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The Originals: You Hung the Moon Recap – A Foreboding Prophecy

Freya sees the foreboding prophecy. Photo: CW.
Freya sees the foreboding prophecy. Photo: CW.


This week’s all-new episode of The Originals, “You Hung the Moon,” was filled with twists, new character dynamics and a couple season mystery arcs. So, like Veronica Mars, let’s all use our PI skills and figure out one —who is the serial killer? And two– who is meant to kill Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah as promised in the prophecy?

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Lucien injects himself with a mysterious cure for a werewolf bite. Photo: CW.
Lucien injects himself with a mysterious cure for a werewolf bite. Photo: CW.

The episode begins with Elijah finding a wounded Jackson, who is also desperately searching for Hayley. The two work as a team to find out where she is, only to be brought to Lucien’s door when they discover it was his company that was hunting the wolves. Jackson bites Lucien, leaving him with one choice: let them in so he will be able to get the cure from Klaus or die (or so they think anyway). Lucien lets them in and reveals more about the oncoming war and the prophecy to Elijah – who is more than a little skeptical.

Later, Lucien injects himself with a mysterious substance which saves him from the wolf bite. But where did he get vials of this substance? What is it made from? And why does he have it?


Davina's casts a spell to protect Hayley temporarily from the curse. Photo: CW.
Davina casts a spell to protect Hayley temporarily from the curse. Photo: CW.

Meanwhile, Davina makes a display of force when she traps Hayley and uses her for her own power play. She tells Hayley that she can temporarily stop the wolf curse with a magic candle if she kills someone for her (the witch who tried to kill Davina in last week’s episode).

Hayley agrees to the arrangement reluctantly – if only to be reunited with her daughter Hope – that is until the clock strikes midnight…metaphorically speaking. It’s hard to say how long the magic candle will burn for. From there, Hayley does as Davina requests; however, one murder turns into a massacre when a bunch of other witches show up. Hayley tears them all to shreds.

Unfortunately for Davina, this little show of force backfires. Davina covers up the murders, but if they find out she’s behind it, no doubt the witches will turn on her in full open rebellion. In fact, her murders have created a new enemy who has made it his purpose to destroy Davina because he knows she killed his mother even though he doesn’t have proof yet. It seems Davina is in way over her head.

Plus, with Davina becoming full on anti-vampire, she may have some explaining to do when Josh turns back up. Right? Last season she’s all about saving Marcel and Josh and now as the leader of the witches she can have nothing to do with them and has become quite a bit like Klaus herself.


Detective Kinney and Cami work together on the serial killer case. Photo: CW.
Detective Kinney and Cami work together on the serial killer case. Photo: CW.

I love this new storyline for Cami, as she learns more about forensic psychology and solving crimes, while not being unrealistic about her own abilities (or lack thereof). This week, Cami researches and studies to puts together a profile for the serial killer who she believes to be Lucien. She then goes to see Klaus to tell him to get rid of the problem.

Cami also learns a little more about Detective Kinney, her new “partner.” She learns he’s been following her because he believes the O’Connell family has secrets and he wants to find out what that is. In the end, though, he also reveals that he’s watching out for her. Could a love triangle between Klaus, Cami and Detective Kinney be on the horizon?


Klaus and Hayley in a tense scene. Photo: CW.
Klaus and Hayley in a tense scene. Photo: CW.

Once Hayley realizes her curse is temporarily stopped by magic, she goes to see Klaus. Let’s just say the family reunion does not go well. Hayley and Klaus duke it out (or at least Hayley does), vampire style, for custody of Hope. Surprisingly, Klaus doesn’t put up much of a fight. The fighting comes to an abrupt halt when Hope walks out of her room to see the two fighting. The two are horrified by their own violent actions as witnessed through the eyes of Hope. However, the tense moment leads to a touching reunion between mother and daughter. Hayley announces (with the support of everyone) that she’s taking Hope next door where Klaus will not be allowed.


Freya checks the validity of the prophecy and reveals to her brothers that it is, in fact, true. But she reveals a little more. One of them (Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah) will be killed by a friend. One by a foe and one by a family member. It looks like there’s a pretty grim future ahead for the Mikaelson family.


Aurora and Tristan in "You Hung the Moon." Photo: CW.
Aurora and Tristan in “You Hung the Moon.” Photo: CW.

At the end of the episode, we discover a little secret. Tristan (the wicked brother of Aurora from the past) is the reason for Aurora’s outburst last week. Tristan has locked her away in a monastery for her –and other’s safety – or so he claims! In other words, Aurora is looking a whole lot like Bertha Mason (if she were a vampire anyway) locked away in an “attic” due to mental illness by a brother who has suspicious motives.

And with a nice little tease of what’s to come, Tristan leaves Aurora with a promise to bring back a souvenir from New Orleans. Sounds ominous…


Elijah and Hayley. Photo: CW.
Elijah and Hayley. Photo: CW.

While the sweet reunion between Jackson and Hayley should be noted, it was Elijah’s focused quest to save Hayley (and his soft declaration of such to her) that truly stood out this week.

After buying a house across the street from the Compound for Hayley and Jackson, Elijah gives her back the wedding rings she and Jackson lost in the woods. But it is when he’s about to leave her in her new room that the standout romantic moment happens.

