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Six Binge-Worthy Australian TV Shows You Can Stream Now

Miss Fisher and Jack - Australian TV Shows
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
Photo: Acorn

My love for Australian TV Shows began with the addicting and fashionably fabulous, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Since then, I’ve discovered other more obscure series I thought also needed a shout out for American viewers seeking that next binge-worthy show or miniseries. Here are six that I personally recommend. And, as this is just the tip of the iceberg, make sure to share your own down under recommendations in the comment section.

Six Binge-Worthy Australian TV Shows You Can Stream Now

(In No Particular Order)

#1: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (available on Netflix and Acorn TV)

Australian TV Shows
Photo: Acorn TV

Why You Should Check It Out: It’s an Agatha Christie style mystery show with even more flair and romance. Plus, Phryne Fisher with her gold pistol is one independent female character you don’t want to miss. I could gush about this series (and its unbelievably gorgeous costumes) for hours (which I may have done on occasion). Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is a great way to get your feet wet when it comes to fabulous Australian TV Shows.

Available On: Netflix, Amazon with an Acorn TV Subscription, and Acorn TV.

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#2: A Place to Call Home

The cast of A Place to Call Home. Photo: Acorn.
The cast of A Place to Call Home. Photo: Acorn.

Why You Should Check It Out: Addiction is the key word to this binge-worthy period drama. A Place to Call Home is romantic, mysterious, intelligent, and one that will certainly keep you up late watching one episode and then the next.

Available on: Acorn TV and Amazon with an Acorn TV Subscription

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#3: Dance Academy

Australian TV Shows - Dance Academy
Photo: ABC (Australia)

Why You Should Check It Out: Dance Academy kept turning up in my recommendations on Netflix, so I finally decided to give it a chance. I ended up finishing this three season show in two weeks. I went in expecting a cheesy teen show; instead, I discovered a series full of nuance, metaphorical symbolism, and beautiful dancing in a world of young dancers trying to be the best in the ballet world. The longer I tuned in, the more I appreciated the truthfulness behind the writing. And for Strictly Ballroom fans, the actress who plays Fran (Tara Morice) is one of the main stars. Other familiar faces show up as well (like who knew Wally from The Flash was such an amazing dancer??).

Available on: Netflix, Hulu Plus, and to buy digitally on Amazon Instant Video

#4: H20: Just Add Water

H2O - Australian TV Shows
Photo: ABC (Australia)

Why You Should Check It Out: H20 is a cheesy tween/teen show about magical mermaids starring Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt of The Originals fame. While incredibly silly at times, H20 is a whole lot of wholesome fun. This is a great one to enjoy when you are looking for clean fluff. The romances are cute too. Oh, and mermaids with magic is always a good thing! Be on the lookout for Craig Horner (Legend of the Seeker) and Luke Mitchell (The Tomorrow People; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus

#5: Farscape

Farscape - Australian TV Shows
Photo: Sci-Fi/Nine Network

Why You Should Check It Out: Farscape is a cult Sci-Fi show that first aired in Australia on the Nine Network. As a co-American production, Farscape eventually made its way overseas to air on the Sci-Fi Channel. It’s about an American astronaut who goes through a wormhole and ends up in a distant part of the milky way. Joining a crew of escaped prisoners, he goes on the run from a man who wants to kill him, finding love along the way. This space opera is a whole lot of fun if you can handle strange creatures and a bit of camp.

Available on: Netflix (all 4 seasons), Hulu Plus (1st 2 seasons), and to buy digitally on Amazon Instant Video

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#6: Anzac Girls

Anzac Girls - Australian TV Shows
Photo: ABC (Australia); Acorn

Why You Should Check It Out: For those looking for another good period drama about women, Anzac Girls is the show for you. Based on true stories, the mini-series follows a group of Australian and New Zealand nurses during WWI.

Available on: Acorn TV and Amazon with an Acorn TV Subscription

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What are your thoughts on these Australian TV Shows? Sound off below…

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      • Well, Love Child is about a young midwife/almost Doctor in the 60s in Sidney. She works at a home for “fallen girls”, while they wait for their babies. The fashion is fab and the stories very real.
        House Husbands is about a group of men who stay at home with their kids, and get into all sorts of shenanigans, while

  1. Have you seen Offspring? It’s an Aussie show on Hulu, and it’s one of my favorite TV shows of the last several years. Please give it a watch! It’s contemporary, not a period piece, but it is beautiful.

  2. I have some more to add. I don’t now if you can sure if can stream them overseas…but this is the best place to put them: Redfern Now; The Doctor Blake Mysteries; Janet King; Gods of Wheat Street and Jack Irish.

  3. Although not centred around romance it certainly has some. I’m referring to the crew of a coastal patrol vessel in the RAN. It’s called, “Sea Patrol” and features some familiar faces from Aussie film and video. A few good seasons.

  4. I’ve been watching all the Aussie and New Zealand TV shows I can get my hands on! The Alice is a great one, 800 Words, McLoud’s Daughters, Packed to the Rafters, (Erik Thomson plays in all 3 of these). Doctor Doctor, which is called The Heart Doctor in the US…. Great show! And there is this mini-series based on fact, called Finding Malik. All these are great. Oh, and I cannot forget A Place To Call Home…. one of my favs….


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