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The Silver Petticoat Book Club: March 2021 is Catch-Up Month

If you’re behind on the book club picks, March 2021 is the month to catch up!

Due to feedback and some readers feeling they haven’t had enough time to catch up on all our book club picks, we decided to try something new this month.

Book Club March 2021 Featured image of seven book club picks
Book Club Picks for March 2021.

For March 2021, instead of selecting a new book, we’re giving readers a chance to catch up. Whether you got behind on the books or are new to the club, we hope you’ll give these books a try.

If there are any books you have not had the chance to read yet, now is a perfect time. We’ll be back in April with a new classic pick!


We realize there has been some confusion on the book club, so we wanted to clarify. We are a book club that discusses books with sweet or sophisticated love stories from all genres.

And while we do not focus solely on clean romance, we select more Jane Austen-like books that are ultimately not overly explicit. We “typically” choose books that have a PG-13 feel or below. If a book has a graphic scene or some profanity or violence, we’ll give a content warning.

Jane Austen is perhaps the most significant influence on this book club, so don’t be surprised if we select quite a few Austeneque type books! While Jane Austen wrote some of the most memorable love stories ever written, her books are not necessarily categorized as romance.

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They are, however, books with love stories. And that’s what this book club is all about. A book does not have to categorize as a romance for us to select; it has to have some love story in it! We’re more likely to choose more literary books than mass-market paperbacks.

So what types of books can you expect us to pick? While we’re open to most genres (minus genres like erotica), these are some of the genres we are more likely to select:

  • Historical Fiction
  • Classic Literature
  • Historical Romance
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Austenesque
  • Fantasy (and many of the sub-genres like Gaslamp)
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Rom-Com
  • Clean & Wholesome Romance
  • Literary Fiction
  • Romantic Mystery (often cozier)/Romantic Suspense
  • Gothic Romance
  • Fairy Tales
  • YA Fiction (typically fantasy/paranormal or historical)

For longer books (usually classics), we’ll begin giving two months to read instead of one since they take longer for people to read. Some novels will be easier to read than others.

So while we’re not a pretentious book club, we LOVE classic books and include some challenging books to read. Others will be fun page-turners. And then others will be more thought-provoking. Expect a good mix.

Now, not every book will be to everyone’s taste, and that’s okay. That makes for a good discussion! Some books will even be polarizing. We hope you’ll be open to trying something new or discussing old favorites!

If this sounds like a good fit, we hope you’ll join us. Sometimes we run giveaways, and we recently had our first virtual event. So, stay tuned for more fun in the future.

If you love Jane Austen, great love stories, or can relate to this gif from Austenland, you’ve come to the right place! You are our people.

Damsel Not in Distress text over an Austenland clip with Keri Russell


Below is a list of every one of our book club picks to date in case you missed any. Choose from the books below that sound the most appealing to you!

July 2020 Read: The Jane Austen Society

August 2020 Classic Read: The Blue Castle

September 2020 Read: Sorcerer to the Crown

October 2020 Classic Read: Rebecca

November 2020 Read: The Mischief of the Mistletoe

January 2021 Classic Read: North and South

February 2021 Read: The Brass Queen


If you’ve read all of our book club picks so far, no worries, we have plenty of book recommendations in our archives. So you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something new to read! Just click HERE.


(A Book Club Focused on Sweet or Sophisticated Love Stories From All Genres.)

The Silver Petticoat Book Club Logo

For those new to the book club, we rotate between choosing more recent books and “classics,” meaning every other pick will alternate between new and classic choices.

We define any book published before the year 2000 as a classic. New books are everything published afterward. This month’s pick is a brand-new book, first published in January of 2021.

How the Book Club Discussion Works

We discuss our book club pick the month’s final week (or the second month if a two-month book club pick) on the three social media channels listed below. However, the main discussion questions will be on Facebook and Goodreads.

In short, after we announce a new book club pick, you’ll want to get a copy of the book (buy the book, borrow it from the library, etc.) and read it. Come prepared to discuss when we post book club discussions on our social media channels during the month’s final week.

We may include live video book discussions or virtual events from time to time. Right now, however, most conversations are online and in forums/posts.

You can stay up to date on the book club by following our website, The Silver Petticoat Review (subscribe to our newsletter for updates). You can also follow the #TheSilverPetticoatBookClub hashtag on our social media channels.

Also, please feel free to join in and use the hashtag to show how you’re participating. Share fun photos, your favorite quote, and more! We’d love to hear from you.

Read more about The Silver Petticoat Book Club HERE.

What has been your favorite Silver Petticoat Book Club pick so far? Are there any books you plan to catch up on this month? Let us know in the comments.

(NOTE: If you’re a publisher, publicist, or author with a new book that fits The Silver Petticoat Book Club and would like us to consider it for future picks, please send us an email!)

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