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The Top Sixteen Dramas That Aired On The WB

Maybe I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately thanks to all the potential WB reboots (Charmed and Roswell, I’m thinking of you), or maybe I’ve spent too much time of late watching Dawson’s Creek reunion videos on Entertainment Weekly….Whatever the case, lately my mind has turned back to the good old days of the WB. Being part of the WB generation from day one, my teenage years aligned perfectly with the Scooby Gang on Buffy and the gang over at Capeside. What can I say other than I loved growing up with Joey, Liz, Buffy, and Felicity?!

Since then, the years keep moving forward so quickly that these shows feel like they just aired yesterday (though one series on this list really did just basically air yesterday). I still remember that long summer when I had to wait to find out if Felicity went on a road trip with Ben or to Italy with Noel (still team Noel by the way…). OR, when Angel showed up to the prom, Max and Liz finally kissed on that rooftop, and the Charmed Ones lost a sister.


Because the WB ended too soon, I find it even easier to look fondly back at the best series WB had to offer. Oh, the memories! Here is a look back at my personal top 16 WB dramas ranked from least favorite to favorite. The list includes the years the show aired on the WB (some went over to the CW) And yes, I know several short-lived shows didn’t make the cut.

Note: This list has been completely redone and updated from an old article in which the photo slider stopped working…

Top Sixteen Dramas That Aired On The WB

#16: Birds of Prey (2002–03)

Why It’s Worth Watching: While short-lived, Birds of Prey was a superhero show before it’s time. It follows Oracle, Black Canary, and the Huntress (Batman’s daughter) who must save Gotham after Batman’s exile. A breezy, entertaining series.

Where to Stream: Amazon, iTunes, and CW Seed.

#15: Popular (1999–2001)

Why It’s Worth Watching: Two girls (one popular, one not) are forced into each other’s lives when their parents decide to get married. This one has humor, romance, and tons of angst. If you like high school dramas, Popular is a more obscure but a good one to delve into.

Where to Stream: Amazon, iTunes, and CW Seed.

#14: One Tree Hill  (2003–06)

Why It’s Worth Watching: A guilty pleasure teenage show that follows the lives of two half-brothers. One, a popular basketball player and the second a huge reader with a single Mom. There are several shippy romances and issues all teens relate to. I did think the show lost some of its steam in the later seasons. But now that the show is in its entirety, it is ever so bingeable!

Where to Stream: Amazon, iTunes, and Hulu.

#13: 7th Heaven (1996–2006)
Photo: WB/ Hallmark Drama

Why It’s Worth Watching: Don’t judge but I watched EVERY episode of this cheesy series about a minister’s family and loved it. It had family values I connected to and characters I rooted for. I just overlooked some of the stilted dialogue and preachy lessons. Plus, I recall having a huge crush on Matt Camden. Am I the only one?

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime, iTunes, CBS All Access, and Hulu.

#12: Jack & Bobby (2004–05)


Why It’s Worth Watching: Jack & Bobby was a well-written show that deserved way more attention than it received. The unique premise told the story of Bobby who would one day become president years in the future. The story also follows Bobby’s older brother Jack and their independent mother played by the always marvelous Christine Lahti. Deserved many more seasons because the writing and acting were truly phenomenal.

Where to Stream: Currently unavailable. Hopefully, it will be available on Amazon once more. I would hate to see this one disappear. For now, you can scour the internet on rare DVD sites.

#11: Tarzan (2003)

Why It’s Worth Watching: Blinked and you missed this modern-day adaptation of Tarzan set in New York City. Only 8 episodes long, it had HUGE potential for us urban fantasy fans. Not only was the cast amazing (Travis Fimmel, Sarah Wayne Callies, Leighton Meester, Lucy Lawless, and Mitch Pileggi), but the series was also created by Eric Kripke (Timeless and Supernatural). I think the real problem here is that Eric Kripke clearly had no love for the show. So it died. Still worth it for fans of shows like Beauty and the Beast and Moonlight. And I suppose for Kripke fans who want to watch his earlier work.

Where to Stream: Currently unavailable. This one you can buy on DVD Rare and maybe find someone who uploaded it online.

#10: Everwood (2002–06)

Why It’s Worth Watching: Greg Berlanti at his best before his name went everywhere! Everwood is one of those fantastic small town shows that are dramatic, sad, funny, and super watchable. The series is about a widowed doctor who starts a new life with his family in a small town in Colorado. Great from beginning to end except for that eye rolling Anne Heche arc. Plus, the ending is perfect and a young Christ Pratt is in this too!

Where to Stream: Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes.

#9: Angel (1999–2004)


Why It’s Worth Watching: I was already a Buffy addict when Angel premiered. At first, I was super disappointed because I wanted Angel and Buffy together, but as soon as Doyle came on my screen, I was in love with the Doyle, Angel, and Cordelia trio. It just worked like magic. And adding in my unpopular opinion, I came to really like Kate too. Unfortunately, my favorites were short lived on the show. When they killed Doyle to bring in Wesley, I stopped watching for years once I realized they weren’t bringing him back. No joke. But thankfully, I returned one day and fell in love with the other characters almost as much. Though I’m still ticked about Cordelia’s end too! Overall, Angel is truly another fantastic vampire series about a vampire seeking redemption.