Elijah stops and reveals quietly to Hayley with emotion and just a little bit of awkwardness what he has tried to do for her: “I thought only of you,” he says. “Every day, I fought for your return…searching for a way. You are not forgotten.”

Elijah tells her how he feels while expecting nothing in return. His continuous selfless dedication for Hayley is truly romantic. And while this year will definitely be the year of Hayley and Jackson’s marriage, this unrequited love story will no doubt also continue to be compelling to watch.


KLAUS: Has Jackson misplaced his bride? Come to think about it, I did read that global warming was affecting migration patterns. Try Georgia!

Klaus smiles when Camille enters in "You Hung the Moon." Photo: CW.
Klaus smiles when Camille enters in “You Hung the Moon.” Photo: CW.

KLAUS: Mere hours after you lecture me about boundaries, and here you are in my house in the middle of the night.

CAMI: I came in through the front door. You appeared through my window like a creeper. Besides, this is a matter of life and death.


Jason Dohring as Detective Kinney in "You Hung the Moon." Photo: CW.
Jason Dohring as Detective Kinney in “You Hung the Moon.” Photo: CW.

“You Hung the Moon” seemed to raise more questions than answering them.

First, there’s the serial killer. At this point, my main suspect is Detective Kinney himself. He seems to know more than he’s letting on and is a man with secrets. While Lucien seemed like the most likely suspect last week, I think he’s just too obvious to be the actual killer. Whoever the killer is, knows about his strange cutting habits and is trying to get all eyes on him. But for what purpose? I really think that Detective Kinney could turn out to be the serial killer. Cami does seem to attract a certain “type.”

Aurora and Tristan’s story makes an interesting allusion to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, but what if the writers plan to make an even stronger connection to the literary classic? We know, as seen in the past, that Aurora was known for her beauty and caught the eye of many. Bertha was known for this in Jane Eyre as well. We’ve also seen that Aurora catches the eye of both Klaus and Lucien. Could Klaus or Lucien, in fact, turn out to be married to Aurora? And they put her away for safe keeping? It would make for an intriguing story if Klaus were to be secretly married to Aurora who he and her brother locked away due to her vampiric “madness.” It would also be even more interesting considering Camille’s obvious personality similarities to Jane Eyre or the “beauty” character who feels sympathy for the beast.

Then there’s the prophecy. If it comes to pass, then one of the Original siblings will die from a friend, one from a foe and the other by family. At this point, it’s anyone’s best guess as to who kills who, though the rift between the siblings may only grow stronger as the season continues which may put the real nail in the coffin. That said, I do think the prophecy will come to pass, otherwise what would be the point of all our guessing? I think we’ll learn afterwards that what we see happen, might not be what actually does. An illusion perhaps meant to trick their enemies? Just a thought at this point.

Could The Originals be somehow paying tribute to storylines never fully realized from Moonlight because of its early cancellation?

I’d also like to point out some interesting similarities to The Originals and Moonlight this season. Cami has become more investigative and Beth like as she works toward solving a supernatural mystery in an urban fantasy type setting while Jason Dohring (who is actually from Moonlight and most likely cast because of that role) has joined the series as Detective Kinney – a snarky cop with secrets. But that’s not the only similarities. This season is connecting the present day to the Mikaelson’s past with French Royals. If you’ve seen Moonlight, then you might know where I’m going with this. Could The Originals be somehow paying tribute to storylines never fully realized from Moonlight (Vampire Diaries Creator Kevin Williamson was apparently a fan as stated by Julie Plec) because of its early cancellation?

Moonlight was all about French Royals, vampirism, the fleur de lis (Moonlight and The Originals both use this symbol because of the French connections), vampire cullings and the search for a human cure. Could Detective Kinney be part of a secret organization who culls vampires? Or could he turn out to be a character much more similar to Josef than we realize? Or perhaps something else?

Also, will The Originals, like Moonlight, find a way to connect the story to The French Revolution? We already have Lucien owning a company called “Kingmaker Land Development” as well as a video of him questioning authority. Not only that, in last week’s episode we saw how he wasn’t all that bothered by the noble family he worked for being killed because of how they treated their servants. Now this was still hundreds of years before the Revolution, but this could have been the planting of a seed. And with the brewing war between sire lines (or so we’re told), could it be that some want to rise against The Original family because they have become “The Royals” of the vampires? Though since they can’t kill them (unless they’ve found a way around this curse), maybe they simply plan to incapacitate them. Perhaps the Sire War is a red herring and Lucien, Aurora and Tristan are actually aligned. And even more, what if they have actually found a way to kill the Mikaelson’s without actually dying themselves?

I’d also like to point out Camille’s bloodline. Detective Kinney points out to Cami that there is more to her family than meets the eye. We know that she comes from a family line who works with the supernatural creatures of New Orleans as the human representative. But what if there’s more to it that she doesn’t yet know? Camille, like Beth, has something mysterious about her bloodline which may turn out to be a key as to what’s going on this season.

These are all just crazy thoughts and theories at this point. So we shall see what happens!

Well, what did you think of “You Hung the Moon?” Any theories about the prophecy or the serial killer? Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for when I recap next week’s all new episode, “I’ll See You in Hell or New Orleans.”

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