the killer. Also of note, a new major clue is revealed. All of the victims come from old money. They’re white males with “ostentatious” taste. Is this another clue leading us to the French Revolution or something similar in the present day?

So now we know a little bit more of Lucien’s background, but what of his motives? What is his end goal? Should Klaus trust him or not? Cami tries to convince Klaus not to kill Lucien for now, but Klaus still doesn’t trust him.


Marcel the originals season 3

This week we learn Marcel’s ambition could be greater than any of us viewers might have expected when Aya, an ancient vampire sired by Elijah, comes to make him an enticing offer. Aya, who works for Tristan, wants Marcel to join their side. In exchange, they will help him with Daylight rings and also make him King of New Orleans. When Elijah later brushes off Marcel like a child, it’s clear that Marcel is seriously considering the offer. Could he be the foe, the friend and the family member that kills the Mikaelson siblings? And could he join the war only to become the Napoleon of New Orleans?


the strix

When Elijah goes to question Marcel, he follows a path which leads him to Aya and Tristan. There’s a lot of history here. But a serious question is raised. Why would Elijah turn Tristan, an obvious sadistic human being, into a vampire? Is it because Tristan knows what they are and they make some kind of necessary exchange? Or something else?

Just as Elijah turns up in the midst of Aya’s sales pitch to Marcel, we learn that Aya and Tristan are part of a group called “The Strix.”  They are “the oldest society of vampires this world has ever known.” Elijah reveals to Marcel that they are “quite the prestigious organization responsible for countless wars, numerous plagues, assassinations.” [Can I just say that this is the coolest bit of mythology the show has ever introduced into the series?]

Tristan and Elijah then have a private conversation, which introduces a key plot point for the season – there’s a supposed weapon that can kill Originals and Tristan believes Lucien has it.

With this new knowledge, Elijah finds Klaus and stops him from killing Lucien – at least for now.



Aurora, our ancient vampire locked away at a monastery, makes her escape. She slaughters all of the monks and jumps off the roof Bertha style to fly away. And she’s flying straight to New Orleans.


In an unrelated subplot to the rest of the episode (though still key to Hayley’s development as a character), Jackson (always the supportive husband) takes Hayley out for a sparring match as a way for her to release some of her anger, bloodlust and pent up frustration. With Jackson, we have a real and believable threat to the whole Hayley and Elijah dynamic. He’s loyal, supportive and can handle Hayley’s mood swings and temperament. At first, Hayley is hesitant to join in the sparring, but Jackson pushes her and she eventually gives in and enjoys herself. This leads to Hayley and Jackson sleeping together, which only grows their bond as husband and wife more.


ELIJAH: I’m afraid we might have to resort to something deliciously medieval here, brother.


Mick from Moonlight with a few royal vampires. Photo: CBS.
Mick from Moonlight with a few royal vampires. Photo: CBS.

With the introduction of The Strix, the series just opened a world of possibilities. What wars, plagues, assassinations are they responsible for? And how much is Elijah connected to this organization?

Also, if you’re a fan of Moonlight and want to have a good laugh – re-watch the new episodes and imagine that Detective Kinney is really Josef (using the temporary cure to pretend to be human) and there to investigate Lucien, the Strix and Camille’s bloodline. With this impossible thought – couldn’t another witch like Esther have created another strain of vampires? Similar but different? And what if Josef was secretly investigating this other strain because they have the key to some compound he needs (like the one Lucien was using)? Or what if there is actually an ancient war between vampire strains? The Strix do seem eerily similar to the French noble vampire bloodline in Moonlight. What if these two strains knew of each other and The Strix started the French Revolution to wipe out much of this other strain of vampires? Or what if the noble bloodline connected to Louis the XVI from Moonlight didn’t know about these other vampires? And what if Josef found out? Plus, we did never find out how Josef and Coraline survived fire and regenerated. How did they have more “superior genes?” than other vampires? And who was Coraline going to see in France when she was taken? And last, what if the weapon/object that can kill all of the vampires in The Originals is, in fact, the mortal cure and it is actually Detective Kinney who has it? (Certainly if there was a cure that would work if you wanted to kill an original.) An act of war to eliminate the ones who started the Reign of Terror? Yes, I’m reaching and actually joking. But wouldn’t it be kind of awesome if it were true? With Constantine making an appearance on Arrow, I say why not?

Perhaps bringing Jason Dohring in because of Moonlight and connecting this season to bloodlines and French Royals (a clear influence) – crazy theory aside – maybe some of these similarities between Moonlight and The Originals this season, can shed light or at least give us clues for what’s to come.

As a real theory now, I do think that all of the sire lines are running scared and have become paranoid. So I think it’s someone else on the outside pitting the sire lines against each other for their own gain. Perhaps Detective Kinney or perhaps someone else. Maybe Marcel. Whatever this “object” is, however, has the power to kill them all. Maybe it’s a human faction looking to eliminate all vampires. We shall see.

Well, what did you think of “I Will See You in Hell or New Orleans?” What do you think about the new characters? Will Marcel help overthrow the Mikaelson’s and become King? Can Lucien be trusted? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Till next time…

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