Where to Stream: Hulu and iTunes.

#8: Dawson’s Creek (1998–2003)


Why It’s Worth Watching: Dawson’s Creek is meant to be watched now looking back at the nostalgic feel of the ’90s. I rewatched a couple years back and the show just worked so much better with this new lens. It’s about innocence and the loss of optimism. And it’s a coming of age story about four friends that will ring true for any generation. If you already watched this as a teen, go watch it again as an adult. I promise it will be worth it. It’s beautiful.

Where to Stream: Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes.

#7: Supernatural (2005–06)


Why It’s Worth Watching: While Supernatural has become a staple hit for the CW, you might have forgotten that it started on the WB before the network transition. Season one was awesome because it was new and mysterious and the brothers (plus father) were just incredibly hot and funny. But seriously who knew back then that this demon hunting brother duo would take on the world in such a crazy way? Yes, some seasons are better than others (2 and 5 are my favorite), but the cult status of Supernatural is undeniable at this point. I should also add I’m team Dean and Jo and team bring Ellen and Jo back. It’s another unpopular opinion I’m putting out in the universe because I love them. Fight me on this one. 🙂

Where to Stream: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes.

#6: Smallville (2001–06)


Why It’s Worth Watching: I feel really conflicted writing about Smallville because of the current disheartening news about a particular actress (which I will keep out of the article), but at the time, I was extremely gung-ho about this superhero series. It was a show about a young Clark Kent and his transformation into Superman. Yes, there are some things that didn’t work. Sometimes, the romance with Lana was extremely cringe-worthy and Clark could be a bit whiny. But it was just so entertaining. I loved the friendship between Lex and Clark, the potential romances between Chloe and Clark (then Davis then Oliver), the villainy of Lionel Luthor, and the awesome Kent parents everyone wishes they had. The show and cast changed over the years and some arcs worked better than others, but the show was definitely fun overall. Give it a chance if you need a break from one of the newer darker superhero series currently airing. Just be warned that the show is super long and another one that made its way over to the CW.

Where to Stream: Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes.

#5: Felicity (1998–2002)


Why It’s Worth Watching: I don’t think I can fully express the myriad ways I love Felicity. Somehow, everything came together in this college drama like fate. Keri Russell, though gorgeous, made us believe in the awkward girl that followed her crush to college. The friendships she creates and the heartbreaks she experiences will have you fall in love all over again. Definitely worth a rewatch (or give it a chance for the first time). Oh, and Team Noel, Team Ben stop smiling so adorably!

Where to Stream: Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes.

#4: Charmed (1998–2006)


Why It’s Worth Watching: Charmed is campy and romantic and just plain magnificent for those who love urban fantasy and magic in our weekly dramas. Sadly, shows like Charmed are hard to come by. Throughout the years, the sisters suffer tragedy (including the loss of one beloved sister), several romances (the strongest two go to Piper and Leo and Phoebe and Cole), and face a whole lot of evil they have to vanquish. A wonderful magical drama that also promotes sisterhood. And the power of three though I forever missed the original trio! Who is your favorite sister or romance?

Where to Stream: Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes.

#3: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2001)


Why It’s Worth Watching: Buffy definitely had growing pains but I think that just made the show all the more loveable. From the epic Bangel romance, Spike’s hilarious villainy (season 2 still remains my personal fave), Giles making librarians and libraries cool, to the Scooby Gang, the series was epic from beginning to the end. Add in wit, satire, and a whole lot of vampire slaying and Buffy would forever stamp itself on all our hearts.

Where to Stream: Hulu, Amazon, and iTunes.

#2: Gilmore Girls (2000–06)


Why It’s Worth Watching: Gilmore Girls is so beloved that we even got a short revival on Netflix! Gilmore Girls had everything! The perfect mother/daughter relationship, fast witty banter, Luke, and Emily Gilmore’s biting tongue. Oh, and a ton of heart. How could you not love Gilmore Girls? It’s truly an original.

Where to Stream: Hulu, Amazon, and iTunes.

#1: Roswell (1999–2001)


Why It’s Worth Watching: Roswell may seem like an odd choice for number one, but hear me out. First of all, Roswell is more than just your typical high school paranormal romance. It’s more than just about a human falling in love with a human. With writing from the brilliant Jason Katims and Ronald Moore, there was something extra special here. The science fiction was engaging but at the heart were these characters that made all of us fall in love. Max and Liz showed us how to do swoony romance right with restraint and passion. And with chemistry that had all of us returning every week. The fans were so devoted that they saved the show twice! While the final season ended up on UPN, the original two seasons on the WB were the best. If you missed Roswell the first time around, do yourself a favor, and go watch it. You’re welcome!

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Where to Stream: Hulu, Amazon, and iTunes.

Agree? Disagree? What are your favorite WB TV Dramas? Sound off in the comments…

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